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Yorick Build Guide by Ol3livion

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ol3livion

Yorick: Drop'em and Bury'em

Ol3livion Last updated on July 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yorick is a new hero that has just come out so this build may and probably will be out of date within a month of it coming out. Yorick is odd because he summons a horde of pets that you can control about as well as those minions that zoom hopelessly toward their doom which we slice open for yummy gold. Most builds seem to believe that these pets are only good because of the utility they offer, I say NEY and I'll show you why. This is my first guide, and I wrote it because I love this site and want to give something back to it.

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Skill Descriptions

Passive, Unholy Covenant: Ghouls gain 35% of Yorick's Damage and Health as their stats. Yorick gains 5% damage reduction and bonus to basic attacks for every Summon active.

This frankly kicks ***. If you have all 3 ghouls alive, you gain 15% damage reduction, or the Leviathan's 20 stack bonus. You also smack 15% harder then normal, free damage. This makes you at least 1.5x stronger with all 3 ghouls up DISREGARDING the utility of the ghouls.

Also, if you have 3k HP and do 300 damage, your ghouls have 1050 HP and do 105 Damage a hit. This is the reason this guide DEMANDS that you have as many ghouls up as possible when fighting, and that they be near impossible to kill before the 5 seconds on their timer is up.

Q, Omen of War: Yorick's next attack does 30/60/90/120/150 bonus damage and spawns a Spectral ghoul. This ghoul does 8/16/24/32/40 more damage then normal and moves and makes Yorick move 15/20/25/30/35% faster.
Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds Costs: 40 Mana Refereed to as: Ghost Ghoul

Next attack hits harder and makes you faster. Also resets auto attack timer. Remember, inorder to be faster you MUST hit something. Maybe a good idea to smack a minion with this when running and then hightail outa there.

W, Omen of Pestilence: Create a ghoul which damages and slows upon summon. Deals Magic Damage:60/95/130/165/200 (+0.8 per bonus attack damage) in the area and Initially slows for 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.5 Sec. Then applies a continuous 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% to whatever touches it.
Cooldown: 12 seconds Costs: 40/45/50/55/60 mana Refereed to as: Green Ghoul

Ranged summon, slows in an area around it, pretty much applies constant slow over its life to the poor sap it decides to latch onto.

E, Omen of Famine: Create a ghoul which appears behind the targeted enemy. Deals Magic Damage:55/85/115/145/175 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage) upon arrival, 50% of that damage heals you. All Auto attacks by this ghoul heal you 100% of damage dealt.
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds Cost: 55/60/65/70/75 mana Refereed to as: Red Ghoul

Ranged summon, gives HP on summon and whenever it bites something. This is what everyone in laning phase hates you for.

R, Omen of Death: Conjures a revenant in the image of one of his allies that will have 50%/75%/100% percentage of their max health and attack damage. The revenant lasts for up to 10 seconds. If his ally dies while its revenant is alive, the revenant sacrifices itself to reanimate them temporarily by restoring them to full health and give them time to enact vengeance. The reanimation will last for up to 10 seconds.
Cooldown: 120/105/90 seconds Cost: 100 mana Refereed to as: Ghost

Actually has a long range, much longer then your ghouls. Creates a Shaco Clone of whoever you cast it on, which will potentially give them 10 seconds of vengence to smite with.
I HIGHLY suggest using it on your AD ranged carry. You are a tempting target, but 10 seconds isnt enough time for you to do serious damage. You're scary, but you know whats really scary? 2 Fully fed Caitlyns gunning down the enemy. Who then comes back to life after you kill her.

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Summoner Spells

Flashand Igniteare my weapons of choice on this guy.
Flash for the OMFG situations and the occasional chase.
Ignite for those scumbags who get away with just 20 HP. You do very little burst damage early game, Ignite fixes that.

Potential Other Spells
Ghost Walk: Always nice, maybe trade in for flash. Its honestly a preference though.

Exhaust: The slow is sweet, but that's what your stupid Green Ghoul is for. I suppose that this helps for disabling the carry, but eventually you can charge their *** and they have to run or stand and die. That sounds pretty disabling to me.

Teleport: Because you're a slow bastard without your Ghost Ghoul. Moving across the map is honestly painful for this guy. Definitely viable, but you should replace ignite for this.

The Others.... not so useful

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I'm a cheap bastard so Runes have always been a "Meh" for me, Any suggestions would rock on how this section

Red: Insight, Totals +9 Magic Penetration. Most of your early game damage is going to be Magic damage. Because of this fact, if you wanna actually DO damage, you want these go give extra OOMPH

Blue: CDR per Level, Totals +about 10% Level 18. Yorick surprisingly loves CDR, less Cooldown, more ghouls with which to wreck havoc, but this is only useful beyond level 7 when you really have the mana regeneration to do this. And the only other CDR item in this build is the Ghostblade and Masteries, so Runes it is!

