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Wukong Build Guide by AgeOfDefeat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AgeOfDefeat

Wukong, Solo Lane Master

AgeOfDefeat Last updated on January 22, 2012
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This is how I play Wukong, I don't play **** and max E and get brutalizer first or stack dorans blades. That **** will completely destroy Wukongs true potential. Also, you will find this build completely useless if you don't know his combo harass. With this build, you don't have to get fed to do well, although you will probably get fed anyways. This build will also give you a much better farm and lane substain. Along with a strong late game of being tanky with tons of damage.


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Pros / Cons


Great at escaping
An ult with spread cc
Decent harass
Nearly immune to ganks at level 6
Good Damage
Good at chasing
Able to destroy mages and carrys


Can't face up to many champions, If you post a comment I will post on the champion you need to know how to beat
Need mana and hp pots to stay in lane

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I use armor pen marks and quintessences. These + the reduction fro, your Q cut through all of or nearly all of your opponents armor early game, letting you deal massive damage.

I use flat armor seals, and flat magic resist glyphs to make me even more dominant as early as possible. Mana regen, if you have them, are also good, because they let you harass even more, though most of the time I kill the opponent before I run out of mana.

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These masteries are pretty basic, basicaly all the ad ones in offense(except some crits stuff), and you also take some mana stuff in the utility.

If you want you can change the masteries to include crits and build an infinity edge instead of a bloodthirster. I usually take the bloodthirster becasue you can stack it to more damage. Crits also aren't that useful when you're in your ult the entire battle anyways. And the lifesteal helps you to take tons more damage. Either way works.

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Skill Sequence

Here, is probably where people who have played Wukong will criticize me. They will say, this is wrong max E! Well, I'm going to prove that maxing Q is much safer and in fact, does more damage. It also has a lower mana cost.

To prove maxing Q does more damage I will first state your main combo, E, basic attack,Q, and either continue to hit, or run back, or use W and run back so avoid any extra damage to you.
So thats E, basic attack, Q, chase/run(with W maybe). VERY IMPORTANT, the as buff on Wukong really does not matter, your opponent will run as soon as you jump. The as buff will helo do no extra damage unless they stay to fight. People that stay to fight with you are people like udyr, which you can't beat even with that as buff.

Q does 30/60/90/120/150 + 1.1 attack damage
E does 60/105/150/195/240 + .8 BONUS atack damage

THIS IS THE DAMAGE IT SAYS IT WILL DO THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ARMOR(it doesn't matter the armor reduces both the same)

level 1 Q does around 114 damage
level 1 E does around 72 damage
level 2 Q does around 147 damage
level 2 E does around 117 damage

Each time E goes up by 45 and goes up by 30, but Q stays ahead due to the better ad scaling and it gets a lower cooldown. Q also makes up for the lack of the as buff because it lets you reset your attack timer by using it directly after an auto attack. Q also has a longer reach than normal auto attacks.

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Summoner Spells

Spells to use, ones not listed are not to be used.

Exhaust is probably the best spell for Wukong. The speed debuff helps to pick up easy kills and the as debuff to help win fights.

Ignite is another very good tool for Wukong. The extra damage is great for picking up early kills along with your Q, you can burn tanks to the ground. I usualy take this in 3 v 3 games.

I always take teleport when I solo top on a 5 v 5 game. Lets me go back and not lose any xp, and not have to buy boots and pots which destroy some early game potential on Wukong.

I usually don't take flash, simply because Wukong has so many good ways to escape and his E makes up the ground you need to chase, but if all else fails, it can save you or get you a kill.

Ghost is great when trying to catch up to multiple targets or run from multiple targets. Since it buffs you, you can chase or run from many enemies unlike exhaust which just slows one enemy.

