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Wukong Build Guide by Metsu Kaiten

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Metsu Kaiten

Wukong: The power to challenge Gods.

Metsu Kaiten Last updated on October 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Wukong. The drive, determination and will to Succeed!

Hello all! This is my first ever guide!

PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE COMMENTING AND VOTING! The item purchase differs depending on Whats going on.

Now before we start a quick Intro. Your looking at this guide and thinking...WTF!!!! NOOOOOB DOESNT N0W H0W T0 US3 WUK0NG!!!!!

This is a ALTERNATIVE AD build! Chilleth your Beans young one!.

This Wu is based on the ability to run in with Nimbus and dispatch his enemies in seconds! Using Q E Q Q E or if harrasing and wanting to run QEW.

Anyway on with my first guide! Be nice! Constructive and POSITIVE critism is accepted! We all make mistakes! Thanks Y'all!

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Pro's and Con's


Amazing burst damage.
Comparable to a carry.
Great ANTI carry
Enough hp to Throw away in team fights
Great at initiating Ganks
Amazing early game Harrassment.
So much lifesteal that it means you rarely Recall late game unless to buy.
Also Means great Anti tanking.
Funny Champion!


Squishy early game
Often Targeted and ganked
Requires IMMENSE Patience
Early Killstealing can result to trolling and Rage quitters
Alternative build

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What the Stats up ^ There Lie about.

When you have fed your bloodthirster you should have 356 AD not 276.

When you have fed both Wormogs armour you should have well over 5000 Hp.

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Summoner Spells

Ok set 1My PERSONAL Favourite set up. Flash whilst decoying will Save your life countless times and that Ignite will polish off pesky Evelynn/Yi Runners!
Set 2
Ignite not working your way! Cripple the God**** Mother *******! :D

Set 3
Same but Ghosting. This is helpful when your trying to Chase Flashers when your nimbus is ready! But due to your immense Movement speed not a great combo.

Set 4
If your having real big problems with mana ( I didn't?) Go with clarity untill you get BV.

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The masteries


Wukong is a Tanky/Offtank and since me, you, everyone Even Billy half brain knows most the Defence masteries suck pump em into the Utility, It should make up for the mana gap wu has early game. Extra Gold and EXP helps as well to get that Slight Edge. ( This guide NEEDS extra gold.)

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The Items

Now. Wukong is one of the best early game harrasers around! Utilise this! Rather then going tanky early Build AD to maximise harrassment. As it pains me to say it this build needs BEAR DOUGH YA GET ME BLAD! Just kidding. But in seriousness You do need money
Try and save that Last Q or E to last hit the champs and Win/Steal the kill. Trust me your team will be thankful later!

The early game bloodthirster will push most 1v1s and 2v2s in your favour. Heck I took on Shaco and Eve when they were both stealthed and trashed them!

The Phantom Dancers Will also make sure you crit more often and you get the last hit in to get money for...

THE ARMOUR! Now personally due to the masteries and Runes I prefer to build Wukong Hp. I mean having 200/200 Armour with 2.5k hp is fine and all but... Come on 4k hp will do juuuuust fine!

By this point if you have gotten a decent score you have Warmogs armour a BD and a PD all before level 16 People will run in fear of you. Try taking on 3k hp with 1.5 who can also suck your hp... Which reminds me

Second bloodthirster:

You can't get enough of these babies! Make sure to feed the 2 along with your Armour! +200 damage and 50% lifesteal welcome! Along with the Fed armour which should total around... 13xx-ish....

Second Phantom Dancer:

You see. With that Attack speed and Crit and move speed not only can you nimbus in case of flash ghost etc But you will pulverise them in seconds with your 'Master Yi Jealousy' Speed skills!

Finally: Sell your Boots *come on 2 PDs will make up for it* and take a choice. Stack another Warmogs armour for ultimate HP tankyness!!! If fed Wu should total out 4k hp. Or go with Banshee's Veil in case your up against pesky disablers or ya need the mana for some bizzare Reason! Remember Action Dictated Protocal! Depending on your situation you have 3 options for your last item

Guardian Angel. For a armour boost over HP. Sometimes if your up against the twitches and the Jax's your better off with armour.

Warmogs armour. When your against Mixed people like Evelynn.

Banshee's Veil when your against disablers and/or need more mana.

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The runes

Armour penetration (giggle snicker giggle*
More armour
More attack speed.

Need I say more?

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Wuju Like some Bannana's?

How to fight with Wukong!

Okay listen closely. Wukong is skilled in 3 Styles of Fighting.



Anti Ganking


Wukongs Q adds power to his normal attack AND resets it. Meaning 2 (or 3 when used rigt) Attacks on the trot! This teamed with E ( Nimbus Strike) MEans you can dive in and deal great damage before Decoying them and confusing them to run off. Remember QEW QEW OR if your good at timing and have pleny of hp EQW EQW.


Wukong due to the shortened cooldowns is able to Dispatch enemies straying to far from the turret with ease. With The Life steal and Attack speed Nimbus in Crush them Attack Attack Crush Nimbus Crush. Seriously if their not dead in 10 secs give up on life. Just kidding! IT TAKES PRACTISE! NEVER FORGOT! Wukong has determination so should you!

Anti Ganking/Team Fighting

Now this part is tricky

Wukongs Q Allows you to hit 3 enemies. This is great in team fights if you keep Using it....when they are all stood together.... Your W will do some damage if they are close but lets be honest....Decoy wasn't made to deal Damage. Its just their to be cheeky. Now Wu's R thats a different story. Just like Garens SPIN FOR WIN! Wukongs Ulti is amazing at chopping everyone down. Plus it knocks enemies on first hit into the air, Meaning all your team mates can dispatch them Which gives you a chance to last hit (due to your ulti). Its also a good chasing mechanism when their entire team is running away!

Don't forget! You can Decoy like a decoy! Use your S to stop Wukong if champs don't fall Wait 1.5 secs Decoy and run into the opposite direction they are running towards. This can save your flash spell a lot!

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My rofl monkey goes SWOI SWOI SWOI SWOI SWOI SWOI!

Ok Wukongs Ulti.

This CAN be used as a escape mechanism but I don't appreciate this but it can. Its much better to be used as stated above. On multiple enemies to drain their hp WHEN YOU HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU. If you must use your ulti on your own make sure its a *sigh* 1v1. Wukong is VERY vunrable when ulting. He can break out early but then its a waste of a ulti.

Guide Top

Thanks and support!

Please feel free to critise (nicely) on what you think should be changed! I do not mind listening to a pro's opinion. They're there to give their opinion!

Remember THIS IS A ALTERNATIVE WUKONG BUILD! Check out some other'Typical' Builds before deciding on this one!

Good Luck, Have Fun and kick some tushie!

I will try and tidy up this guide!

And remember! Whenever you kill someone with Cyclone don't forgot to say


Happy Gaming- Metsu Kaiten.