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Yorick Build Guide by hellboy1100

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hellboy1100

Yorick: Beating your face in with his shovel

hellboy1100 Last updated on May 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a carry guide for Yorick: the Grave digger, he has very weak early game potential but i will show you how to get past that with ease making you late game very very strong. YES HE CAN CARRY!!!!

Please comment and rate this build also tell me in an inbox message if you have any suggestions or noticed anything I have missed or notice any spelling errors!

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Pros / Cons

-Strong Late Game-
-Pretty Good Survivability-
-Mana Efficient-
-Can Solo Baron-

-Semi Weak Early Game-
-Needs Support early on to land a kill-
-Item Dependant-

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I usually go with Scaling movement speed quintessences, these can make you very mobile coupled with boots of speed.

I personally like to go with Magic Pen, becuase you don't need to get any AP for your second skill to do just enough damage to give you that edge over your openents.

Attack Speed seals allows you to attack faster and this becomes very very very useful late game

Attack Damage glyphs for when your beating people's faces in with your shovel of ultimate destruction.

____________ALL GLYPHS USED SCALE TO LEVEL_______________

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Summoner Spells

FLASH: I use flash becuase it helps you become more mobile, it allows you to catch up and gives Yorick a rather helpful escape mechanic wich you will need early on.

EXHAUST: exhaust can help when you are chasing or needing to escape it gives you another escape mechanic

IGNITE: ignite can help you land that last hit on that enemy that eludes you or gets the last hit on you or just has way more escape mechanic (FREAKING EZREALS MAN!!!), i use it sometimes but flash and exhause are more useful in my opionion but use wichever you think will help more.

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Skill Sequence

Omen Of Famine: You would want to max this out as soon as possible putting your first point in your omen of pestilence because allows you to land that kill on the slow non tanky hero, but this will grant you more damage and life steal,(life steal remains as long as the ghoul keeps attacking) wich will save you on countless occasions.

Omen Of Pestilence Slows your target and continues to slow them as long as the ghoul stays alive really useful for ganking or saving your teammates.

Omen Of War Your next attack will deal bonus physical damage and summon a ghoul that does more damage than the others and increases your movement speed easy for getting away when you need to and that bonus damage will be your main attack late game.

Omen Of Death Yorick makes an avatar of an ALLY hero doing 45% of the damage and if they while while his ultimate is on them they are revived for 5 seconds.

Unholy covenant (PASSIVE) Yorick's attack damage is increased by 5% for each Summon he has active.

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Skill Combo

Open up with Omen Of Pestilence for the slow, then you can choose between Omen Of Famine or Omen Of War, depending on if you want the damage or the life steal, I usually open with Omen Of Famine because of the life steal incase A WILD ENEMY CHAMPION HAS APPEARED!!! While your hunting down that squishy in the early game. Then you use Omen Of War if you chose to use Omen Of Famine. If you are going to die or you are low health and are gunna dive a tower to gaurentee you get that kill don't forget about your Ultimate! Omen Of Death will resurrect you if you take lethal damage (die). It will gaurentee you life for five seconds wich gives you just enough time late game to destroy their team.

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Playing Yorick

Early Game
Alright so get your hunched back shovel weilding self to a sidelane with a good stunner or ranged, try to harrass while farming while trying to minimize your taking of damage, if you can get a kill pick it up but only if it's gaurenteed. Once you hit about level 5, The real fun begins!

Mid Game
So it's mid game you've probably got your Trinity force and boots of swiftness, time to do some damage, slow a straggler with Omen Of Pestilence, and finish them off with omen of war, if you need to (as in if you're getting attacked by multiple enemies, use Omen of Famine for the life steal, if you start getting close to death use omen of death so they can kill you and you go back and bury them six feet under.

Late Game
You got your infinity edge, and you're getting kills with your 4-800 crits, don't worry this will increase after you've got your Blood Thirsters, you're gunna want to start ganking the loners you find and participate in teamfights while farming or pushing towers, you push towers fairly easily, Your black cleaver will decrease their armor and grant you highter crits, with infinity edge, your two blood thirsters, and your black cleaver, you can solo Baron wich will carry your team to victory, you should be critting like a mad man and you will bury your enemies where they stand. happy hunting >:)

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This build is mainly built around CRIT and High Burst Damage, I.E (One to two shotting Veigar and Twisted Fate as well as gangplanks and ashes), with this guide, you should be able to carry any games fairly easily and thus stomping all negativity and the idea that Yorick is in fact, bad. Not to mention your team won't be complaining when you solo that baron!