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Wukong Build Guide by Caboodle

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Caboodle

Wukong- Whats that your not wearing any armor?

Caboodle Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Please submit your ideas and comments weather they are negative or positive and tell me why. this is my first build so i need some feedback if there need to be some changes to this build. I have spent s lot of time playing wukong so far but i haven't faced him once yet(which is suprising)and i have put a lot of thought and testing into this build.

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Okay first off let me introduce you to Wukong a champion of intense AD and armor penetration to quickly kill and gank his enemies at which he moves with intense speed.

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Lets first talk about rune selection. Wukong is an impressive AD champion who needs some armor penetration to really do some damage in team fights and for ganks. I have selected greater mark of desolation to get in that armor piercing in to make all his damage he has count which is why i also have the greater seal of might to throw in some extra attack damage. I have put in my build 3 greater glyphs of intellect in to give him an early boost of mana to stay in early game lanes much longer with having to use clarity. Also i added in 6 greater glyphs of vitality to give him an extra boost of health. For the quintessences i gave him greater desolation for an extra 10 armor penetration in total for even better damage results.

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Now yet again to get some damage and attack speed i went 21 in offense and 9 in defense to give a greater boost in damage.

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Now to the items. To start off the game i start out by getting my boots because speed is a very import part of wukong's abilities to either run away from fight or catch his enemies from returning to their turrets or base. Next to get some extra gold and crit chance i get avarice blade, then since you will be ganking around lvl 6 or so you want sword of the occulet to boost up your attack while you get kills or assists and getting your zeal next for movement speed mainly then getting then getting sheen for more improved damage in team fights. Then your gonna want to finish off trinity force for all around stats. Now getting started on your armor penetration you finish off your ghost-blade then getting frozen mallet for that great health and slow effect on each hit. Then to finish off i would get last wisper to get in some more armor penetration which can be great against tanks to make even the most armor defensive tank squishy.

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Skill Sequence

For skills i found that the best way for early harassment was to get 2 points in crushing blow and 1 in decoy then maxing out your nimbus strike at level 9 to get in some early ganking or team fights which if you get or assist in many kills your AD will go way up due to Sword of occulet. then you max out the rest of your crushing blow then finish off decoy for best results.

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Summoner Spells

For spells i usually go with Exhaust

and flash
. I go with exhaust because wukong has no stun or slow except for ult which knocks in the air but you wont be using that all the time which will help with fleeing enemies in early game and will help you run away as well. Also flash is great for catching up and getting away but also for a few trick i made up while figuring out a build for wukong that will be in tips and tricks section.

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Pros / Cons

Great in team fight
Great Damage early game
Very good at farming with nimbus strike
Escaping is a huge plus
Great for setting up ganks
Great armor and magic resist passive

Can be very squish with out some health boost
Always targeted first in team fights
Can be easily ganked if skills are still on cooldown

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Tips and tricks

A few tricks i came up with and learned.

If setting up for a gank i set up in the grass and when the enemy has pushed enough i decoy in the grass so the enemy doesn't see me coming and crushing blow (if close if not nimbus to them/ flash then crushing blow) then nimbus strike to them for better damage due to armor reduction then finish off with ult to stop them from going anywhere and exhaust if i have to to secure the kill. If the enemy is harassing your lane what i do to set up some harassment of my own is to decoy and get right behind then crushing blow then nimbus strike and ult to harass or kill them. if you are low on health and nearby the enemies which are chasing after your allies who are running away you can give your allies some time or help them by running at the enemies and quickly decoying and change direction for them to focus on your clone and make sure your allies stay alive. One trick also is to take just enough step outside of brush(so you can be seen) and decoy and quickly get behind your enemies quickly and take them out with the help of your ally to secure a kill.if your on defense at your base i find it useful to decoy around many minions to put on some extra damage on multiple targets to kill minions more quickly that might be attacking your inhibitors or just in a huge pile.

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Wukong is a great AD champion who is great early game with many tricks to offer in team games and in ganks. His ultimate can be a battle changer to stop the enemy from casting an ultimate or knocking them in the air for a second to stop a fleeing enemy or helping your allies from taking heat to cast spells of their own, so in a way he can support your allies but he cant do it alone. All of your ganks and when to use your abilities can turn the tide of battle. With his great armor penetration on enemy champions armor he can wack an opponent down in seconds, which is why he is very good at destroying tanks with a lot of armor much easier than other champions