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Xin Zhao Build Guide by NinjaWJ

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NinjaWJ

Xin Zhao - Spear of Justice

NinjaWJ Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Xin Zhao Build

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello! Welcome to my Xin Zhao build! XIn Zhao is an excellent melee dps carry which has great burst, and damage. Combined with his passive, Xin Zhao will last a long time on the FIelds of Justice! This build is somewhat similar to Booshidos old Xin Zhao build and i give him credit for introducing me this great champ and learning about him.

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Summoner Spells

I get Exhaust and Ignite because of the nature of Xin. He has not built in escape mechanism and all his abilities are about hitting the enemy. I want to maximize on this and grab two spells that are excellent for getting kills. Exhaust for the slow and Ignite to finish someone off.

You can swap the Ignite out for Flash if you like. It is a good choice if you want more survivability and mobility. You can use it offensively or defensively. However i would not reccommend using it in an attack becaus eyou already have Audcacious Charge to close in on the enemy.

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First get a Ruby Crystal, this will help you stay in the lane longer. It is a pretty solid item that gives you health and you want to get Phage as soon as possible. Next get Phage, it gives damage and the possibility of alowing an enemy once you have attacked it. THis is great for early ganks and kills. Ninja Tabi is for armor and dodge. This is a great item because it beefs up Xin and is his basic protection for most of the entire match. Get Zeal next for the attack speed and other benefits. We want to focus on attack speed first to make use of his passive. Focusing on attack speed first gives him more survivability because he will get more life back faster. When you get 1700, go back to base and buy Phantom Dancer. This is an incredible item that gives a lot of attack speed, movement speed, and critical strike chance. You will be critting many times due to the attack speed.

When you get 1850 get BF Sword, its a greta itewm for increasing attack damage. You will want to start getting AD now because you want to hit harder while attacking really fast too. Conver tthe BF Sword into a Black Cleaver. It gives attack speed and armor pentration. You will be a solid champ that is well rounded. When you get enough money, get Frozen Mallet because it is one of the best items on Xin Zhao. It gives a lot of health for survivability and it slows enemies when you attack them. This is great ganking, killing, and chasing device.

After this it all depends on the team you are facing. Are you facing heavy armor teams, heavy AP teams? You want to adapt to the situation.

Generally, 2 good choices would be Last Whisper for the damage and armor penetration and a Banshees Veil. They are two very solid choices.

For heavy armor teams, get Last Whisper and Infinity Edge. This will make you penetrate armor and hit hard.

Heavy AP teams I will go a Banshees Veil and FOrce of Nature

If you want to be more tanky in the end i suggest getting a Thornmail and a Force of Nature or even a Sunfire Cape.

If the fight drags on extremely long buy the first item accordingly but i suggest the last item be Guardian Angel.

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Early Game

Try to go bottom lane or top with a champion with a taunt, a stun, or slow. This will help your team get first blood. In the beginning you want to play a bit conservative. Farm up, get last hits, and ge tthe gold. Try not to get harassed (i know its easier said than done) and use the passive lifesteal to your advantage. Get 3 hits in and then back off. If they push you back to your turret that is still ok. Once you get to level 3 (you should have the combo ready) you can statr being more agressive. Coordinate with your teammates or your lane buddy to get a kill. Make sure they arn't carrying heal or a flash to aid in their escape because you need kills to be a great carry. Initiate using Audacious Charge, then use Three Talon Strike and then Warcry to reduce cooldowns. Use exhaust and Ignite to finish off the enemy. If the enmy is going to get away, don't chase. You don't want things to snowball out of control. DO NOT EVER TOWER DIVE IN THE BEGINNING. Once you get more health it is ok but in the beginning you really don't want to screw up and give the enemy free kills.

Once you get to level, grab Crescent Sweep and head off for some ganks! Make sure your lane is secure and head off into the bushes leading to the lanes. You can gank your own lane if your opponents are weak by coming around them if their overextended. Usually the enemy will not be expecting this type of gank on their own lane. However if this is not possible gank the other lane.

Head to the other lane and stay in the bushes. Let the opoonents push a bit to give yourslef a bit more room to operate. Alternatively, if your allies in that lane has a lot of stuns or taunts then you can gank when the enemies are at the middle (but you have a greater percent of success if they are pushed towards your turret). Ping the enemy you want to get to let your allies what is up. Let them initiate or you (preferably them), on that opoonent and use your combo. Use Ignite and/or Exhaust to help you get the kills. They should be dead now and his buddy should be fleeing or be devoured by your allies :)


Grab Zeal once you can afford it and do more killing to turn that into a Phantom Dancer. Farm up when possible and go into the jungle if you need the extra gold. By this time teamfights may break out most likely in mid. Run around ADHD style to keep active and to avoid skillshots. You want to wait for the perfect moment to strike. There will be a lot of "poking" most likely but you want to wait for the enemy to slip. Hopefully your tank sees this opening and initiates. Right when your ally taunts, stuns, snares, etc, you should Charge in, Sweep, TTS, and Warcry. Try to hit multiple enemies with the Sweep as it is a mini AOE. Aim for the squishies as you can demoralize a team when they see that their buddy is slain. Keep whacking away and hopefully you will get some kills and win the fight. HOWEVER if things are going bad just get the heck outta there and tell your team to back out. Even though Xin has no escape method, you don't want to die without getting a couple kills!

Push turrets with your team and farm. ALWAYS be on the lookout for any enemies that are MIA and make sure you are not overextended. Kill that last creep and hightail it out of there. Being a good carry means knowing when the starts fight, when to get in and to leave, getting the kills, and not dying! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS.....HELP YOUR TEAM! Generally if there is lull, you should farm up, push turrets, have small skirmishes. Always be aware of where the enemy may be lurking. As you want to focus out squishies and go into a teamfight to ioncrease your odds of success.


You should have gotten Forzen Mallet or working your way towartds it. Buy this point you should have gotten some kills and have some pretty nasty burst. The playstyle is basically the same but you need to be more alert of your surroundings. If the enemy is gone for a long time expect Baron. NEVER give up Ace to the other team. If you are the last one living after a push then you already havea chance to win. Don't suicide into an enemy team if your being chased down, try your best to juke and survive. Backdoor some inhibitors or turrets but make surethe enemy isn't coming to gank you.