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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fightkiing

WW: The ultimate hybrid

fightkiing Last updated on February 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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I love Warwick. He is my best champ though Udyr is coming in a close second now. This is my first guide so please give me good feedback. I don't mean straight of give me a +1 but give me info on how to make it better. I know I don't know how to insert pictures but once I learn I will add. Please enjoy and use my many builds

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Pros / Cons

I love these sections of guides and sometimes they are the only thing I look at besides the build.

Great at using Madred's Bloodrazor
able to lifesteal better than any champ bar Udyr with turtle and wriggle's
Duress is able to cancel enemy ults
One of the best chasers due to e
Great farmer due to speed and cheap w

Quite squishy without needed tanking items
very low mana pool without tear or blue buff
cooldown dependent

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As it says in the title, WW is a hybrid. Basicly you can do whatever you want with him haha. I prefer the first build and thus why it is first but for ranked I recommend a mix between 1, 3, and 4 unless their team stacks mage res then a bloodthirster comes in handy.

1. This is the first magewick build I found off leaguecraft. I only changed the void staff to an abyssal scepter for more mageres and since most people dont stack mageres the 40% doesn't do as much.

2. This is the second magewick build I found on this site. I give most of the credit to Haelstrom though I changed a few items. I found spirit visage unnecessary since getting more ap would increase ur life gain anyway. Will of the ancients is a viable option to increase the life gain from q to 120% though.

3. This is the tank guide against an AD team. You make think "wtf tank WW?!?" but trust me the survivability is worth it since u can't take out the tanks for your team and situationally use your ult if your dead, plain and simple.

4. The mageres version of tanking. Mixing the two is generally a good option with picking randuins and banshees after spirit visage and the last is up to you. I suggest picking quicksilver if they have a lot of cc and hit u with it mostly (esp. malzahar ult! He is my bane).

5. This is the AD WW with nice damage output especially when you finally get that infinity edge. Don't see much use of this build though I used it a lot in the past usually just stacking bloodrazors since WW can farm like a champ. This would be good against a kass, galio, or soraka team since they get more mageres.

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I love the 10/10/10! When I found I could do this I nearly ****ed my pants. Each mastery set works for its respective build. If your not sure what you want to build that game then just go 10/10/10 :).

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I won't explain them all since most are straightforward, but I will say that AS runes are pretty much best marks since you get your passive more often. Also CDR runes are viable for the tanks since it allows you to q more meaning greater survivability.

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These are straightforward and if your 30 you should know what items to get by now, but if you aren't then follow my builds religiously. Madred's is best pick for WW generally because it means 24% damage on ur ult (minus mageres).

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Summoner Spells

Tele and Exhaust: My favorite combo with WW. You could swap either for Ghost but you really dont need that because of your e. You will see in my jungle guide another reason why I like tele so just hang on. For magewick clair is priceless. With full utility the CD is nothing same with your smite and so you can gank their jungler...see their bushes...keep an eye out for a gank or whatever so it is nice. Another option I guess would be ignite which I would pick in a ranked against Mundo.

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WW fails without his jungle. If he didn't DEWO wouldn't be able to have his great guide on WW. Id say the best build for him laning would be AP magewick but even then its not so fun and switch your smite obviously. An added bonus is that your masteries will confuse the enemy haha. You might be thinking, "how do I jungle without smite?" Well I'll tell you and it works for sure if your 30 but I don't think lowv's can do it. 1. Golem (q as much as you can and use that pot and you will live) 2. wolves 3. banshees. 4. golems. in between put the ward at lizard 5. wolves. 6. banshees. 7. recall buy madreds and tele to lizard. 8. Ready to gank :D. I think my jungle path is quite original and its up to you whether or not you think its ingenious. I do a similar thing with Udyr minus the tele. This will give you bonus damage for ur gank and speed that they shouldn't see you coming. Being able to take exhaust kinda helps too :). You can't get dragon until lvl 7 without help but with help you could probably get it at 4 with both buffs. With the new buff to smite you may be able to solo it at 5 with smite but I haven't tested that yet.

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Team Work

This is especially important for everyone, but even more so for you with ganking. Make sure to have the other person tell you when to come in. I find it gives them confidence when they get to choose the moment. In team fights you should be the anticarry and once thats gone the antitank (remember you have madred's :D). Please, please do not ult in. You are not the initiater save that for a tank or kennan. Save your ult for an opportune moment like stopping someone from using a spell such as nunu's ult. make sure you w once everyones in the fight and watch the blood fly.

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Thanks to the many WW guides I have read to make me a skilled lvl 30 WW. Also thanks to LOL being free so I can even play it. Btw manatee WW is best troll skin ever and I am thinking of getting it as well as frozen tundra (the sexiest skin next to one of janna's). Hope you enjoyed reading and utilizing this guide. If you would like to play with my my account name is fightkiing and I will play the tank or carry to go with your jungle WW.
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