Yellow: Mana per 5, Totals +3.69. Sorry, but these are VITAL to survival early game. I'll explain more later, but you really require the extra regen before you get the Tear or you'll be sucking OOM fumes.

Quints: Health, Totals +78 health. After some terrible soul searching, I decided that his early game still needs to be stronger, so Extra health obviously makes you tougher. Survival by 1 health always ticks off the enemy.

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Normal 9-21-0. Yorick is far too squishy at low levels before Warmogs and survival is paramount, DPS is zero if you're dead, and Coming back as a ghost just doesn't cut it. Also, this cuts out anything relating to AP, Yorick doesn't touch AP, that's for wussy mages

You could also go for a 9-0-21 in order to get the extra mana regeneration and summoner cooldowns, but only if you think you can handle the reduced toughness early game.

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Okay, this is the most important part next to the Play Style, so detail attack onward.

1) Start with Meki Pendent, you need the Mana Regen early game and grab 2 health potions.

2) Meki Pendent then builds into your first core item, Tear of the Goddess, which then turns into Manamune. This is the best item for Yorick. It completely solves your mana problem, as well as giving you bonus damage, something you'll desperately need since your next items are going to be defensive in nature.

3) Mercury Treads is your next buy, but you might have gotten boots when you bought your Tear. As you are a Melee Tanky DPS, CC is your worst enemy, and I don't any other magic resistance so this is your best bet. If they have no CC, and you're thinking about getting MR later on, feel free to get another boots type.

4) Warmogs is the item which lets you roam around like you own the map. Aside from making you very very hard to kill, it makes your ghouls IMPOSSIBLE to kill. It really sucks to spawn your minions in a fight, only to have them die instantly when Brand uses Pillar of Fire and kills all of them.

These 3 items make up your Core Build. You're tough to kill, you deal alot of damage, and for a modest cost of about 7,000 Gold. If you haven't won yet, now we are getting into unstoppable territory

Atmas: You've got alot of HP, use it to deal more damage while getting armor.
Ghostblade: More CDR, more Ghouls, Cool Active, Nuff said.
Blood Thirster: You don't hit fast, but you hit HARD. Lifeleech, super ghouls, hell ya.

Force of Nature: Cus Annie just nukes the hell out of you. Or worse KOG'MAW. Seriously, This gives you the MR you crave and alot of HP regen, thank you Warmogs.
Banshees: The Shield is nice, but FoN is probably a better choice. Your call though.

Phantom Dancer: You hit hard, but you don't hit fast. Maybe you think this is a problem? Get Phantom Dancer. Doesn't help your ghouls out though.
Starks Fevor: Gives AS, Life Leech and screws their armor. Works better if you have allies who need it also.

Might as well get this out of the way now. WHY NOT BUILD TRINITY FORCE??? IT WOULD PROC SO WELL WITH ALL HIS CASTING RIGHT??? Okay, lets look at Trinity Force. For 4000 gold, it makes you faster, attack somewhat faster, deal a 30 more damage, gain 250 more HP and Mana, chance to slow on hit, and get this nifty passive of +150% of your BASE damage after a spell cast on your next attack. Now, I love attacking and moving faster, and Yorick is slow as Molasses. But, for 4000 gold, you don't get enough of the stuff you REALLY need.

You need Health and Damage for both your own survival and nuking power, but also to make your ghouls little engines of destruction. If every ghoul gains 35% of your damage, then every 10 points of damage REALLY adds around 30 damage because of your spell damage AND your ghoul attack damage. Trinity force doesnt give you enough mana to constantly spam your ghouls, it doesn't make you tough enough to dish pain out at the front. So, it only has its proc going for it.

Now, lets look at the proc. Yorick is most effective with all 3 of his ghouls alive. Meaning you're going to cast all 3 spells at virtually the same time. You then punch the enemy. And get the proc once until your Ghost ghoul comes back off Cooldown. Wow, that really was worth the 4000 gold needed to buy it. Do you really want to Cast, Attack, Cast, Attack, Cast, Attack, only to have your first ghoul already dead? Wait, that doesn't even work because Trinity force has a Cooldown of its own. Trinity force is an awesome weapon, it doesn't work well for Yorick though. Put that 4000 gold into getting your core.

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Skill Sequence

Red Ghoul Or E first because it's going to allow you to Lane forever. Last hit with it if you're being zoned. Harass if you're not. It heals you about 70 HP every cast no matter what you decide.

