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Wukong Build Guide by Endon122

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Endon122

Wukong, the TRUE master of wuju

Endon122 Last updated on August 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi there u people who wanted to see some ideas on wukong builds!
First of all, Id want to sorry for my bad english and Id want to say that this is my first guide. This build have 3 type wukongs. 1st is AD carry, 2nd dps and 3rd is tanky DPS. In my opinion wukong excels in 3v3 (but i hate 5v5 so take it easy :D) so whole match history is in 3v3.

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1st build)I take greater marks of desolation, which is must for almost every meelee champ. Just more dmg with skills is better than just dmg runes, cuz if u have dmg runes, then the armor will be taken in counting of final dmg which results in worse result(lol) than with armr pen, if you understand me :D. For seals i take strength seals which may look as foolishness from me, but trust me, it helps cuz 5 dmg isnt small number. Its like 207 gold at the beginning of the game(half of longsword)! In glyphs i take CDR instead of Ionan boots. With quint and masteries it is 10% CDR which is 2/3 of Ionan boots :D, like 600 gold :D- For quint I take Cdr and some pen which is great.
2nd build)Again desolation, again strength but for glyphs I take mana glyphs cuz Wuk have poor mana pool which forces u go back to base after FB in 3v3. This will help u alot. For quints i take this time only pen runes.
3rd build)There is rune build cpmpletely different: 9 health which provides 50 health(+20 from quint). Seals are ofc armor and glyphs are mag resistance. Quints are combinatin of these 3 types.

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in first build i take 21/0/9. Someone might disagree with greed, cuz it gives only 200 gold in 3v3 game, but i like it. Also, some1 might disagree with only 2 points in each of 2 lvl masteries, but both exp and mana cannot be forgotten for wukong carry. In 2nd it is the same except for longer buffs instead of gold. This is due to relatively short duration of Ebonmaw, rabid wolf and ghast(ghast is really short but really useful for your W and R.) 3rd masteries are almost completely different:1/21/9. 1 due to exhaust and def due your tank position in your team. Utility is a mus for almost every champion.

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Dorans blade: Dorans blade is good choice for damage champs, but Dorans shield is better choice for tank.
Boots of swiftness:AD carry is just carry so dont expect some use in early game in boots of swiftness, but in mid and late game it REALLY helps your ultimate to chase escaping champs and to keep them in distance and also helps your W to get away faster or to chase stealthed low-health champs. I dont take it for any other build, just cuz in these u are not carry so leave it to some champion with better chase mechanic.
Ionan boots of Lucidity:these boots are good to spam ulti more.
Ninja tabi:Good item for tank.
Sword of the occult:Just ad carry. Ask your teammates to leave you the kills.
Phage:really good:slow and dmg and cures your squishiness.
Sheen:A must for wukong. really good burst dmg in combo described below.
Vampiric scepter:life steal is always nice :P definitely ake it before b f sword.
The brutalizer:really nice. armr pen, CDR and atk dmg. All u need.
Trinitry force:finish it. At this point, your main build is done.
I prefer those items that are seen, but you can of course change your build depending on situation. Buy mercurys treads and cloak and dagger on 1st or 2nd build or buy eleisas miracle on 3rd build. You can also put frozen heart if your opponents have at least two of these: master yi, xin zhao, jax.
TO BE COMPLETED (based on comments so please add some tips :P)

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Summoner Spells

First I need to explain you, why I love cleanse for wukong in tanky dps build. You know, whenever you use ulti you can be easily CCed and your ulti is gone. From this point you are probably at the center of enemy team. This means they will probably focus you. So just use cleanse and escape with decoy to your friends :D Also it is very useful in chasing or escaping when you are exhausted, stunned, etc.
Exhaust-my beloved spell. This is spell I use every game. Chasing, escaping, lowering the effectivity in a fight(very useful against champs like Yi or Tryndamere├║.
Flash-escape, chase(flash+nimbus strike= chased down, n0ob)
ghost-again escape, chase :D but also(!) movement along the whole map.

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No, really, wukong is REALLY good farmer in creep waves, but he cant take ebonmaw alone eveno on level 11. Just use nimbus strike(5th lvl), 2 attacks and front wave is gone. go to the caster wave and decoy if it is on 5th lvl. It will decimate the caster wave almost as good as nimbus strike

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Combo is easy:nimbus, autoattack, immediately use crushing blow and if you are only harassing, decoy out. This will procs in(taking blow and nimbus on 5th lvl with build builded to trinitry force:(using math, dont let your brain be destroyed)
1st build:nimbus strike=240+0.8 bonus AD(lets say you have 10 stacks on sword)=240+(50+30+4+3)*0.8=240+84*0.8=240+67.2=307.2 dmg. autoattack=250% of base damage 92.4=231 dmg+4 from runes+80 from items+3 from masteries=318 dmg.crushhing blow= autoattack+150=318+150=468 dmg.
This results in nice dmg=


(not couning like 30% reduction from armor)
I dont want to count other builds but they will be like 700 dmg or so.

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Lane opponents

Best of alll is caitlyn. Just counter her ulti or her slowing net with decoy!
Other good are just opponents with skill shots:amumu, ashe, blitzcrank, brand, corki, Dr.Mundo, Ezreal, Kennen, LeBlanc, Lee Sin, Morgana, Nidalee, Rumble and urgot

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I swear it is true, I just dont know how to put images here :P If u say me, Ill put screens here, I have them in word.
15/3/2(triple kill)

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ultimate tip for wukong: Dont go alone! Wukong is stronger when he is with other players, cuz he knocks up all members of the team so your team can focus strongest fed carries or casters!

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Enjoy my guide! Comment and vote freely!