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Wukong Build Guide by Strider#10245

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Strider#10245

Wukong -Rod in the face !!! ( Dps build)

Strider#10245 Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi ! Im Strider and this is my Wukong guide for an ad assasin wukong. Since most wukong players use him as a tanky dps and i almost always play him as an assasin i felt like sharing my playstyle with some other players hoping it will change the way most people think about wukong. Please try the guide before voting and gl in your games with the Monkey King !!!

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-Great burst withtrinity force
-Extremely hard to focus thanks to his Decoy skill
-His ulty can turn the tides of a teamfight if used correctly


-Really bad laning phase
-Somewhat hard to use with this guide since you need to pick your fights really carefully

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Skill sequence

I start with a point in E to become a litle more vertisable in lane and then i max Q first picking a point of W at level 3 in case i get ganked.

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Summoner spells

I prefer to use Flash and Exhaust since they can both be used either defencively or offencively.
Other viable options are Ghost and Ignite although i almost never take em.

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I pick armor pen marks and quints to maximize my damage output on squishy targets , flat armor seals to help my laning phase (which sucks otherwise) and flat magic resist glyphs for the same reason.

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Which way should i play ? Solo or with a partner ?

Eventhough soloing with a tanky wukong can be done soloing with dps wukong can be a huge risk and i dont recomend it on ranked play . I prefer to lane with a partner tha can either baby**** me or land a stun ( or both) and is not as fragile as me.

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Laning as Wukong

Laning as Wukong can be a really bad experience since he can easily be harassed in lane by smart playing ranged champions (ex. Ashe Caitlyn) or zoned out by laning beasts (Mordekaiser , Alistar). Your main focus during this phase will be to get done with it while picking as much minon kills and as less deaths as possible. You should play really defencively till lvl 4 (when you will have a lvl 2 crushing blow and decoy to get out of trouble). After that try to harass your oponents using E > Q combo and get out of there with W. If you can do this withought taking lots of dmg in return keep it up. On your 1st trip back buy a phage and rush A Sheen. After buying Sheen your Q will hit like a truck so try to use it as much as possible. After you get your ulty try to gank some lanes. Now your combo should look like this : E > Q (>R if your opponemt is close to 1/2 health after E and Q) then W out.

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Role in teamfights

Your role in teamfights is a simple one. Wait till the fght starts and when everyone starts blasting each other in the face rush to the squishiest target you can find (most of the time this champion is going to be their main damage output source also knows as the "Carry" ) use E > Q combo to his face. Now there are 2 possible scenarios that may happen:

Case 1 (good case scenario) : The squishy you hit focuses you while the rest of the team continues blasting their own targets . If this is the case auto attack your target till he is dead then pop your ultymate to knock the other team into the air. After your ulty is finished hide with w till your skills are refreshed and pick a new target for you combo.

Case 2 ( bad case scenario) : The rest of the team notices their carry is getting crushed and try to focus you . Time to get the hell out of there and hid behind your tank using your W. After they lose you and your skills are refreshed try to kill him again.

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The items i take focus on maximizing my burst damage with Q while making me able to deal decent damage with my auto attacks.

Dorans blade : To increase our laning power

Trinity force : When you take this your Q is going to take out 1/3 of their health ( 1/2 if it crits)

Vampiric Scepter : We need the lifesteal to go toe to toe with aother melee dps champs after our burst combo

Infinity edge : Since your Q can crit and once it does it cuts your target to 1/2 health you want to boost your critical damage and critical chance and of course your attack damage

Phantom dancer : To increase your critical chance and attack speed in case anyone survives your combo

The Bloodthirster : To increase your damage and your lifesteal to be able to fight toe to toe with other melee dps champs

Banshees Veil : To make it a litle harder to kill thanks to the passive ability, Health and defencive stats it provides

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Well thats all !!! Thanks for reading and dont forget to vote if you try the build !!!