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Master Yi Build Guide by burninglegion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author burninglegion

Yi - Chopping Speed of Light

burninglegion Last updated on June 29, 2011
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Master Yi Build

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Improved Rally

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Hey. I would greatly apreciate if you rate and comment on this guide so I can see what you guys think about it.
Have fun reading

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The fastest hit. Ever.

Have you ever thought about a way to max out Yi's combat abilities ?
Well with my guide you can, because I can guarantee you that you will inspire fear to the opposite team.
Every single champion you shall come across with will kneel down before you. Althought if you do not obtain all the items I listed you might get into some trouble.
Every single item is quite essential, especially the Infinity Edge. But the attack speed alone should inflict heavy damage on your opponents

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The Battles

You entered the game. Now what? Well listen to me.
Start browsing the store. Under the Attack -> Critcal Strike tab you will find Brawler's gloves. Take that +2 health potions. You will need those.
Now for your first ability take alpha strike, because you wont engage your enemy fully yet.

Now keep your eyes peeled, have some distance from your enemy.
Quickly use alpha strike on weak minions and make sure you can get away from the enemy champion in time. You can also engage him/her but make sure you don't die. If however you do die.. Not everything is lost.
Quickly rejoin the fight and just keep slaughtering minions.
When you have reached 1000 pieces of gold recall back to the store and take Zeal which will increase your movement speed and attack speed

If you have any gold left try buying Boots of Speed. After you've done that go back to the battlefield and farm some gold. At this stage youre strong enough to take on 1v1 with an enemy champion (IMPORTANT: See what abilities you must learn).
If you run low on health just run away.

Now you probably have enough gold for Phantom Dancer. Go buy that and start earning money for Berserker's Greaves.
Now your combat is starting to get pretty decent an with your ultimate you should try and gank some of the enemy champions. Still make sure you dont die. Dieing is bad.
It makes you look like a noob.
No noobs.
Also dont bragg about how awesome you are because enemy champions will regroup and kill you. You can't kill everyone 1v5. Maybe 2 or 3.

Now buy the Black Cleaver which will further increase your A. Speed and decrease the opponent's armor which is great if the target is defensive. Now your attack is pretty fast. Go own someone.
Now probably everyone is fighting everyone. Try to be sneaky and destroy some towers. Use Highlander + Wuju Style to take down towers BEFORE someone tries to kill you

Now buy The Sword of the Divine. Your attack speed just became insanely fast. Now you master the potential to become the best player in the game (kill death ratio).
Dont be affraid to KS. Everyone knows only noobs play Master Yi so you will be forgiven. And me. Im not a noob.

Continue owning untill you have enough money to afford Infinity Edge. Now at this stage your attack is the work of art. Your auto-hit is the main damage inflictor. Its still not recommended that you take the whole team on, although I wont tell you not to. You will die.
1v2 goes easily though.

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Master Yi - Good and Bad things

Now. I would like to point out that my guide won't make you invincible. If I stated so disregard it. Although you WILL have probably the most chances when it comes 1v1, 1v2.
Now beware.
If you try to make your own build guide let me tell you that Master Yi hasn't got that many offensive abilities so thats why his auto-hit is pretty much the thing you want to be working on.

Where is Master Yi good at? :
- With my build your opponent doesn't stand a chance 1v1
- He is an auto-hitter so the things you buy are Damage + speed (Ability Power is useless, except on Guinsoo's Rageblade)
- He has good abilities for entering and exiting the fight almost unharmed
- Critical Strike
-Great damage
-Great attack speed
-Great chasing ability
-Great escape options
-Great turret destroyer

Where is Master Yi bad at? :
- If your ultimate is on cooldown and you're going agains a ranged type hero that is constantly kiting you and not letting you near him, you should abandon the fight. Recharge and reengage
-Squishy early game
-Vurneable to disables
-Easy to harras
-Low HP pool

Thats Pretty much all you need to know and remember if you're still a noob with this guide you're not playing right. Hey does that ryme ?

-> BurningLegion

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Spells, Abilities and Typs

Double Strike
Now this ability turns out great! Especially when your attack speed is insane. Imagine 2 crits at once... Majestic isn't it. You might wanna try building the stacks on minions and then engage the enemy.

Alpha Strike

Now this one is great for unharmed minion farming. It uses ability power aswell as Damage.
This is the only offensive ability Yi has so don't build AP. This is also great for chasing.


Meditate is a skill you will learn further in the game as at first it may not be totally necessary because you have potions + Heal. Use this in brushes.
If someone is chasing you and you're low on health, stop and use meditate for a second as it increases your armor + resistances

Wuju Style

This is the passive ability you will be focusing on the most at first. It increases your melee power so make sure you follow my Ability order.
If you activate it it temporarily doubles the amount of power.
This is great in combo with Double strike.


This is what makes killing an art. This is an excellent exiting strategy, chasing ability or engaging ability. You will use this everytime you battle a turret or a champion. Killing a champion refreshes its cooldown so use it anytime