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Wukong Build Guide by gore23

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gore23

Wukong, The Hit & Run Opportunist

gore23 Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build that I have posted, I hope you enjoy it.

Wukong in my opinion is a good Hit and Run champion, and as such he is able to jump in, do a ton of burst dmg, and get out. I also believe their is a time for wacking on your opponents so you have to really pick out those opportunities. In this guide I will be going over what I mean when I say "Wukong, The Hit & Run Opportunist".

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Pros & Cons

-Great Burster
-Great at Escapes
-Fairly good MovementSpeed
-Amazing Ultimate for Crippling enemy team
-Decent Chaser
-Overall well Balanced character
-Great at Ganks

-Vulnerable too Dmg
-Vulnerable too CC's
-Often focused

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I use wukong to jump in and try to burst the weakest opponent in lane, I do this by using Nimbus Strike followed up by a Crushing Blow, and normally after If I dont have a chance to get away without large dmg to myself, I will Decoy to get away.

I do this often as possible, and when the time is right, I will continue to attack on the target until he is dead. This is what I mean Opportunist, when you find the right time that he over extends, wasted a spell, or a teamate is ready aswell.

I should also mention that you should try too stay back when you get farther in game, because you are vulnerable too assassin champions. I can normally do fine closer to them because I know when to decoy, and I am good at dodging not target nukes. It is best to stay back until you are able to do similar.

This is all dependent on the occasion so you are what decides how well you do on wukong.

Wukongs Ultimate
I may also use wukongs ultimate to disable a spell channel, stun, TeamFight or Delay a opponent. I do not use his ultimate just to dmg them, because even though it does decent dmg, your bursts are the main dmg source capped with your basic attack. The ultimate I try to use to cripple the opponents more than kill them, However their are those times that it can be used to kill. Basically you should use it more to disable the opponent, but in the right cases it could be helpful to catch up to a opponent and dmg them.

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Summoner Abilities

I prefer too go with Flash, and Exhaust. I have several reasons for this.

First off flash is very versatile as your are able to escape, and chase players. Flash has gotten me many kills from when a player flashes away and I flash next to them again, and when they are too far away and requiring me to flash and then nimbus cloud at them to close a gap.

Exhaust makes it possible too take on huge damage output champions, slow runners, and slow chasers. Also very versatile.


Ignite - allows you to stop people from healing, and dmg them more than you would normally.
Ghost - Good alternative too flash, since it works in a similar way.

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Masteries on wukong should be used to both, defend wukong, and Help him attack. Wukong Needs defence to help him survive those close calls, and keep him from taking too much from his burst attacks. The Offence helps him do dmg in his bursts. You dont want too focus too much into one single mastery, because he does need both.

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I like to build my champion with Armor Penatration, and critical chance so that when that time comes to beat on the enemy, and even sometimes with the burst attacks, you can deal good dmg.

Armor Penatration helps you get through well armored champions, and further increase your dmg on the not so armored champins.

Critical Chance allows you to deal more dmg every once and awhile.

Mana Regen Helps you keep your nemesis Mana up without the need for a item, or recall to base to replenish it. Thus letting you spam your burst more often.

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I benefit between both, nimbus strike, and crushing blow alot, so I initially level both equally at first. I Focus primarily on nimbus strike though after the first ultimate, then I go for crushing blow. I also get atleast one point into Decoy since I really only use it to get away.

This is more of a preference, but I like it this way because of consistancy, and nimbus strike is the first move I use in a burst, and sometimes it can be the only one that I can land before they defend against the next attack, or get away.

It also depends on who you are facing at the time. Pantheon for example has a shield to block initial attacks, I believe it only blocks crushing blow (I cant remember atm). This would require you to focus nimbus strike. (or crushing blow if I got that backwards)

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Item order depends more on situation, but it generally follows like this.

I didnt not list them but, health potions and wards are a must !

Dorans blade is a really good help early in as it helps you dps just a little better, with health, and slight lifesteal for the long run.

I then focus boots normally(Mercury Treads), followed by trinity force. I buy the 3 trinity force items depending on the situation and enemy I am currently facing. You as I have said before, Must observe what you are up against and change depending on that.

I then get a defence items, normally depending on wether which is more of a threat, AP or Physical Dmg, This means you could either get Force of Nature against AP enemies, or Atma's Impaler for its Armor bonus (and nice little dmg boost).

I like black cleaver because it helps you take out the armor that they have built up through out the game, or capitalize on the squishy targets.

I love BloodThirster because I can get that large dmg bonus, and use the lifesteal during battle, and out of it to go recover from a minion spawn so I dont have to go back to base just too heal. Increasing my time in the field.