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Yorick Build Guide by tristan5108

AD Offtank Yorick- Dat Solo Top Monster

AD Offtank Yorick- Dat Solo Top Monster

Updated on October 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tristan5108 Build Guide By tristan5108 1,502 Views 0 Comments
1,502 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tristan5108 Yorick Build Guide By tristan5108 Updated on October 12, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Yorick
  • LoL Champion: Yorick

Intro to the guide and myself...

Hey guys! This is my first guide I've ever done on Moba, and i'm really glad i'm able to show my personal build on Moba. If you downvote, please comment on why you downvoted. This guide won't get any better unless you tell me what I need to change. I have played about countless matches as Yorick, and I know him very well. He's one of my favorite champs. I've overlooked other guides to get the main idea across as my guide. By the way, this guide is meant for having a good match. That's why so many items on this are expensive. In the future, i may have another build on Yorick if you're having a bad game or just seem to have little money. Again, thank you for reading my guide ;) Credits go out to: sync1337, BusDriver210. This is a work in progress, so there will be more info coming in day to day.
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    -Can easily dominate 1v2 and 1v1 top.
    -Passive let's Yorick take less damage.
    -Omen of Death is a revenge tool :3 (and to put it on your ADC, of course...)
    -Can fulfill the role of a tank while still throwing great damage.
    -Harass is unstoppable.
    -Nice pusher.
    -Omen of War can deal out **** tons of damage and a movement bonus.
    -Sustain with Omen of Famine keeps you going for a long time in the lane.
    -Super mana hungry early game.
    -Squishy early game.
    -Omen of Death can fail sometimes (kinda glitchy)
    -Falls off a bit late game
    -No great escape tool (except for W, which creates a slow.)
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Yorick can have many mastery builds on him. You can get a lot of ad early game, but be scaled off without the extra "umph" of mana regen. Or you could go with a lot of health and more defensive masteries and the basic mana and mana regen. In this guide, I have either 0/9/21 masteries aiming for as much mana regen and mana I could possibly get. I also get movement buffs, extra xp being gained, and summoner cooldowns with the basic +6 armor and magic resist. The other mastery page is more of a defensive mastery page. In that mastery page, I'm most likely going to fulfill the role of a more tanky ad-offtank. But one mastery page I REALLY do not encourage is going 21/9/0. You do get ad and basic armor and MR, but you severely lack the mana regen.
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Items for Yorick (Main build and other items that can work)

The good thing about Yorick is that he is very versatile later in the game than he is early game. He is focused on mana early game, which locks him into a position that you really can't go without. The basis items for Yorick are:
    Frozen Heart
    Frozen Mallet/Warmogs
    Atma's Impaler.
    WHY YOU NEED TO RUSH MANAMUNE AND FROZEN HEART: I can not stress enough how important it is to rush Manamune and Frozen Heart.
    1:Much needed mana
    2:Mana regen
    3:Early AD
    What's so important about the passive? A lot, actually. Since Yorick is an AD-Offtank, it makes since to have items with mana. (Frozen Heart,Banshee's Veil,TF,etc.) What the passive means that each mana point you have, you get %2
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