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Wukong Build Guide by UponCross

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UponCross

Wukong - Total Ape ****

UponCross Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This Guide mainly focuses on Wukong's offensive abilities. Wukong is able to penetrate through tons of armor and do crazy burst damage even in the most dangerous situations. Wukong is able to stealth out of chases and initiate with stealth too. With some solid chasing items such as trinity force, wukong can hunt down just about every champion in the game. Wukong can burst and whack. He dishes out lots of damage with his auto-attacks as well. Wukong without doubt is one of the most deadly champions in the League of Legends. Also, monkeys ftw. Wukong will go ape **** on every champion he sees.

(Please Take Note That This Guide Is Still Under Construction, All Updates Are At The End Of The Guide)

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I take armor penetration quintessences and marks, flat armor seals, and magic resist glyphs. Wukong's crushing blow reduces the target's armor by 30% for 3 seconds at all levels, with more armor penetration added to that he will be dealing true damage! Flat armor seals and magic resist glyphs will help Wukong survive all through early game and mid game. Also with more defense Wukong will be able to land his ulti without worrying too much about being focused.

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As I said, this guide mainly focuses on Wukong's offensive abilities. By following this guide you will excel in killing and assisting. By taking 21 offensive points YOUR Wukong should be able to dish out tons of damage. The ability cool down reduction will allow you to use your Nimbus strike and crushing blow combo more often. The armor penetration is self-explanatory since wukong is a physical damage carry and fighter.

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Doran's Blade:

I take doran's blade first because it is key to your survival for the first few levels while it is also a very offensive item. With the bonus 100 hp you will be able to survive longer therefore whacking more and dealing more damage for that first blood. The 3% life-steal isn't that much help but it still deals some healing and the 10 damage early game is crucial, with that extra damage, your whacks deal more damage per hit. Boots are also optional if you are laning against some annoying champions such as kassadin and leblanc.


I take mercury treads because it gives you a decent amount of magic resistance early game granting you the power to use your ulti whenever you want without taking too much damage from ap champions and being slowed down too much because of the tenacity given with the boots. Some other choices are ninja tabis for the dodge and armor (defensive), berserker's greaves for the extra attack speed since Wukong is a physical damage carry (offensive), or the boots of swiftness because it gives the nice movement speed bonus allowing wukong to be a better chaser and it also benefits wukong's ulti because it will allow wukong to stay as close to the enemy champions as possible since it does aoe damage around him.

Trinity Force:

Trinity Force is Wukong's bread and butter item allowing him to deal extra of damage, giving him more survivability, and making him a better chaser. The sheen passive in the trinity force is better than it on it's own so abuse it! Activate crushing blow therefore activating sheen's passive in trinity, then nimbus strike to the enemy champion and hitting for a lot more damage. The passive gives bonus attack damage based on your current damage after activating a spell. With Phage's stats you get bonus damage and more hp for survivability. Phage's passive has a 35% chance of slowing the enemy champion's movement speed so every whack can slow the enemy champion you are attacking making you a better chaser. The Zeal part of Trinity Force is very useful, it gives bonus movement speed (chasing), critical chance (more damage), and bonus attack speed (dishing out more damage). Zeal also gives you survivability since you move faster, so you can consider building it before building your other 2 items in your trinity but every item can be made first, they are all very viable options.

Blood Thirster:

Blood Thirster gives you damage and life-steal. The damage bonus scales to your ulti making it even deadlier, the life-steal helps you farm when you are low, regaining hp every hit will get you back to full health in no time. This item overall is very good for wukong and every other AD Carry. Just avoid dying or getting yourself into dangerous situations because then you will lose your stacks! :p

Warmog's Armor:

Warmog's gives you insane hp which allows you to survive longer in team fights and dishing out more damage. A very straight-forward item, gives you hp. When you kill a creep you gain hp and the stacks end at +450 health and some health regen. Many people ask, why warmog's? It only builds your defensive side and doesn't add to your offensive side. Well the next item will make Warmog's seem totally worth it :D

Atama's Impaler:

This item is the key as to why we are getting Warmog's in this build. Atma's Impler converts 2% of your hp into attack damage. So do the math, warmog's at max stacks gives you 1430 hp. 1430x0.02=30dmg. We also have wukong's base hp and trinity's bonus hp. When you are level 18 you should have 3685 hp which will give you 3685x0.02=74 damage. Which is a lot! Almost as much as an infinity edge. Atma's also gives you armor +45 and 18% critical chance which will also benefit you more offensive-wise and defensive-wise. A must get!

Infinity Edge & Black Cleaver:

Inifinity Edge gives you +80 damage 25% crit chance and makes your critical strikes deal 250% of your normal attacks. A straight forward AD dps item. Black Cleaver on the other hand gives you +55 damage and 40% attack speed. It's passive gives you lots of armor reduction. Every hit on the enemy champion decreases its armor by 15 (maximum 3 hits). With this passive you will be piercing through even more armor. Black cleaver could be built first since armor reduction in early game can be fatal for the other team but infinity edge requires lots of attack speed and critical chance for it to really kick in so I recommend building infinity edge late-mid game or late game.

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1. Laning Phases, Solo Top/ Duo Bot (Updating)
2. Position In Team Fights (Updating)
3. Use of Skills (Updating)