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League of Legends Build Guide Author ClayTerwilliger

XIn Build (DPS, With a Touch of Tank)

ClayTerwilliger Last updated on March 15, 2013
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Okay, this is just how i build Xin, and it works pretty well for me. Thats about it. (Made for 5v5, but still effective in 3's)

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Mages eat Xin alive if he can't get close enough, so magic resist is good to have, especialy for that fed mage, or just until you get the items to melt them.
ArmPen runes are self explanitory, in my opinion the most worthwhile of all physical attack runes, early game, it goes through most everyones armor completly, and most of it as the game progresses (Items with armor excluded)
Cooldown, its so very important, in a practical game, many a kill will be gained from your charge coming off cooldown in time to catch a fleeing champion.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty much just go with Flash and Ghost, to catch those fleeing enemys, or to run away from a losing fight, because xin has no way to excape.

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Skill Sequence

Basically get charge when you can, its your best friend, especially in early game kiting, the Q may be good, but it takes 3 hits, the E is an instant, and the only thing with range.
Also in a fight, Initiate with the charge, then ulti because its based off max health, then procede to E to make your attacks go faster and get cooldown, Q to knock them up, and by the time this is all done E is back, and Q follows quickly.

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Okay, start with Dagger, you'll need that attack speed to farm (and steal last hits from your laning partner) when you have to B buy Boots, and if you can just buy Berserker Greaves (Remember, always put your boots in last slot, it shows how pro you are). Next either the componets for Brutalizer or Zeal (start with dagger), it doesnt matter, it depends on which you need. Then get a Sheen, starting with tome. Procede with Phage. Notice what this makes? Trinity force! Next get Atmas Impailer, starting with the Armor. Procede to get Frozen Malet (I useualy get Giants Belt first), the damage always useful, as well as the slow, the health also naturaly good, and going along with Atmas passive. Lastly to fill up your last slot, get Zeal, then upgrade it to Phantom Dancer. With whatever extra gold you have at this point (Good chance you wont make it this far) you might as well upgrade Brutalizer, and put it in first slot for easy use. Game still going on? Spam Elixer of Fortitude, and tada, thats the build.


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