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Wukong Build Guide by Wintermond

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wintermond

Wukong-The Beast Unleashed

Wintermond Last updated on September 1, 2011
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Chapter 1: All is one - The Introduction

Welcome to my Wukong guide, summoners!
In this Guide I will teach you how to build and play Wukong successfully, this contains:

  • Dealing with his laning phase(He has no natural sustain!).
  • Exploiting his juking skills to the maximum.(Because you have to be a good juker as Wukong!)
  • Distorting and winning Teamfights.(He has an awesome Teamfight control!)
  • Countering the enemy team with your equip.
  • Using your skills effectively.
  • Splitpushing with the monkey.
And much more!

Wukong, the Monkey King.

I picked him up shortly after his release and I really liked his playstyle. He kinda reminded me of Shaco's jukes with his
Decoy, but then again he is very mobile and controls Teamfights with
Nimbus Strike and Cyclone what makes him similar to Irelia.

So, what is Wukong? He is an offtank, without doubts. His passive and teamfight control make him predestined for that role. He can tank quite a lot of damage, bully the enemy carry, take down squishies fast and get out of very clutch situations.

His laning is considered to be under the weaker ones, but I have to disagree.
He can outlane most common solo top champs( Irelia, Jax, Garen, Yorick, Warwick,
Mordekaiser, just to name a few.), IF you know how to play him and abuse his skills.
This is mostly because of his awesome Decoy, Nimbus Strike and unexpected high burst with
Nimbus Strike, Crushing Blow, Cyclone and Ignite.

He is the Monkey King, a very unique champion and one that is very fun to play.
And here you will learn how to master him.

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Chapter 2: Let's get down to business - Runes and Masteries


These are the Runes I am using, and of which I think that they are superior on Wukong.

Greater Quintessence of Vigor(+8,1 Hp/5): These Quints GREATLY increase your sustain on the lane since Wukong has no natural sustain abilities. Greater Mark of Desolation(+15 ArP): Wukong deals physical damage and Decoy is his only source of magical damage, so these are the superior choice over all other marks.
    No Alternatives
Greater Seal of Armor(+13 Armor): They are very sexy for the lane because Wukong already has a lot of natural health and they give you nice dueling power. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist(+13 MRes): These are a choice of own preference. I like to be allaround tanky early and counter my enemys with equip later, so I go for flat Mres over Mres/lvl.


I run 3/11/16 Masteries on Wukong. This might sound odd on first glance, but it provides you with everything you need:
  • Survivability through Armor, Mres and Hp/5.
  • Utility through Mreg, Movement and CdR on Flash.
  • More damage through 2% crit.

You don't really need anything else as this mix suits Wukong the best. It complements him in his weaker parts like sustain or Mreg and enhances his strenths, for example dueling or juking. I feel like the 3% increased speed in Quickness is vital for him, that's why I missed out a point in Strength of Spirit and two in Hardiness .

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Chapter 3:The Force within - Wukong's Skillset

Wukong has a very powerful skillset which can be used for different purposes: Offensive or Defensive, Initiating a Teamfight, Escaping, Juking, Baiting, Dueling... . He is a very ver

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Chapter 4: Adapt to all Situations - Builds and Items


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Chapter 5: My place is at the top - The laning phase