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Yorick Build Guide by Keep It Dirty

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keep It Dirty

Yorick Burying Bodies

Keep It Dirty Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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The work of gravediggers is essential amongst the living, but invaluable in the Shadow Isles. There are many shades of death there, and each is embraced rather than feared or reviled. One can only ascend from one state to the next with the magical aid of a skilled professional. At the end of the first Rune War, Yorick Mori made his living as a gravedigger. His family owned and maintained the Final Rest Memorial, one of the oldest cemeteries in Valoran. The shovel he employed for his work had been passed down for generations. Each gravedigger taught his son that this shovel was imbued with the spirit of every forefather, and that those spirits would protect him during the long lonely nights amongst the tombstones. To his eternal regret, Yorick died without an heir, bringing the proud Mori line to a close. His body was interred with his shovel in the family mausoleum, and the Final Rest Memorial soon fell to ruin. Death, however, was not the end Yorick had expected.

Yorick emerged on the haunted shores of the Shadow Isles - not quite dead, definitely not alive - still clutching his beloved shovel. He soon learned that with it he could act as a ferryman for the Isles' undead denizens, helping them climb death's many-tiered ladder. This proved a curse, as a gravedigger must ''bury his quota'' before he too can ascend, or so the legend goes. No one knows what ''his quota'' is. Yorick dug tirelessly, waiting in vain for the day when he would be freed of his burden. As decades turned to centuries, the shame of his failures came to a head. He returned to Valoran to find his corpse, convinced that salvation might be buried with it. When he arrived, no trace remained of either the mausoleum or the memorial. Hope nearly lost, he discovered the League of Legends, and there saw an opportunity to immortalize the family name he allowed to be forgotten ages ago.

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''Die first, then we'll talk.''

When yorick first came out everyone was like oh he sucks and so on and so forth, but when his free week came around i tryed him and like him i broke even my first game, everyone on my team was like your the best yorick we have seen. I was like what this can't be and made it my mission to get people to recognize yorick true potetional. Now without further adu i introduce you to my yorick build.

This Is a Work In Progress

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    High health early game
    Lifesteal slow and speed boost
    Ult can make or break a team fight
    Great harass
    Kind of tanky
    Great at Top line and Bot
    Cd's can be a pain
    Low mana at start
    movement speed is slow
    Targeted in teamfights

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Summoner Spells

Now i prefer to use ghost which in my mind is essential and is a must for yorick, but my second choice is usually ignite/exhaust. I have marked them according to what my preference but that has nothing to do with yours. This is all User Preference!
Ghost 1
Flash 4
Ignite 2
Exhaust 3
Clarity 6 (if you want it although i dont suggest because you get manamune fast)
Teleport 5
Surge 7 can be viable but have yet to really try it extensively in ranked
Clarvoyance why?
Fortify just no.
Revive are you silly?
Cleanse Although to me this seems a waste of a summoner spell because by choosing this your lacking an offensive ability you kind of need.

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I go with a nice 21/9/0 because i believe his dps guide needs that extra pop and also the 9 points in the defensive master tree helps give that extra armor health and resistance to give you more lane survivability. But if you want you can with a 30/0/0 its also semi-viable although i have yet to truly test it in ranked because the 21/9/0 works great, i can assume it will give you even more damage. But whichever one you end up picking your bound to find either of them more helpful because both have their specifics in which area/region it will help in.

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Now onward to my most hatest part of any build, Of course their essential in any game and i love my armor penetration quints and marks but i never seem to save up enough for more im always adding to my champion stock. I start with flat armor pen quints and marks which are hugely helpful when using your Q and any early game fights with the other team. Next i grab 9 Seals of focus to give some added CD which allows you to spam a little more and can sometimes get you that extra spell to kill an opposing champion. Next comes Glyph of Alacrity which gives extra attack speed that allows you to keep on chugging til you get your trinity force. This will probably be considered my weak spot for this guide and i accept this because i am not that great with runes and aim to try and improve this section of my guide.

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Skill Sequence

This Skill sequence is to maximize burst damage and still have sustained damage till your next spell is off CD. The first thing i grab is Omen Of War which hits for about 90 - 110 it also adds a nice speed burst to you and your allies around the ghost. This spell is huge in not just solo but if you want to go bot with a friend creep in the bush wait for them to pop up and autoattack then Q now you have 15% increased MS to catch them. Next i grab pestilence which is an AOE slow, huge for harassing. for 3rd and 4th level you put them into famine which is your ranged Life steal which is hugely helpful in being able to stay in lane while also doing your W E Q combo. Once you hit level 5 your put one more in pestilence, when arriving at level 7 i put one more in Q to have a 2-2-2 which gives a nice balance then end up maxing W and E together, maxing E first. Now for your Skill sequence in a gank you want to W > E > Q > R then spells as they come off CD.

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The Big section which makes or breaks a guides ability, this is about 50% of the guide in my opinion with masteries runes explanation etc... leading up the other 50%. I start out with a nice little dorans blade to give the extra health and also that nice little damage addition to give you some more AD, of course don't forget the added lifesteal. You want to wait to go back to base till you have enough for your Tear. After this you can decide to pick regular boots or go for the different choices you have. I prefer Berserker's because of the attack speed it gives you till you get trinity force, i use to prefer the ninja tabi until they took out dodge. :( But their still viable when facing AD heavy team. Next you have mercury treads which i suggest you get when facing ap heavy or CC heavy teams, this relies on user preference though do you want more offensive capability Or better defense against the others team composition. Next you should finish off with your manamune, from here on comes trinity, you can choose which ever items to get first. I personally go with a phage for the health and added damage but you can also start with a zeal or even a sheen to compliment your Q. From here i pick up a nice frozen mallet for even more health and the slow then after that i pick up black cleaver to finish up the end game. After these items the game should already be over but if not you have a couple choices. You can go for an infinity edge to demolish with crits, or go for a banshees veil/guardians angel.

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Ranked Play

This is a big thing in guides nowadays because if your build isnt good in ranked then it wont be good and will get very little thumbs ups. Because of this i based this guide on ranked games although some say thats foolish i find it's the only way to make a good quality viable build for ranked. When i usually play ranked i try and coax one of my teamates into being a jungle and immediately head out for top solo unless i have someone on vent or skype that i can communicate with and play bottom with. Both are great to play especially when you have someone and can demolish bottom lane. But top lane is very vital in any ranked play when going solo to make sure your opposition doesn't get fed when facing you in top lane.

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Team Work

Team Work is essential in any game let alone ranked, if your soloing or duo que you dont need to just put yorick top solo, you should adapt and say hey i can yorick top solo someone go jungle etc... People are more willing to work with you if you are more friendly, also you should always have good contact with your jungler and mid because these are the two people you will be communicating to gank and need to be on the same page. You also need to be able to coordinate ganks with your teamates and team fights, this is crucial to not just playing yorick but also to playing any kind of champion and with this kind of communication comes an unprecedented sense of teamwork.

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To conclude, this is my first ever "real" guide that i went in depth in and feel it will benefit all those aspiring yorick players and also those who need to sharpen up on their build and what not. This is what i follow when ever i play yorick and i strongly suggest that you follow this build, even though i know its not perfect in all its entirety this is a work in progress and as i too progress through the elo ranks i will then pass on all new beneficial information i find and put it into this kind to help you. Im open to all kinds of critiquing and will utilize it to improve my guide. Now with that ladies and gentlemen my guide is concluded and may you fair well on the fields of battle.