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Yorick Build Guide by Myixz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Myixz

Yorick actually good

Myixz Last updated on July 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Read all of it carefully and keep these tips in mind. don't just copy the build you need to know what your doing. This build does work those are indeed real quotes I got and if you want me to play a game with you so you can see how its done add me my summoner name is Myixz on the USA servers. your not gonna just go and be good you need to practice as you would need to do with all champions hope this helped.

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Well people have complained that Yorick is *bad* but if you build him good and know what your doing he can be devastating to the point of 2v1 you being the one and still winning. his mana is indeed a problem but if your mana smart he isn't.

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The runes all do a part. I've gotten comments such as "finally a good Yorick" or "best Yorick I've ever seen. alright the marks will be flat attack damage runes. as for seals get 4 flat hp runes and 5 hp per level runes. I get those runes because at first I will have some decent hp but as the game goes on I will still get a good amount. for glyphs I get attack speed flats. this is to help you last shot minions and when your moves are on cool down you wont be in trouble. For quintessences I get myself 2 attack damage flats and 1 hp flat.

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Each item helps you in a way. But first lets go to the item order. First item to buy is the Regrowth pendant. head back around when you hit 1000 gold and turn the regrowth pendant into a philosopher's stone and buy a boots of speed as well as a ward your gonna need it. Next item to start getting is the trinity force which is the biggest item he gets. I usually get the phage first, then sheen, then zeal. after get your boots it can be the magic resistance ones or the cooldown ones then Frozen Mallet or Atma's impaler based off how your doing. if your doing well get Atma's if your vsing tanky people get a mallet for survivability. After you get those two items its time for your sunfire cape. doesn't matter the item order for this item as long as you get it. Last but not least the philosopher's stone will be turned into a Shurelya's Reverie.

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Skill Sequence/ Skill Useage

There is a reason for the move order I go in but it will never be exact. I always max out my W before anything and I will 9 times out of 10 max out my E before my Q. the W is for harassing enemy champions and last shooting multiple minions at once. you most likely waste it even if u can get them all with auto attacks but you will get use to it and know when to use it. the E can be used to get your hp back up or harassing enemy champions. as for your Q it has the highest Ad to increase damage he has it is 1:1 which is why you don't need to max it at level 1 Q i did a 400 due to the fact of my ad and having a Sheen at that moment. use this spell to hit enemy's hard or to last shot minions you won't be able to auto it for the gold. if your being chased don't be afraid to turn around Q him and run with the speed increase ( only use this if your good on hp if u have multiple chasing you use your W to slow them all down). you ultimate (R) i have multiple uses for it. first one is to rez almost dead allies so he can help me get a kill or get revenge on his killer. second use it to down a tower faster such as a heavy ad user is helping you ult time alt right click that tower and watch magic happen. third i'm about to die and I lost due to being jumped but the enemy is almost dead use it on your self quickly get back up and get that kill. you will mess up when to use it when your learning but you will learn when to use it at the right time. as same for your moves.