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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Wukong Build Guide by icebird50

Wukong suprice decoy

Wukong suprice decoy

Updated on November 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author icebird50 Build Guide By icebird50 7,522 Views 2 Comments
7,522 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author icebird50 Wukong Build Guide By icebird50 Updated on November 17, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Wukong
  • LoL Champion: Wukong


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



oke first of al pls tell me if there are any grammar mistakes and stuff.
second this is mine first guide I place. and I use this build because its suits me he best also I made optional item purchasing for being more tank like.

ok I wont go much in the technical parts like how much more damg a skill deals when maxing that first bud I will give the reason why max what skill first.

I also like too say I like this build because first time used 25/12/9 (the death are this hi because I was playing bid aggressive and went doing 1vs3 or 1vs3 a lot XD)

most of you probably know the most important part of wukong his decoy
so I'm not gone discus that and I wont tell much about how to play him because everybody will play different on him.
also whit this build you wont become godlike instantly because its more a mid-late game build even thought if you play it right you can be good in start of the game.

edit note:I have correct most of the grammar bud I will make a lot of other chances too this guide and pls tell me if there are still some grammar problems
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oke first of al the runes
why these runes? easy wukong need armor pen and armor for him self.
whit armor and magic resist runes + enemies near him his armor wil be great and he will survive a lot more ganks or surprise att in 1vs1
and the armor pen lets him hit better on tanks too this will make you annoying for the enemies and they will focus on you.
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whit this masteries build you will gain several things

1.more armor pen! yes again armor pen why? because you need it! the more armor pen you got the more you hit!: really? yes really because when people got some srmor they block your auto att and skills a bid bud whit armor pen you can hit the full amount of damg on the enemies and dealing 300+ damg whit auto att feels good.

2. life steal and vamp spell why? because you will need it if you want to stay longer pushing a lane

3.a bid more att and att speed cant hurt and helps a lot ad the start of the game

4. cool-down having to wait 100 sec for your ulti is annoying bud being able to use its every 52 sec is awesome in late game by the time the player you killed is back you can use your ulti again bud that's not al spamming you q and e helps a lot too and the w for escaping is great too

5. Les time waiting. is you spent Les time being death you got more time too kill the enemies!

6.more mana. why?! because you will need it. the skills of wukong will bring your self in problems if you don't got enough mana. why don't you buy mana pots then? because you will need the money too buy your items and not waist it on pots what of course is a option if you want too do it.

7. mana regen. 3 mane per 5 sec s not much that is only a extra 0,6 ea sec bud! it will make you mana regen go up to 3,72 ea sec that means after 5 sec you got 18,6 mana back that meen that you will get 223,2 mana back after 1 min and 1 min passes pretty fast so it will help some.
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Skill Sequence

max Nimbus Strike first is because the bonus it gets wont be that much so having it maxed will give you more damg when using it on the enemies.

maxing Crushing Blow as second when its your main damg dealer is because of the bonus damg it gets ad the start of the game you can already do about 100 damg whit it when its only LVL 1.
by the time your LVL 10 Crushing Blow can already deal about 200+ damg depending on how well you play.

maxing Warrior Trickster as last even thought is the thing that makes wunkong wunkong is because the bonus damg that it can get depend on your AP what you wont get higher than 30 because of Trinity Force and it maybe hits your opponent or enemies minions its not for killing bud for escaping or dealing extra damg and getting less hits on your self.

Cyclone your ultimate is the skill that you need to LVL up as soon as you can.
its a great skills for dealing the final blow too one or more enemies. bud dont just rush in too 5 enemies or less ad once the tank in your team neads to take the first step and then you surprise them whit you Cyclone knocking them up in the air giving you team more time to place there spells and/or stun them so your team gets the kills.
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Summoner Spells

oke I use Exhaust and Ignite for a few reasons

pros of these spells

1. Ignite helps you get the kill that almost got away
2. Ignite can deal on higher LVL some good damg
3. Exhaust helps you close the distant between you and the enemies or make its bigger
4. Exhaust also helps you kill your target easier and lets you get less damg so you can take on the next target.

cons of these spells

1. Ignite only deals damg. you cant use it for escape moments
2. too use Exhaust you need to get close to them too hit them so its not really a tool too close the gap is more a tool too use when you see your target trying to escape.
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the items the reason why I don't buy Trinity Force first is because I think its it expensive and during the time you buying it you don't get much of extra stats too kill your opponents.

bud its still your core item so when you got it you will notice a lot of difference.
the reason why I took Bloodthirster after Trinity Forceis because its the one thing your missing ad that moment and that is the life steal + the extra damg. after that it just to gain some extra damg and armor pen.

is made a optional item build so that you can be a bid tanky :D too if your team don't got a tank(or you think you die too much)I wont explain much about it. bud you will gain a lot of extra armor and healt bud stil keap some damg to att.
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I know this guide is a bid hasty and dont really explains how to fight. bud why would I tell you how to play on wunkong and this build is still incomplete there can be some change to the items. bud I like to play like this and I just wanted to share that and get some good pointers to improve this build.

and I like to say again this is mine first time making a guide so there are a lot of stuff that can be improved.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author icebird50
icebird50 Wukong Guide
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Wukong suprice decoy

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