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Wukong Build Guide by shendoxjoey

WuKong The Unstoppable Tank

WuKong The Unstoppable Tank

Updated on May 2, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey Build Guide By shendoxjoey 1 5 6,741 Views 2 Comments
1 5 6,741 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey Wukong Build Guide By shendoxjoey Updated on May 2, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hey guys this is my first build I have ever made here on
This is for my newest hero WuKong.
Also please rate!
And I've only used this build a few time and I never go negative in kills to death. I also seem to get a lot of Assists(not as many as kills though)(I also only die a few times like 3-5).
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For this build you really must know how to kite.
With WuKong you use nimbus strike on a small group of enemies then run back to where you started, if an enemy hero is about to hit you after you use Nimbus, use your Decoy to have better chances at escaping.

You also really need to be playing Mid Lane because, as you can see, his build is pretty expensive.

Another good note would be, this build is 5v5, if you try on 3v3 you WILL NOT get enough gold to make this build worth while, and the if the other team is full of gankers from start to finish you will not be able to defend yourself nor get any kills.
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I am not level 30 in game yet, but the runes I have selected are what I think would be best to use.
Extra hp regeneration is for not dieing as often.
Extra hp in general is for the same reason.
The Armor penetration is for early game getting that first kill, and late game making enemies retreat because you will do a good bit of damage(PS: chase those enemies down, to an extent, you will most likely get the kill).
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I went down utility because I like to have those buffs, and then Defense for, what else, extra defense.
All the buffs fro utility help because you really are a semi support tank.
The defense will keep you alive and give you the chance to do the damage you need to.
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Finally we get to the items, these are to make you a tank, you will be even more than boss, you will be CEO(like that one? CEO is better than boss).

You get the Regrowth stone in the beginning to make up for not having Heal(Which is good in beginning of game but late game heal offers nothing).

Then the Force of nature is for extra MR and MS as well as better HP Regen.

Then Merc's Treads for MS and Tenacity(helps with CCs)

You want to get regrowth pendant again to work towards Warmong's because it will give a ton of HP and HP regen.

Stark's Fervor is next because it gets you life steal and attack speed HP regen. So this item makes you very hard to kill because you will have good damage by now and this will help keep you alive even longer.

Atma's Impaler, so up till now you have been building tank gear, it will pay off as soon as you get this item because your damage will increase with this item's passive. Not to mention the armor and bit of crit chance.

Finally, Last Whisper, this item will make your damage go through the roof. On top of getting 40 AD you get 40% armor penetration, remember your runes? you get extra penetration from them too!

I would not recommend you replace many of the items, except:

1)Replace force of nature with Philosopher stone if you are against all enemies that don't do magic damage.

2)Replace last whisper with Philosopher Stone if you feel you do enough damage and just want to be a tank, but if you do this, get the Phil stone before you get Atma's.

PS: Don't do both of these replacements in the same game.
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It is important to have your Nimbus strike for farming and harassing in the beginning.

After that Crushing Blow will help you do extra damage to the enemy champions and towers(Making First Kill Easy).

Decoy you can get at level 3 or 4 whichever you prefer, and this will help you escape combat or even get into it undetected.(Also good for first kill, if it hasn't be achieved yet).

Your ultimate is more than just a cyclone, it also knocks enemies airborne, the first time you hit them so use it when ganking an enemy hero.

The ultimate can also be used to escape combat if you are low on hp, activate it to knock back whomever is attacking you then go the opposite direction to get away safely(the ulti increases your movement speed as time goes on).
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Summoner Spells

Ignite is used to get a fleeing enemy, with low hp, to die.
Exhaust is important to get those fleeing enemies to move slower and have less resistance to damage, i quick Nimbus strike followed by Exhaust with a Crushing blow is DEADLY!

I would suggest not getting Heal because you will have a **** load of HP regen by end of game(Something like 130 hp every 5 seconds).
Also late game Heal doesn't heal enough.

The only swap I would even think about is Ignite for Clarity, because sometime you run out of mana.
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Pros / Cons

Great total Heath Points
Great Damage
Amazing Heath Point Regeneration
Good chasing ability

You will get a lot of assists but still a lot of Kills(Maybe this should be in the pro column?)
Early game you don't have a lot of items so you really have to stay back and fight defensively.
Build overall costs a lot.
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Team Work

When playing middle lane with this character build, get the first kill then try to gank some other lanes really fast to get good gold in the beginning.

If you are not in Middle lane try to get paired with a ranged hero that can stun/slow, or a melee that can stun.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey
shendoxjoey Wukong Guide
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WuKong The Unstoppable Tank

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