Green Ghoul Or W next because its another ranged nuke, it allows you to harass even MORE and/or last hit. Also, the slow is nice, just in case you decide you can kill something.

Finally, its Ghost Ghoul or Q because having all 3 ghouls out makes you 15% harder to kill. Also makes you speedy, aids in last hitting AND gives you (finally) some burst, use after an Auto Attack for maximum effect.

Now its W again, more slow, more boom. At level 5, its Q again for more burst and a more awesome ghoul.

Priority is your Ultimate, R; Alternating Green Ghoul and Ghost Ghoul (Q and W); and in dead last is Red Ghoul, E.

Despite the fact that Red ghoul is the only thing keeping you in the lane in laning phase, we level it up last because... Leveling it up doesn't actually DO anything useful. Every level gives 15 more HP healed and another second off the CD. This is because the ghoul DOES NOT GET STRONGER when you level up the skill. The other two just have far more utility then poor little Red Ghoul when leveled up.

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Laning Phase

Your number 1 job is to get FARMED. Yorick sucks incredible balls when he does not have his core, so you NEED that. Plus, its absurdly easy to last hit with his low cost spells, 2 of them are nukes and another boosts your auto attack damage

If they are trying to zone you, or you just decide to lay the hurt down, open up with Green ghoul followed by Red ghoul. Green Ghoul slows them, allowing both to get more hits off. Its easy, it costs about 100 Mana to do this and deals around 160 points of easy damage to them, as well as heals you a good 70 HP.

If that annoying jungler suddenly comes from behind, you throw down your Green Ghoul and Red Ghoul around behind you and run like a pansy for the tower. Green Ghoul will slow the closest bad guy and any others who come close, allowing for relatively easy escape while Red Ghoul starts to heal any damage you might take while causing a little more havoc.

As soon as you have the money to, you should go back and buy Tear of the Goddess and boots. This allows for almost limitless ghoul spamming as well as charging for your Manamune later.

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Mid Game

You should have gotten your Tear and boots, maybe even finished Manamune AND your Merc Treads and started on Warmogs. Its ganging time and you should be ganging or farming. You're still not that tough right now, so you're regulated to a Utility Caster, with the ability to burst with your Q as needed. Don't be afraid to use Q to gain speed, it has the lowest CD of all you're abilities. If you manage to get most of the Pieces of your Warmogs, you can start being much more aggressive. Slow people, Smack those who get too close with your shovel and generally be a pain in the ***. You'll notice that you actually do damage now thanks to Manamune, keep spamming spells to charge it!

IMPORTANT: This is one of the few heroes where hitting Q, W, and E really fast actually helps you win! If you're engaged in a fight to the death, keeping all 3 of your ghouls out will greatly improve your chances of winning. BUTTON MASHING POWERS GO!

When you get your core, NOW we are talking. You can proceed to be a giant pain in the *** by charging their carries and sticking to them. With your ghouls slowing them down, giving you Health and making you faster, you can easily absorb what they throw at you and bury'em before they can bury you. This is the time you use your ghost for extra bursting power, 2 of you makes you deal far more damage. If they manage to kill you, you can come back with a vengeance. If those carries run, congrats, you've probably just won the fight. Chances are the rest of their team doesn't do very much damage and some might have even gone back to try to help their carries, making them easy pickings for your team.

Remember, your ult DOES NOT SAVE PEOPLE. It is only good for dealing ABSURD amounts of damage. Oh, something I forgot to mention earlier. Your ghost counts as a summon for your passive. If you summoned all 4 of your abilities, you have 20% damage reduction and bonus to your auto attacks. USE THIS on the carries or yourself or someone who does lots of damage just punching people, this is not a Zilean ult.

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Late Game

Victory hangs on one of these team fights that always seem to be happening or about to happen. You should have your Core and be working toward either a more Defensive or Offensive item. Try not to Initiate, but instead to come from behind and really wreck havoc on those abused carries. You're tough, You hit like a Truck, You're almost unstoppable. You can even Solo baron if you get 2 items outside your Core. Stick with your team, Harass with the ghouls and victory will be yours.

When I say harass with the ghouls, I mean go ahead and summon as many as you can before a fight. They will lock onto heroes like heat seeking missiles and they will hurt. You remember how I said up in "Skill Descriptions" about Ghouls dealing 100 damage and having 1000 HP? That time is now, and 100 points of free damage per ghoul hit is nothing to blow off.

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This is my first guide, if it gets good reviews, maybe I'll come back and pretty it up with pictures and stuff. Thanks for reading! Help and Reviews are always welcome!