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Diana Build Guide by Yamikaze

Middle Yamikaze Challenger Diana Guide

Middle Yamikaze Challenger Diana Guide

Updated on July 29, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yamikaze Build Guide By Yamikaze 3063 175 8,603,015 Views 140 Comments
3063 175 8,603,015 Views 140 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yamikaze Diana Build Guide By Yamikaze Updated on July 29, 2021
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Hijitori (1) | August 7, 2021 1:29pm
Dude - your items in the build section and item text choice guide are inconsistent.
Different items in the beginning and different items in the texts session.
Liandry? Protobelt? Etc?
Which one is outdated and which one is up to date?
Spark33 | July 12, 2021 9:38am
First off I love the guide it has helped me so much, I had a question though which runes should I use because in your guide it has precision and domination but at the top, your phase rush runes are slightly different. Still kinda new so I don't know which to use
Kingcalibur | March 14, 2021 10:13am
Thank you
Falelor | January 24, 2021 2:46am
Amazing guide, simple but effective.
DaPino (1) | January 18, 2021 2:43am
Despite it being updated recently, I was wondering what parts of the guide I should consider up-to-date and which are outdated. Reason being the discrepancy between the runes in the overview and the guide themselves (phase rush V conqueror).
MysticLimits | January 2, 2021 2:04pm
Great guide! It was very helpful for me. However, I was wondering if Steelcaps are a viable choice for Diana against heavy AD comps and/or match-ups. Thanks for the guide!
ZacriN | December 10, 2020 4:55pm
i just started playing diana and this guide helped alot
ecl1p3e (8) | November 27, 2020 10:18pm
As someone who has just started learning her, this guide was extremely helpful. I hope you can add more situational items to the item list :). How do you prevent yourself from taking too much poke early on against ranged match ups like Xerath/Lux/whoever? I have a terrible time against them and rarely ever win the game. Also, why do you take phase rush? (not trying to bash you but I'm actually genuinely curious since my friends all recommend conqueror or electrocute)
Shombi226 | November 24, 2020 8:53am
Great Guide! but it needs updating since the new item updates some items need updating and the runes are different so that needs updating aswell
VeryGoodPlayer | September 7, 2020 11:30pm
ROA on Diana?
Nightmare5436 (1) | August 12, 2020 11:12pm
Very nice guide, however the only problem I had was that some of the descriptions don't match up with the images (like electrocute). An update would be really helpful. Thanks!
waverider88 | July 12, 2020 3:09pm
Tk for your teaching.

some mistake and update needed.
The RUne reectrocute discussed is diff from what was highlighted above, i.e. the conquerere. so which rune do u receommend. Tk
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