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Warwick Build Guide by Monkey d Bill

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Monkey d Bill

WW Jungle and Solo top guide

Monkey d Bill Last updated on May 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a small guide for WW.

I think that most things are better to learn on your own so i just mention the build i use on WW.

WW is a pretty good jungler with many possible routes in the jungle, you can use any route you like,so you won't need instruction on this theme.

As a solo top laner he is really really strong, with his Q providng him big damage and great sustain in the lane.

WW is dominant in most solo top lanes.

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Skill Sequence

You start with W as you want the attack speed to jungle fast, then you upgrade Q at lvls 2,3 because of better heal -> better survivability in the jungle, and in lvl 4 you upgrade your E for better chasing enemies...

You want to maximise your Q ASAP and then you upgrade your E till lvl 10 so you double the range you sense enemy-champs below 50% health. This range is enough so you stop upgrading your E

Then you maximise your W -> more attack speed, until lvl 15 and last you maxomise your E

Solo top
Q is your main damage, so you lvl up first your Q. Then you must lvl up your W cause as a solo top laner you want to confront better the opponent and not gank , as you do with your E skill whick is used in jungle to hunt low life opponents.

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I use a 9/21/0 as a jungler choosing magic penetration and cd reduction masteries and defence masteries so you can jungle with full HP.

As a solo top laner i use a 26/4/0 masteries improving almost all attack atributes and then i choose defence masteries. I upgrade to 3/3 resistance when my enemy is AP and 3/3 hardiness when my enemy is AD mainly.

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Summoner Spells

I choose, as a jungler, and so i can gank succesfully at least one time below lvl 6 .

Some people will say, WW needs no smite, he can survive even without it...

Well, why you need smite?

1.Faster jungling

2.Better counter jungling

3.Last hits on drake and Baron

So ,any team needs a smite on its team...don't be the fool to say ''i don't need a smite'', just because you can survive the jungle !!!

Solo top
I take the classic

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This item build is the one i use the most, but there are also other possible builds.

You can bui Wringle's lantern at first and not Bloodrazor and then wit's end.

You finally will need both Bloodrazor and wits end in your build necause of the extra damage.

For defecne items, also good choices are Frozen Mallet , Sunfire Cape or Spirit Visage.

In late game you must be tanky so you can initiate the team fight, so i recommend Wits End and Bloodrazor are your only attack-items...

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In Solo lane you ll farm using your basic attack and you use your Q every time your opponents tries to last hit one of your minions.

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Counter Jungling

Always when you are going back to shop, buy at least one ward and place it to the enemy blue!!

In 7.00 be on the enemy blue and try to steal it, having always your ward at the enemy blue'e bushes for safety , in case the enemy comes.

When you take the enemie's blue rash quickly to your blue, giving it to your AP carry , if he needs it. You have to mark the time you took enemy's blue so you can be there exactly 5 minutes later to steal his next blue!

Notify the team's support to put a vision ward in the drake, so you can take it yourself.

These things are going to make you bacome from moderate jungler to good jungler.

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When to gank?

Your first priority is to gank the most pushed allied lane.

If that is bot lane, you must know if the enemies have put wards.

If no this is just an easy gank, if yes you'll enter from behind without waiting in the bushes.
First target is the AD carry.

Otherwise you must gank really fast to at least one of the solo lanes (top, mid)

You'll notify your team always early for the gank so they let the lane be pushed and your gank is easier.

In the first gank you'll start with exhaust and then you attack.. If the coordination with the solo top laner is good the gank is propably going to be succesful.

If your gank fails pretend to leave then stay in the bushes for a while, cause there are many times that the enemy thinks you are gone away and calms down...

In mid i suggest you gank after 6 lvl.. start with Ult then exhaust , if available then Q and W. If you do this the gank will be 99% succesfull.

In bot lanes you can gank approximately on 7-8 mins when the wards are out..except they use their wards from the start, which allow you to gank bot from 6 mins..

Well, you'll have to learn when to gank by experience but this is a small guide for those who are new junglers..