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Wukong General Guide by Z Dragula Z

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Z Dragula Z

Wukong, spin to win with the monkey king

Z Dragula Z Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my first ever mobafire guide. I'll be explaining why I've gone for other items over others, masteries I've chosen, general Wukong game play and how to get the best out of him.

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In the Plague Jungles, Kong ruled as king. He could wield a unique, natural form of magic and he was driven by zealous ambition. The Plague Jungles were the ideal setting for fostering his growth - he thrived on challenges and flourished in adversity. However, when he had surmounted every obstacle and defeated every opponent, he grew restless. Worried that there was nothing left to overcome, he sought counsel with the monkey sage who lived behind the Grand Waterfall. The sage told him a tale of hairless monkeys to the north who, with wits and strength, bent the world to their will. Kong was overjoyed at the prospect of such worthy competition, and he immediately set out to the north, hoping that the sage's story was true.

Traveling north, he crossed the Southern Wastes and then the Great Barrier. Unaware of the League, he arrived outside the Institute of War where he found Master Yi in meditation. Kong was eager to test the strength of these northern warriors, so he challenged Yi to a duel. Intrigued by Kong, Yi decided to humor him. Within moments of his first strike, Kong knew he was no match for Yi. To be the best, he would need a mentor. He asked Yi to take him as a pupil and to show him the wonders of the northern lands. In return, he would honor Yi by becoming the greatest warrior Runeterra had ever seen. Admiring his passion, Yi agreed, but only under the condition that Kong would one day teach the lessons of Wuju to a pupil of his own. In the spirit of this agreement, he renamed Kong ''Wukong'', and gave him a weapon suited to his unusual nature - an enchanted staff that the young Doran had crafted. The weapon was an unrivalled masterpiece. After rigorous training, Wukong joined the League of Legends to fulfill his promise and show the world the true power of Wuju.

''The first step to wisdom and greatness is realizing how little you know.''
- The first lesson of Master Yi

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Alot of damage for the amount of survivability
The ability to be a pain in the *** as in screwing over their squishies but cant afford to target you as your tanky.
Dominate a solo lane

None as far as I know, may a lack a bit of MR if their AP carry is fed.

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Theres a lot of argument between what is better physical attack or armour pen, with Wukong his skills particularly his Nimbus Strike and Cyclone stack far to well to be ignored to go for the straight armour pen, which many builds have chosen.

For the seals I have chosen health per level, these sync very well with my healthy build and provide just that little bit more health which your opponent won't have, also survivability is key with any melee DPS.

Glyphs, I have selected the MR/level, these are typical of any Tanky DPS and are just to great to not have. Wukong does not rely particularly on attack speed or any other real utility that can be gained from typical glyph runes.

Again I have selected flat physical damage for the quints for the same reasons as the marks.

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Summoner Spells

- This gives excellent damage throughout the whole game and is useful for claiming that kill that has gone beyond reach.
- Great for getting away and works well in sync with Wukongs Decoy which puts great distance between the enemy with a smart juke.

Exhaust, is also viable for keeping them within your ult for near enough the whole duration and is also good for getting away or using offensively, its down to personal preferrence.

Ghost, again down to personal preferrence whether you like flash or ghost its up to you, obviously if you prefer Ghost then take the mastery in it.

- no other summoner spells offer anything to wukong -

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Item Purchasing Order

Ill give a simple guide on purchasing order, but more detail into why Ive not chosen other items over the ones in my build.

Dorans Blade
Dorans Bloade
Phage (health crystal before the long sword)
Mercury Treads
Youmous Ghostblade (Get the brutaliser before the avarice blade)
Frozen Mallet
Banshees (Negatron Cloak before the catalyst)
Atmas Impaler

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Items - detailed

As you will notice this build relies a lot on health and getting that AD from the atmas.

Let me talk you through the items:

Dorans blade - cheap AD and health, obviously will be sold later on but as your skills scale amazingly particularly on cyclone (ultimate)

Youmous - gives you that much needed armour pen, movement speed, attack speed, cooldown reduction. This item is rarely bought anymore unless played by renekton or master yi, but i think it offers just as much to them as it does to wukong.

Frozen Mallet - great for slowing down and chasing enemies, gives nice AD and survivability

Atmas Impaler - as mentioned this build relies on a lot of health, therefore getting atmas is great giving you that added AD and armour.

Banshees - typical item for any character, gives health again for the atmas and that much needed MR

Firecape - Gives more health and extra damage when using cyclone, as you will be near a lot of their team, the extra 35 or so damage really counts.

Tri-Force - Too expensive for its worth, you rely on pure AD for the ultimate and nimbus rarely relying on basic attacks which your sheen and zeal will only really offer you. With Wukong you need to be able to be amongst your enemy and be able to deal a lot of damage and survive, I see too many of these corki builds with bloodthirster and tri-forces.

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Skill Usage

Stone Skin (Passive) - Gives MR and Armour depending on how many enemy champions are nearby

Crushing Blow (Q) - Reduces the enemies armour and deals bonus damage

Decoy (W) - Creates an immobile clone that deals damage after a small amount of time and stealths Wukong until he attacks or after 1.5 seconds becomes unstealthed

Nimbus Strike (E) - targets 3 enemies in an area dealing damage and is a gap closer

Cyclone (R (ultimate)) - Wukong spins in a circle dealing damage every second for 4 seconds. As his ult goes on wukong receives a movement speed boost and knocks up each targetted champion once (the first time cyclone hits that champion).

Many people struggle to find the right skill order when harrassing or general fighting.

Farming - Wukong by about level 8 you can start to 1 hit the last 3 caster minions with Nimbus strike, which a lot of melee dps cannot do.

Harrassing use nimbus strike, whack on crushing blow and decoy out, decoying is only really used when you think the enemy is most likely to fight back.

In for that kill open up with nimbus strike, then give them a good crushing blow, then hit them with cyclone for its full duration, then again with the nimbus strike and crushing blow.

Will you die or will you get that kill? NEVER EVER use decoy for its damage, always as a get away or use it tactfully, after a while of fighting in the lane, you will no what your opponents capable of and how they fight. If you know you can avoid most of their damage by using decoy go for it, but if the fight does get a little messy then you wont have decoy up again, just becareful if your considering using it in the thick of a fight.

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Well this is the end of my guide, hope when you test it out all goes well and this hasnt been for nothing :)


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