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Wukong Build Guide by Salival

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Salival

Wukong: Raging Mufasa (Offtank + Insane Damage)

Salival Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Dear League of Legends player

First let me say that my english is not the best, as it's not my mothertongue. Anyway I will try to explain my "Wukong Style" as good as possible to you.
I'm running pretty good with this build in average my overall score with Wukong is 3-1-3 and it keeps getting better day for day.
I didn't make this guide to flash you with images and colors. I just want to show you a great way to play Wukong (5vs5, Solo Top.)
So lets start :)

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Quintessence: Here you got a choice, between Damage and Armor pen. Some people say that armor pen is better. Nevertheless I prefer the damage, as its more helpful for your early game, which is basicially the key for playing Wukong successfully.

Marks: Let me say, if you use the "Damage Quintessences" you should pick the Greater Marks of Desolation. If you choose the "Armor pen Quintessences" you can pick Greater Marks of Furor. It's way more expensive, but a nice damage boost in lategame.

Seals: I think here are the Seals of Alacrity the best choice. You don't get much Attackspeed from the Items, so a little boost is fine.

Glyphs: The Greater Glyphs of Intellect are a must have! The extra Mana will help you a lot at Lining Phase. Get them!

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Wukong needs damage. For early and late game. These masteries give you maximum damage + Armor/MR. It's fine. Never thought about changing the it. :)

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1. Doran's Shield: Why? Because it gives you some early life + Hp reg, which is very usefull in early game -> Why not getting Doran's Blade first? The Lifeleech is useless early, because you will do only last hits. So with the shield you can stay on you line a lot longer, if the enemy plays very aggressive and you receive a lot of damage (which of course shouldn't happen, but from time to time it happens!)

2. Boots of Speed: To chase.

3. Sapphire Crystel: You will need the mana in order to repeat your Damage rotation as often as possible. 2-4 Times in a row. Then the enemy has 2 options: Going back to base or staying far behind the minions and you will have a easy time doing last hits and if the enemy dares coming close again, you can finish him off with your ulti (You should be Level 5 - 7 when buying the Crystal.)

4. Doran's Blade: Cheaping and usefull at this point. Gives you extra damage, as you will play more offensiv now, some life and Lifeleech. A fine Item in early / mid game.

5. Upgrade you boots: The CD reduce is just a must have!

6. Sheen: You already got the Crystal so making sheen doesnt coast you that much anymore. It's a must have! It will boost your burst Damage a lot.

7. Trinity: Great Item. Gives you everything you need. You should be Level 12-14, when buying this.

8. Warmongs: You can get a little bit tanky now. Provides a lot health. You need it to survive teamfights, since you got to rush right in the enemys ;)

9. Impaler: Provides you Armor + Damage + Crit. Good Item, you need all of these Stats.

10. Infinity (Sell your Doran's Shield for free space): Just one of the best items in game, when it comes to damage. Your Crits with "Crusting Blow" will rise over 1000 Damage.

11. Bloodthirster (Sell your Doran's Blade for free space): Gives you another 100 Damage and 25% Lifeleech. Your Crits with "Crusting Blow" will reach the 1400 Damage. It's a good item.

These items makes you tanky in an important game phase, while your Damage stays high.
Try it out!!!

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How to play

1. Early Game (Lining Phase, solo top): Here it comes: Stay passive, while doing last hits on Minions, until Level 3. When you have reached Level 3, you can start penetrating the enemy. Get in his range -> "Nimbus Strike" -> "Crushing Blow" -> "Decoy" (only if it's a hero, who is able to deal high burst damage or stun.)
Repeat this sequence to hold him at 50% (your jungler should come around that time) or if he plays aggressiv try to finish him off early with your Summoner Skills.
Its important to play very offensiv when the enemy is at 50% or less health. Try to push him away from he minions, so he gets no EXP (it works pretty often.) All in all you should finish the topline with 2-4 Kills and 0-1 Deaths.
Playing like this and with my items I've never lost a topline until now.

PS: Garen surely is a counterpick for Wukong. Against him i had the most problems, cause of his silence and "whirl"

2. Midgame

Before getting your Giants Belt you should care a bit in Teamfights. Don't rush in blindly. Make sure your team is near. Wait for a good moment, try to get in range of their Caster or AD Carry: "Nimbus Strike" -> "Crushing Blow" -> "Cyclone" -> "Decoy" (if you take too much Damage.) Try to get out of focus for a moment. Then you should go for a low HP Enemy or the one you team is focusing to finish him off with NB and CB.

3. Lategame

Pretty similiar to the Midgame, with the difference that you got a lot more HP now. The Enemy has two Options:
1. They focus you, which will give your teammates the necessary time to knock them down. (Make sure you Decoy is ready!)
2. They are not going for you. Then you can go for their AP or AD Carry freely and take them down with your burst.

Either way a good Wukong can be game changing. He's underrated in my opinion.

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Pros / Cons


- Tanky
- High Burst Damage
- A good choice for opening a Teamfight
- Good Pusher
- High Damage on Tower with "Crushing Blow"
- Good Farmer
- Very strong early game

- A good timed silence can lead to death

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Last Words

This is my first guide. I wrote it, because lately I saw many weird builded and mostly bad Wukongs ingame.
Sorry that there are no pictures or symbols. I will add them when i know how to do it.
I hope you could understand it (because of my english). If you did, feel free to try it out.

Best Regards