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League of Legends Build Guide Author xantados

Yi gold farm/crit build

xantados Last updated on March 29, 2011
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noob creation

Ok so don't down vote me too hard core, this is my first build, and i find it somewhat effective. It plays a lot off of the other builds but its great for 1v1 or 2v2 or even 1v2 depending on the champs and abilities and such.

Now since it's my first build, its not going to be hard core into playing yi amazingly well. Its more of just going to be about buying items and my way of playing, it is a more aggressive style of play with a lot of focus on ganking.

I have seen this build used by 2 other master yi's, and both have effectively dominated the game in the beginning and end when played correctly.

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This build starts you off with just farming gold and getting crit to later upgrade into better items. I've yet to test it in a 5v5 match just because its so hard to use effectively, as soon as i have it then i shall update.

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Pros / Cons

-Faster gold farm to buy better items.
-With all 6 purchased you have 63% crit chance
-Can kill minions with 1 hit at lower levels
-Crit very often to kill enemy champs faster

-No speed increase from boots til mid/late game
-Stuck using the same items
-Gold farm not as effective with no champ kills

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not sure how to post the actual item links (im a noob at posting so any pointers on how to add those would be great)

First you start off buying the brawlers gloves for the 8% crit
then you upgrade to avarice blade, this gives you 12% crit and 5g per 10 secs
you pretty much rinse and repeat this step until you have all 6 items filled with this
i then farm the 1980 some odd gold needed to purchase Ghostblade (better than PD)
once that has been purchased i go with starks fervor which means your required to sell one of your avarice blades in order to purchase, so if your at 2200 you can sell your blade then buy that.
by this time you should either have at least one tower down or almost down
just do a quick farm up and buy the berserkers greaves for the AS and movement increase in order to increase ganking (you can also buy these first if you prefer just for the movement, but as my build is for ganking i come in from behind and use highlander to just own any champ at the lower levels so its not fully needed yet)
the next item i buy takes some time to earn even with continuous ganking, the expensive trinity force for 4070, this gives you a 15% crit and 30% AS as well as movement increases and a chance to slow enemies.
then i go with nashors tooth for the 50% AS, the mana regen which isn't super important and the CDR
and just the stinger as a closer for the extra 40% AS

thats my item guide, i know it sounds pretty noobish, but try it before you knock it, its very handy if your ganking correctly, you crit better than ashe and if you use highlander and the ghostblade unique active you can catch anyone and swing fast and crit often enough that you can kill most champs when you have half health and they have full.

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now as you can see above, i literally stacked AS and crit. This is a crit build, so it mostly focuses on critting, as you can see, 115% at 18 crit chance, so you will crit every hit which can make every fight tip in your teams favor.

now since it is over the 100% limit feel free to customize it as you see fit for AP, AS CDR or w/e you feel. i dont mind, this is just my first build and is not 100% yet as im not capped level wise, ill update as i get more runes and get a higher level and work on this better

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Alright so here is the important part, the combat. You can do this any way you want. ill add a 5v5 version later so don't hate on this build if you try to 5v5. I go bot lane in 3v3's, its better to have a support with you and most times people feel like taking more aggressive risks when they have someone with them.

Now obviously first you want that gank in the start before minion spawn, if you get the kill it will start the match off right. After that you want to camp right by the red dragon buff, wait for the first squishy champ to get closer to your tower, then you and your ally champ gank, you pop exhaust and alpha strike from the start and burn that squishy down, once hes done you can either push the minions and go for the gold/xp from them, run back to tower if you need health or the other champ focuses you, or if 2 squisheys and the 2nd one hasn't fled yet gank him as well, as soon as you hit 350 gold, head back to the base to buy your first avarice blade.

From here it becomes cake walk, you start earning the extra gold as well as whatever you get from minions and champion ganking, be sure to check character sheet to know when champions are back up so you know when to gank again, and if you successfully ganked both camps on bot, you should be lvl 2-3 and them lvl 1, so another easy gank.
Now if you have a good champ farm going be sure your top lane calls his MIA because they will all 3 try to gank you to return an even control back to lower, so beware and don't push to lower tower unless you feel confident you can burn it and have enough minions to drop it fast, be prepared to ghost out if needed and dont try to save your partner, if they're dumb enough to stay at a tower with 2 champs or 3 there then they deserve to die. at this time you should have enough for a second or third blade depending on how your farm is going.
once you hit 3 blades you go on champ patrol, you should be around lvl 6 at this time and have highlander, just coast between bot and top getting champ kills, KS if needed, just get the job done. If you start falling on lvls see if top will let you solo to catch up, or go jungle a bit to catch up while rembering to gank at the same time.
by lvl 10 you should easily have all 6 blades if done right, at that time you just stock up as much gold as you can. Because after this your gold per sec drops rapidly, you'll lose that extra 5g once you start buying items, and it doesnt seem like much but in one minute you make 300g to put it in perspective.

You can use my purchasing order, or switch it around to your own custom style if you'd like, but at the point of 6 blades there should be no reason you aren't killing everything that moves solo. I don't meditate as much because it burns your mana and unless you enjoy blue pilling out just for mana its not as useful at this point, just watch yourself and don't go after a champ surrounded by minions, remember with this build you don't have anything but crit and gold farm. Once you have all your items that you want purchased you should be almost 18, if not 18. I usually hit all the items i need around 14-15. Then you just start pushing, you pick one lane, murder all enemy minions before they get to yours so you keep the most you can for tower burning while watching for enemy champs, if you run into a tank that you can't burn don't be afraid to ghost away and meditate, you don't want to get a killing spree and then stupidly die from it. once you get the first tower down its easy, if any champs spawn and come to kill you, you can dive them, even at full health if you have ghostblade and highlander up, just pop those and wuju style and anyone will die, then just run out of tower range and run out when minions are attacking if needed.

You can even get the tower if you feel like wasting ghostblade,(not recommended). Then its easy, hide along the edge of the map and attack the nexus so minions don't auto target you and its harder for enemy champs to hit you without getting close. b out if you need health, otherwise push tower, when the minions start spawning is where you alpha strike comes in handy, your crit should be high enough that you can almost murder every minion you hit w/o the proc. then its just tower and nexus push with your team mates and game over.

Also if your base is attacked, never attack from the nexus side, always try to come from behind so they have less chance to escape you, harder to see you from behind before its too late, and if you use exhaust with the cripple mastery, they have reduced armor for you to wail on them and erase them

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I know most of the guide is kind of scatter brained, and mostly common sense, but you'd be surprised how many yi's out there feed in the start and don't make a comeback end game, or they just don't carry the team at all.

A good Yi should be able to carry and walk away from a match at 15/3/5, or around there. your kills will always be over 10 if you follow this guide, and obviously the longer the match the more k/d/a you should have if done right.

Let me know what you think, and if you down vote please tell me what i can do to improve, or how to add links, and help is much appreciated tyvm