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Warwick Build Guide by Shadow Sathe

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadow Sathe

WW jungle king of 5's with 3v3 domination

Shadow Sathe Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 20

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Utility: 10

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This is my first build on MOBA.

You will need WW, the ability to jungle, the ability to gank, and to play smart.

Please leave comments on any errors or suggestions on my build. They are greatly appreciated. :)

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I take 20/0/10 for a few reasons. First i take crit because you dont need the AP per level. I take improved smite because im jungling on 5's. I get CDR and magic pen because your items do magic damage, your q does magic damage, and your ULT does magic damage. i take improved damage to minions and monsters for jungling, and 3 extra AD. I take the Armpen for the same reason (jungling) and put 3 in alacrity because i dont need points anywhere else.

I dont take 21 in offense because a 4% incre***e isnt great. 100 AD = 104 AD This is a waste when you can get the damage from Armpen with 100 AD.

For 3v3, i edit them for improved exhaust only because i find my self constantly taking buffs on 3v3 so improved duration is good. I also the masteries still go good with everything on 3v3.

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I take Armpen because that early 25 armpen should give almost true if not true or more damage in the jungle. I take armor yellows because they are the best flat armors, and gives me more durability in the jungle. I use manan regen per level per 5 on blues. I use these for early in the jungle if you find mana problems (which you shouldnt). Also, When you dont have blue mid to late game, fights get harder without mana.

For 3v3. the same runes. Armpen should give true damage on the low armor champs. The yellows is good early for tanking minions and early AD fights. Also, the mana per 5 because there is no blue buff on 3.

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Sorcerer shoes - Many of you might scratch your head at these. Here is my reason for sorc shoes and not berserker. Your Hungering Strike is magic damage. your Ultimate is magic damage. Madreds bloodrazor does magic damage. Wits end does magic damage. Sword of the divine does magic damage. Malady does magic damage. I get boots off of my q and ult, with the items.

Madreds Bloodrazor - A must on Warick when jungling. Madreds razors improve the farm. The final iteam gives, AD, ARMOR, AS, and bonus damage = to 4% of the enemies max health. So, on golem or dragon. Your 120-130 damage becomes doubled in 1 attack. This greatly improves how fast you kill dragon and buffs and destroys enemy tanks especially if you ult them.

Wits end - Very good item for WW, especially since it lets him get off-tank. 40% AS, and 30 MR. If you ult, you do 42x5 magic damage, and increase your magic resist by 20 more. This item is great, dealing 42 magic damage and giving you 50 armor in fights.

Malady - i consider this an overlooked item on WW. This item gives you 50% more AS, and 25 AP. More damage from q, and every attack, you reduce the enemies magic resist by 6 which stacks 4 times. Also, it deals MORE magic damage each hit. When you ult with all the other items, you shred your target if they have low magic resist from this magic reduction.

Spirit visage - You can get this after bloodrazors if you like, but can be anywhere in the build. So, this item gives 30 magic resist and another 250 HP (more tankiness) :). This also gives 10%CDR and increaseand healing and regeneration on you by 12%. So passive at level 13 is 18+12% then 36+12% adn 54+12% so its 20-40-60 instead of the basic 18 36 54. This doesnt seem like a lot, but it really helps in regen at low HP. Also, your ult now heals for 30% + 12% of that. So, in short, this is an amazing item for WW.

Sword of the divine - 60% AS. Highest AS item in game as far as i know. Every 4 attacks, deal 100 bonus magic damage. Hit the w, 2.5 AS and you apply so many hits of this with all the other item procs. Great item for heavy AS and the active more armpen and you cannot be dodged (gf jax :P)

Starks Fervor - Dont want sword of the divine? Starks fervor is what i would choose next. HP per 5, Lifesteal (already combined with your spirit visage and passive) and more AS with armor reduction. This item lets you heal more, do more damage, and hit faster. Everything that we enhance on WW with this build.

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Optional items.

Tanky team - Black cleaver, Starks fervor, Youmoo ghostblade, and last whisper.
AP caster - Force of nature, Banshee Veil.
AD team - Sunfire Cape, Gaurdian angel
Squishy team - Balck cleaver, Last whisper, Trinty force, Void staff (testing)

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Skill sequence

Jungling - Take w first, then 2 points in Hungering strike. A point in e for ganking, then max Hungering strike first, Then max hunters calling, follwed by Blood Scent. Maxing Hungering strike gives more damage quicker in the jungle, and ganks. It also heals more. Maxing w second gives 80% AS. So, thats more damage in a shorter time. I max e last because, level 1, gives you enough move speed for chasing and ganking low hp opponents.

3v3 - take q first, to heal in the gank if you are attacked. get w second, improved speed means more damage which means quicker farm. Max e last because at level 1 it gives enough move speed for chasing with exhaust and red. Max ult at 6 11 16.

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Jungling with WW can be done with 2 pots. Since the latest 80% heal nerf, i reccomend 5. Start at the 2 golems with hunter calling, attack, hunters calling, attack and smite when he is low enough to die. Then, auto attack the next golem.

Head to the wraiths, if golems were done correctly you should have around if not full HP. hunters calling and attack, using hungering strike when you need to be healed. Pot here.

Head to the wolves. Use hunters calling ONLY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO Q IF DONE CORRECTLY OR POT. Have 2 points in q and one in w by this point

Go to the big golem. Auto attack and w. Use q when heal is going to put back around starting HP. smite him when he dies, and q a lesser creep if needed. Use pot if needed

Go back down to double golem, q when you have HP loss and use w to kill them faster. Use [pt if needed

Head to red buff. Q to heal when you lose HP. Use w after your first hit. Use pot if needed

Now you are double buffed by 4-5 minutes. Jungle until 6 or if there is a low HP champ gank them. Flash, Auto Attack, Q, W, AA and they should die if they are around 300 HP do not gank unless they are at least 400 because you dont have a supress, only a slow.

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3v3 Lane

I perfer to not solo depending on the champ top lane. Last hit creeps in lane and q if nessescary. at level 6, depending on your lane partner and who you are against, try to fight but only if you have red. Exhaust the biggest damage dealer, and ult the LOWEST hp Champ. Chase with redbuff and blood scent. Keep farming, and try to get Dragon after razors, boots of speed, and recurve bow. Take quadra buff if possibly. You will need a pot or 2.

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This isn;t the most in-depth guide, but please dont down troll. If you are level 30 have common sense and figure somethings out on your own. So, this build is magic damage based, focuses on items and ult for damage.

Let it be noted that Pictures and other things will be coming soon and this guide will be updated.