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Yorick Build Guide by poopoohead

AP Offtank Yorick jungle, ganks from underground

AP Offtank Yorick jungle, ganks from underground

Updated on November 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author poopoohead Build Guide By poopoohead 1,756 Views 0 Comments
1,756 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author poopoohead Yorick Build Guide By poopoohead Updated on November 10, 2012
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First off this is my first guide so read and enjoy :D .
It's a jungle Yorick guide that I really enjoy, and use all the time.
This is a quick chapter, so lets get more in depth to my guide.
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First off I'll talk about my rune choices. I would say to keep "Greater mark of warding", so you can get through the jungle without burning most of your hp fighting ancient golem. "Greater mark of resilience" is just for extra magic protection to easily tank some spells for your team for that early off-tanky status. You can replace it with attack damage or armor penetration since his spells are mostly sustained and physical damage, I would leave it as I put it since "Greater quintessence of strength" would end up leaving you with 6.75 bonus physical damage.
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You might be asking "Why no Madred's ?". Here's my answer. Because of his low base attack speed, Madred's would barely be effective; And that's the reason I build thorn mail. First off the armor can shut down most adc, and your hp won't be burned by jungle monsters, while returning a fair amount right back to them Now the force of nature is to build magic resistance and that movement speed ganking. Now you have both magic resist and armor. I get trinity force to get the passasive. If the game has been this long you can start building Wamrogs so you can become the absolute tank and jungle clearer. I would usually get this last, but it's still an important aspect. His horrible mana regeneration. I would grab Shurelya's for the mana regeneration, and the active is quite decent in the long run.
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Summoner Spells

Smite is just for general jungle reasons.
Ghost is for the ganks so you can appear in what it seems like an instant.
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Creeping / Jungling

There is a quick technique if you're having trouble killing the first ancient golem at level 1. You can even solo it with ease without a leash. You fight the golem, and when you run to roughly 75% of hp, use a potion and your omen of famine, you can then drop his hp down with basic attacks and more Omen of Famine and finish with smite.

I would start to gank at level 3 having 3 of your basic abilities. First you want your enemy in the center of any lane. You start out with your Omen of Prestilence, to get the slow down, then Omen of war to get that speed up to catch up with your target and put up damage. Then from here burst him down with Omen of Femine, while waiting for your other spells to get off cooldown.
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Well to end this I would like to add that I will be adding to this post so stay connected, I'll also be taking suggestions, now have fun with "Jungle Yorick"!!
League of Legends Build Guide Author poopoohead
poopoohead Yorick Guide
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Yorick jungle, ganks from underground

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