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Wukong Build Guide by TheBeastNside

Wukong so Strong

Wukong so Strong

Updated on December 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBeastNside Build Guide By TheBeastNside 14,007 Views 3 Comments
14,007 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBeastNside Wukong Build Guide By TheBeastNside Updated on December 11, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


About me

So this is my first guide and I've been reading them for a wile now and thought the people deserve to know what I've come to learn. My ranked elo is the definition of hell....... i was around 1350 starting out but just got to many feeders. Then at 1100 all i got were teams with leavers..... now im stuck at 1000 but working my way back up. I can play almost anything but am the worst support ever. My specialty is tanky beaters though, what i mean by this is i love champs like Skarner, Yorick, Gankplank,and I main Wukong.
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Wukong is amazing champion, he can solo top against almost anyone even when hes getting pushed he has the ability to soak up the minion kills by using his skills to grab and run. There are a few people who like to build him faster into damage by rushing an item like Trinity Force. I however get a Warmogs by 15:00 in ever game i play him even if in doing bad. This guide will be based on his ability to absorb damage and last threw an entire team fight.
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Pros / Cons

Hes Pros and cons are pretty obvious

PROS:he's a monkey......
Very strong all game
a decent AOE output
Amazing Ult
Good at focusing targets
a good escape (distraction)
Good Ganker
CONS: Doesn't throw poo......
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Take armor pen reds for the obvious reasons. this is also replaceable with damage reds but i prefer my armor pen.
Take armor yellows because there the best option. You take less damage from minions and armor is always a nice thing to have. You can still take dodge if you want but since there being removed i cut them out of my play.
Take magic resist per level blues i find that with Wukong constantly jumping around that your able to dodge any early game attempts to burst you down but they help late game for team fights were you will ult and finish off stragglers. if you prefer you can take flat magic resist.
Take the Armor pen Quints to bring it all home. other options for this are movement speed.
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In the mastery tree i like to grab alot of things in the offence. Defense is also a great choice and would actually be better for a late game. I feel that utility is ****.... flat and simple.
I take 24 in offence grabbing armor pen and 3 in havoc to make it all hurt so good. In the defense tree i grab 2 in armor and magic resist to help survive lane a little better. I also grab 2 in Good Hands because ill willingly die to take a tower or get a plus for the team on kills. Also with wukongs ult you can steal dragon and baron usually pretty well.
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I start with a Dorian's Blade and find that more than most times i get first blood thanks to my starting item+ruins+masteries. At first b i get regrowth pendent and a purple ward. I don't need boot yet because i can use exhaust to disrupt my enemy's advance or attempt to flee. Get boots and ruby crystal or if your farmed well enough just grab a giants belt and keep up the good work. The goal is to have a Warmogs and a boot by 15:00 in. This is so easy but so beneficial due to providing so much durability threw out the game. Finish your boots into merc treads. Afterwards get the armor part of your atmogs and finish it as fast as you can so you can get some damage. after this the build is pretty much as needed grab the item above that best solves any problems you have.
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Skill Sequence

Nimbus Strike is your starting skill its the best for harass and lets you soak up minion kills. Get Decoy second so when you jump the opposing player you can decoy and pick up damage if he doesn't run, kill any remaining minions or flee fast. in allot of scenarios it will be all three. Grab Crushing Blow 3rd and us it in a combination with your other skills to harass your enemy without taking much damage at all. DO NOT CONSTANTLY SPAM you will run out of mana. Use them at the best time. your enemy should be 2-3 times before your first unless you killed them.Max Nimbus strike first grabbing your ult at level 6. Then max Crushing Blow maxing Decoy last since its exactly that... your decoy.
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Wukong is an amazing farmer by combining his skills you can singed your way threw a minion wave. be Careful though if you spam to much you WILL run out of mana. The key is to know when its better to save it for the enemy champ or farm the minions. With Wukong you can do both since both Nimbus Strike and Decoy deal AOE damage
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Summoner Spells

Alot of people keep telling me that teleport is a bad choice but it allows me to be everywhere im needed. I can stay lane for days, b, then tele back before my enemy even knows I've gone. If you happen to die dont start to freak out just grab what you can at the store and tele back out fast to make up for lost time and farm. If they try to backdoor you can use tele to save your towers. Wukong is amazing split pusher and tele lets you get into position or join your team if needed for a team fight.

Now its down to Exhaust/Ghost/Flash.

Exhaust is my choice as it lets me build faster early as boots are not so required. It lets me stop an enemy in there tracks letting me beat them up or escape a fight that i cant win. Its best to uses are to rip a carry off another player and to keep someone in your ult.

Ghost is what most people use whit Wukong the movement speed helps allot especially when you ult. You can get across the map much faster as well whether its to join a team fight or to escape an over extension. But only provides movement speed and no minion collision.

Flash is also a great choice its a great escape but even better with flash you can better steal baron and dragon. Plus a well timed flash into the enemy team fallowed by an ult sets your team up for a win. But with the season 2 change its not enough for me and its escape feature is getting outdated because in season 1 everyone figured out how it works and how to stop it Example flash over wall Blits pulls you back for some more fun.
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Put Wukong in the hands of someone who knows how he works and you have an unstoppable force. After reading this guide you can be that person. When played right he can start and finish almost any team fight and is VERY hard to focus down but know when to retreat or pull back a little. With the way i build and play Wukong you can start a fight make it out with 600 hp and return into it 600hp strong to finish what you started. and remember Your a monkey........ watch planet of the apes for an example of just how much better you are than everyone else.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBeastNside
TheBeastNside Wukong Guide
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Wukong so Strong

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