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You can argue against me and say its better to start with boots and 3 hp pots, but I don't think that's the case. Dorans blade gives you an extra 15 ad and 100 hp, not to mention that 3% life(that might not seam like much but at level 1 with each basic attack doing 77 to minions thats 2.32) averaging almost 10 hp for 4 hits. Its more than it seems. The only problem... you are weak to harass like this. It is important to dodge any skill shots and try to stay away unless you are going in to hit them and even then use W b4 you take any damage. I usualy stay around 50 hp from max entire early game as Wukong no matter who I'm facing, also, you make up for that 475 gold it cost with early game dominance or creep score and possible 400 from first blood or 300 from a kill.


You get mercury's treads in 90% of the games you will play simply due to the tenancy they give you.

Berserkers Greaves are amazing on Wukong, but you should only get them if they other team has low amounts of cc.

Ionian boots are one of top quality, made from real leather. These help lower all of you cd's. If your team needs your ult every fight, these are great. Get them with a frozen heart and have fun ulting every 5 seconds.

I usually don't get these boots, but if you are having a hard time vs any ad champion with harass, take these.

These next few items are a must and there really are no Exceptions

This item is a must, the armor protects you from auto attack harass, the lifesteal keeps you in lane, the ward protects you from ganks, the passive lets you farm superbly, and the damage is the icing on the cake.

Once this item is bought, you will see a huge difference in your damage output. You will burst about 100-150 harder than you did before, and the sheen buff will come up mutliple times in fights, letting you hit extremely hard every few seconds.

So why not just leave sheen as it is and come back to Trinity Force? Why would you not complete it? You get another nice damage boost going from 100% bonus on sheen to 150% on trinity. You are also getting some as, crit chance, health, and more damage to go with it. It gives you all around stats and pretty much makes you able to face off against all types of champions.

Base Late Game Items

This item is the key that unclocks a new door. You now die rarely because you are not being focused as often being tankier. It also lets you pick up many more kills with its slows. I would not suggest getting warmogs instead. The slows are just too amazing.

With this item bought, your damage output rises extremly, the crits on it are great, the armor protects you from many ad carries, and the damage for health passive is insane.

Late Game Damage Items

This is where you start to deal massive damage. The stacks can give you more damage than infinity edge can and you get amazing lifesteal. With this you can pull out of battles that seam like you have too low health to win or simply be able to beat other fighters with later in the game.

I have only gotten this item a few times in the past but, it is much better than bloodthirsters in team fights(if you get some lucky crits, you will have like 50%). This item and your Q and sheen combine for a nasty hit that will easily half an enemy carry.

The Final Item

This item depends completely upon the situation. This item can be one of these below.

For fighting heavy ,ap nuke burst teams.

For fighting against a team with lots of non burst magic damage.

For fighting a team of even ad and ap but don't want to stack hp due to anti hp items.

For fighting heavy cc and ap teams.

For fighting a heavy ad team.

Also for fighting a heavy ad team,I prefer randuins but this is less expensive.

THIS IS THE BEST CHOICE, guards from ad and ap people and gives you more ad from atmas, but you can only get it when the other team has no hp ripping items.(madreds, deathfire, etc.)

This item is one of my favorites. The 20% attack speed debuff is great, the armor is great, the mana is great, and the cooldown reduction with Ionian boots of Lucidity makes you pretty op.

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Solo Laning

I always try to play Wukong as a solo top lane on 3 v 3 or 5 v 5. He can take mid if you are good enough.

Try to make sure the enemy player have a hard time last hitting by standing close to their side, you need to last hit as often as you can, try to use only auto attacks to conserve mana. Depending on the situation, vs squishy people, you can E, Q and back off at level 2, and come out healthy. You can do this at level 3 with that more powerful Q against tanky people, and you should not try it until you have your W against people with hard cc.

Every time W comes up and they get too close, E, auto attack and Q your opponent, do not W unless you have to. You will save tons of mana this way. Around level 4 or 5 you should be completely dominating your opponent. If you aren't then try to get a gank, or try to outfarm your opponent. Try not to go back until forced to, until you get a kill, or until you can get boots and wriggles. Place wriggles wherever you need it to prevent a gank.(in 5s in the bush by the river, in threes by the red buff, the center of map, and later dragon). When you do go back, buy 3 hp pots and 2 mana pots if you can. With those on hand you really can't get pushed out of lane.

