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Wukong Build Guide by Walshy251

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Walshy251

Wukong Unbreakable Tank

Walshy251 Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first time making a build and i use it all the time when there is no tank on the team or i just don't trust my team that well for the game to be supportive. So this build allows you to take control of situations and people will make sure not to go nito battle without you. So this is a tanky build for Wukong, i would suggest this build if you didn't want someone to be tank, or you wanted to be a tank with amazing power or also if you just wanted to stay alive a lot! Using this build allows you to be the first person into battle and expect to always come out alive, you will be someone no one wants to reckon with.

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When using this build order of items are very important, make sure not to rush into getting boots because boots are not important for this build but armour and healthj are deffinetly. If you get armour and health quickly then you will not be killed easily unless its 3v1 you should most likely survive a 2v1 fight if they can't slow you down. If the enemy team doesn't have anyone with much magic damage that is a threat I'd suggest you get Frozen Mallet because of the extre damage, 700 health and the reason you will be able to slow enemies down with your attack, although the trinity force does that who know it may be a good idea to do it just in case. If you maximize your warmong's armour and you get all the items you will get up to 4240 health and that proves you will destroy all your enemies easily.

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Spells and strategy in fights

The reason i would use Flash with wukong is because at the beginning of the game he is quite slow and if you nimbus strike is on cooldown you need to be able to catch up to them or get in front so you could using crushing blow on them while they are trying to get away also you could make their defenses decrease from the blow. After you have used the blow make sure to use nimbus strike this allows you to gain attack speed so when they are trying to escape you are most likely to get 2-3 blows off. Teleport is a great tool because if you are at base getting health and your team is in a fight you can teleport near them and allow yourself to be a major help in the team fight.

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When you are in your lane with your team mate make sure your the first to strike unless that person is a tank, this reason for this is because of nimbus you can attack mulitple enemies at once allowing you strike them more then they have stirked you. If the enemy retreats to heal up after a fight make sure to push extremely hard, because of this expensive build unfortunately you need to farm as much as possible unless you feel comfortable at 1v1 opponents, or feel like you could survive if you were jumped by two at the same time. When the enemy has retreated make sure to PUSH as much as possible and make sure when you are attacking the tower keep using crushing blow, if you haven't noticed it does serious damage and it makes it much easier to destroy the tower.

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1v1 Fights

Youn can win fights against opponents even if you dont have as much health as them or if your attack damage is low. You need to follow this order into the fight. First off nimbus strike your opponent then Decoy them when you are invis that is the time to use cyclone because they have not hit you yet, next you will use crushing blow then continuing this pattern: nimbus strike decoy crushing blow/ nimbus strike decoy crushing blow/ nimbus strike decoy crushing blow/ nimbus strike decoy crushing blow/ nimbus strike decoy crushing blow. but when they are trying to run away make sure to use flash then crushing blow then nimbus so that you get more damage done with your nimbus strike.

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Team fights

You need to be the first or second person in the fight with Wukong the reason for this is because when your the first in the fight using the ability cyclone will alow your team to get possible three free hits on the enemy when they are in the air, after using cyclone right away jump at them with nimbus strike, after that use decoy because the team will most likely go after you because you ahve made them upset and they see you as a threat. After decoy quickly use crushing blow so that your teammates will be able to do more damage to the enemy team with their defense down then your decoy will set off allowing it to do more damage also.

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Skill Sequence

When using this build make sure you are doing this order, do not screw it up and change the order the reason for this is because it can actually make the game harder for you. Going in a different order you might not get the trinity force fast enough to allow you to be a game changer in time. Make sure to follow the order of items to be a successful and be a game changer. ALso deffinetly make sure your not a feeder or don't even try this build because you may not even get past the third item of this build.

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Wukong will be unbreakable if you listen to what I had said about following the cuild and skipping anything and switching the order, you need to follow it or you will fall behind everyone else that is playing because you will most likely not have enough health or speed to go into battle which ruin your game and your teams.

Cons: There is no Cons just follow the damn order of the build and dont play dumb

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Follow the order of the build and you will not get screwed over, yhou need to do the order or it will most likely not work, make sure you don't feed early game you need the money to do well, try and get trinity force as soon as possible but still mantaining the order of this build. I may have put the black cleaver at the end for the final item for you to purchase but you could buy some weapons that involve attack speed or unless you wanna get more health and magic resistance I'd say go for it but i think getting the cleaver would allow you to be a tank that also gets kills and takes one for the team.

Have fun and wreck some noobs.