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Wukong Build Guide by hamstr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hamstr

Wukong WuKING

hamstr Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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wukong the king!

blabla this is my build, its awesome and great. depends what u face of c but this is pretty much it. your playstyle is gonna be harrass - go back, harras - go back, harrass - finish.

Be sure to use your w wisely (DO NOT WASTE THIS SKILL, as its got a long cd(, in start to get out of there after harrassing and afterwards try using it to surprise attack from bushes. i.e. turn w on in a bush and move stealthed away from there towards your gankvictim, that way you will be able to surprise him and hopefully land E to do your combo and knock up with R.

I prefer going top lane with wu in a 5v5, as well as in 3v3. Havent faced one yet that actually is a problem. Sion would be a problem with his ult popped - hence the ignite, and he's piece of cake.

Do not forget to ward your lanes!! This is important for surprise attacking which you exist for.

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Most strangely here would seem to be the swiftness quints, but i think they are worth it and very necessary because with wukong you will often chase and only need that extra to land your E skill. Also when running away after using W its very handy to have some extra speed. But we do not want swiftboots instead as the 20% aspd is very nice from berserkers greaves.

The Glyphs are mostly useable for the ult, you may want to switch them into anything else, do note that i encounter mana problems with wukong in early game, before the sheen. after that its mostly ok. so you might want to get some mana runes here maybe as ad etc stacks poorly from glyphs.

The seals are ... well im not sure about them, but i land crits sometimes and its nice to have a bit extra in early game for that random crit that may win the fight for you.

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Nothing to say about this really, ad page mostly full, and ive put some cd for flash and also a bit extra mana for the problems you might have with this.

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Boots are very useful in start for the harrassing process, also the pots are necessary to get that first blood on your lane.
I think phage is the most useful item for wukong in triforce, so i put it first - for everything it does. You need that extra hp, as do you need the extra attack damage and the slow is very sweet when chasing, which you will do when you decide to land the lasthits and kill.

Banshee's is sweet for almost everything it does. You will need the extra hp when you get targetted using your ult, as will you need the extra mana for all the harrassing you do. And the m-res is sweet vs apchars, as is the shield... the shield is always sweet.

After that you will notice you deal a bit less damage than you would like at this point of the game, so the brutalizer comes in handy with its armor pen stackign with your runes. The vampiric scepter is just for comfortable purposes, its sweet with a little leech until you get that BT.

Here is when you decide from what you face, you may want to go any other item than this but i usually do good with a thorn here, adcarrys wont even Want to touch you but as you are always in front with that ult popped they will simply have to, and it hurts.

From here you just get the ad you require to kick *** late game. the crit is also sweet as you will now notice it actually kicks in alot.

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Skill Sequence

Its not very important which order you put the q and E, but for the love of god dont focus on w. Yeah sure it gives a lower cd but you just stay careful with when you use it and it will all be fine til you go high levels.

I figure Q and E are equally good for fights, but as you might yourself figured out the q skill focus is better than E for harrassing. so you choose yourself here.

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Summoner Spells

As i've explained before ignite is important for getting down champs with alot of reg and leech, its also alot handy for the early kills. You dont need exhaust here because you are dealing that harrassing instadmg and then run, and when you actually come to the point where you chase you just slow em with that tri force.

Flash is handy because it opens alot of more windows for surprise attacks which wukong exists for, as ive said before, you can use the w and stealth attack and then flash for getting E in range, or just use the flash for flashing into a crowd and pop your ult.

Some ppl suggest ghost instead for wu but i really dont see the reason, perhaps they think your E skill is enough. but! you cant escape with E if you got no minions to escape on, and you cant get that extra traveling for a perfect gank from a bush, and as always, flashing over obstacles is really useful aswell for chasing as for escaping.

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I put up this guide because i think ppl fail with their guides with putting up too much damage and too little survivability. The longer you survive the more damage you can squeeze out, and you will need that for aoe:ing your enemies with the ult. It does Great damage on all of them, dont just count your kills.

However, you will get alot of kills with this build, and you will hurt like hell in lategame.

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Pros / Cons

Cons would be low m-res, but this can easily be fixed by changing thornmail to something more useful, a hexdrinker or natures.

Pros? you will kickass. you will be able to surprise them and you will be able to gank alot. You will be able to escape with flash and the extra movespeed, you will be fat and hurt like hell.
and ppl wont know where oyu are and when you oome. suddenly youre in their faces pushing everyone up in the iar with that ult.

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Creeping / Jungling

I would not suggest jungling with this build.
you will have no problem tanking a dragon with teammates after 15 min as you can always escape with w and flash. But starting as a jungler i would not even pick wukong.

Rather roam, if this is your preferred playstyle.

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Unique Skills

Whats unique about this build is that you will survive longer, you will be able to escape quickly, and you will almost always get fb on your lane. at least i do.
It might not be so different from other builds - but ive chosen to focus a bit more on defense and thats what ppl tend to forget these days.