Once you hit level 6, in 3 v 3 I like to go bottom as soon as I see them pushing, your ult is almost always an immediate double kill. On 5 v 5, use it to destroy your solo opponent or to gank.

Make sure to farm hard the entire game, if you get beat in your lane, farming can bring you back. And sheen will also make a huge difference with your harass. Try to lane as long as you can, usually level 10/11 is where I start to really get team fights started.

Wukong is an excellent turret pusher too. One letter can explain this. Q!!

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Avoiding Ganks

Ganks are always a problem no matter what champion you are. The best defense against them as Wukong is to stay at the top half of the lane at top of the bottom on bottom. If you see someone coming, run into the nearest bush you can. If they are between you and your turret, E to them and press W. They usually won't expect this and you will make it to safety, but if you still have a distance to go and you know they will catch up or have already caught up, ult. The cc will knock them up and you will get a speed over time buff.

If they aren't behind you but rather below you, a bad position to gank from, follow these steps.
If you are in the bush near their turret, go to the edge of where that bush is to the next one. Stealth and walk to the other bush. If they aren't stupid and chase instead of attacking the clone. Ult away.

If you are in the bush near your turret, go the the edge stealth and walk to your turret, if you
die like that, you suck. :P

If your ult is down, use your E and W and hope for the best, it usually works without an ult up anyways.

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Dual Laning

This is the same as solo laning but with one difference. Try to get a partner with stuns or an ult that does spread damage. Best laning partners are, Jarvan, Kennen, Katarina, Amumu, Galio, Gangplank,etc. I find taking bot in a 5 is not a bad idea although top is preferred. You won't have the high levels top gives you but, you will most likely get fed off of their ad carry and support.

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Your job in team fights

Your job is to brutally destroy the carry and mages all at once. Simple enough, right? Wait for your tank to initiate then simply use W waltz on up to the enemy carry/mages then E auto attack Q, R. Make sure to get anyone close in the cc of your ult. If your team mates don't focus the tank like ******s, they should be able to take about half the team down while your ult has them in the air or ripping them apart. Also, make sure to Q the one you are trying to kill the most, the one with the most damage output or least health.

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How to beat _____

Post in a comment on a champion you need to know how to beat and I will see to writing a section on it as soon as I can.

Ashe and Caitlyn

Ashe and Caitlyn are either going to be delicious food, or their harass will make you want to kill yourself. If you catch them in a bush with no one else around at level 1. RUN... towards them. No ad carry can beat you level 1 if you get close except for maybe Vayne. Also, if they get boots, don't chase you will get kited. What I usually do vs these 2 is stand right out of their range, last hitting whenever I can. Jump to them with E and then basic attack Q whenever you feel like it, they can't beat you if they can't harass, I can't stress enough he need for you to stay back and not get harassed. A lot of time you will E, basic attack, Q, W, and walk towards them. Uh oh, they didn't see that coming and now your still on top of them. Another nice trick is to walk into brush then, W, walk towards them, E, basic attack, and q. Also, once you get your ult have fun killing them. There is absolutely nothing to beating these people except for playing smart and not getting harassed.

OH **** CAITLYN IS ULTING ME I'M GONNA DIE. A clone dies everyday to protect a Wukong. A W is used and then walked behind. You can save a clone now by commenting and rating up on this build. Or you can use them to your preference. Either way works. Oh, and this works for Ashe ult as well, you just have to be ready to jump on the button when she fires.


I hate this guy, a three second fear and health draining move. Not to mention that silence that can bounce to people in the bush. Anyways, there is not much you can do against that fear... except make him use it on a clone. E to him and set a clone,DO NOT Q YET YOU WILL ONLY GIVE HIM MORE TIME, if he fears it, Q the living **** out of him. Beat him down till he runs to the mercy of his turret or till he starts to drain you. With your ult just jump to him E Q and whatever, he can't ult you because he will die trying and your ult gives you the advantage. Just kill him at level 6 if you don't before.