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Yorick Build Guide by Elementz

Yorick - King Of Killing You With Dead Things!

Yorick - King Of Killing You With Dead Things!

Updated on July 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elementz Build Guide By Elementz 315 39 1,078,684 Views 160 Comments
315 39 1,078,684 Views 160 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Elementz Yorick Build Guide By Elementz Updated on July 13, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Yorick
  • LoL Champion: Yorick


Yorick is one beast of a laner and I am going to teach you how to abuse him in this guide!

I've got two builds here for you to look at.

DPS Yorick


Tank Yorick

Both providing a great and powerful laning phase but going somewhat different routes mid/late game!
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Runes in both Tank and DPS Yorick are geared towards high damage output and tankyness for ultimate lane dominance.

Reds - Flat AD damage gives him a boost in the laning phase to the DPS of all his abilities AND his ghouls! Flat AD's are amazing for laning on Yorick.

- Flat armor for a tanky laning phase.

Blues - Flat MR's for a tanky laning phase.

- Flat AD's for again, more raw DPS in lane.
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I chose 0/9/21 for a few reasons.

9 in Defensive - I get 3/3, and 3/3 in Resistance and Hardiness for that tanky laning phase we've been talking about. The 3/3 in Strength of Spirit as it's going to synergize with his DPS and Tanky build extremely well. The rushing of Manamune mean's you're going to be regening a lot. It's also not bad for the laning phase as you can get Tear/Manamune pretty early.

In the Tanky build you're going to have a RIDICULOUS amount of mana so you're really going to see a difference in your HP regeneration.

21 in Utility - I get the typical 21 points in the Utility tree when going that deep into the tree. Making sure to grab 1/1 improved Flash and making sure I am grabbing the 3/3 MS increase as Movement speed for Yorick is important. Also having your summoners up 15% sooner is a big help to him. That means you're able to use them more frequently and people won't expect a tanky DPS to be that deep into the Utility tree so you can surprise them with how fast they come back up. I've done that mistake myself a few times before. You don't expect them to have Flash or Ignite up and then I later find out they're 21 into Utility.
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DPS Yorick - Starting off with the Meki vs's the regular flat Mana Crystal I find is better for the laning phase. It gives you the ability to spam a bit more is all. From there into Tear + Boots. Giving you all the mana you'll need!

Manamune + Mercs are next. Giving you quite a bit of early game damage and Mercs are just good for surviving.

Trinity first vs Rushing Warmogs/Atma's - I like doing both first but I feel that going Warmogs Atma's will give you that (WTF THIS GUY WON'T DIE!) feel. Your DPS will be lower vs's rushing Trinity but if you want to build for lategame Warmogs/Atma's next are your best bet and most likely the safest.

Rushing Trinity is really good if you had a great laning phase. If you killed a couple people, got a lot of CS, hook up the Trinity and go crush their team. Worry about the Warmogs after as since you're ahead you shouldn't have to worry about dying as much.

Now for the Bloodthirster. I chose this item as it's going to add the most DPS per spell cast to your build and it's going to give you some much needed lifesteal.

At the same time though you could also get a Black Cleaver for the extra DPS it can deliver or you can even get a Gunblade as your last item.

You might think (Why Gunblade he has no AP ratios?) well because his W and E scale off AD damage but actually deal Magic damage. So the 25% Spell Vamp comes in real handy. The slow/nuke also comes in handy when W is on CD and you're in need of slowing someone. Then the base lifesteal is pretty good for him as well. So even though the AP goes to waste, it's still actually pretty good on him.

Tanky Yorick - Starting off with the Meki vs's the regular flat Mana Crystal I find is better for the laning phase. It gives you the ability to spam a bit more is all. From there into Tear + Boots. Giving you all the mana you'll need!

Manamune + Mercs are next. Giving you quite a bit of early game damage and Mercs are just good for surviving.

Spirit Visage next will give you some much needed HP, some more heals every time you E and most of all the CDR so you can spam a bit more. These are all really good stats to have on him

From here it's a 3 way situation split in my opinion on which you want to get first. If they're heavy MR Banshee's is a great choice first. If you're ahead and feeling like you could use the DPS hook up a Trinity Force. If you just want the raw HP get the Warmogs first. I feel the Frozen Heart isn't that great first over the other items as you're going to need some more HP. I would suggest getting either the Trinity, Banshee's, or Warmogs before getting the Frozen Heart just so you have a better base HP.

Now the best part of this build is that you have so much mana which syngerizes with the 3/3 Strength of Spirit so you have massive regen, and it also synergizes with the Manamune giving you a pretty good amount of extra AD damage for your spells.

You're going to also have A LOT of HP and high resistances to really tank a lot of damage. Also with your 3 Ghouls + your ultimate up you're going to have 20% damage reduction on top of all these great stats already. You should be almost invincible :p
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Skill Sequence

Maxing E is a priority first as it's going to give you the most lane sustainability.

Maxing W next is the next priority as just like E it's a ranged attack. You can spam E and W on enemy champions making him a tanky DPS with a lot of poke.

Maxing Q last when it's his strongest hitting ability seems funny but you max it last as it provides the least amount of lane control and you have to be in melee range for it to work vs's the two ranged abilities. Great skill, you just max is last. You get one point in it at level 4 so you can Q a creep to run away from enemy champions if you're getting ganked or you use the move speed offensively by attacking a creep gaining the MS making you able to hit W and E easily on enemy champions.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - Once you get champions low a good Q,W,E Ignite combo can finish people quite nicely. Flash also gives him a good closing the gap tool. It also grants some good survivability because he's fast already, and if you Q something you're even faster. So having the ability to jump over walls/ledges to get away from battle is a nice asset to have.

Ignite - It does a lot of damage and it fits in so nicely with finish people off. Ghouls run up and auto attack the enemy champion + Ignite on them = ez pz kills :D

Ghost - This ones okay on him but I've come to love flash on him. It's still a viable choice though.

Exhaust - This is another good one for him. It allows him to have more utility and really shine in 1v1 situations even more so then he already does. I prefer Ignite but Exhaust is really good on him too.
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Ranked Play

His laning power is amazing vs champions who don't have a lot of sustainability. Ex.. The ability to heal, shields, regen a lot etc.. He can beat them still it's just a lot harder. VS champions with little to no sustainability.. OH MY GOD YOU EXCUSE MY FRENCH R A P E THEM! Spamming E,W on them + the ghoul DPS forces them out of the lane so quickly. You will bend them over so very hard.

In team fights Ultimate yourself if you're really buff but if not Ultimate your AD carry and literally have 2x AD carries auto attacking. It's amazing.

When you have 3x's Ghouls up, and your Ultimate up, you gain 20% damage reduction from his passive as each "Summon" gives him 5% damage reduction. 5%x4 = 20%! This is a gross amount of damage reduction to have making him so incredibly tanky.

He's great because his laning phase is very strong, since his buffs his team fighting is strong, and he's just overall a really strong champion right now.
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Pros / Cons


- Amazing Laning Phase
- Good Sustainability
- Good Poke
- Decent Burst
- Extremely Tanky and even tankier when summons are up
- He can make 2x AD carries with his ultimate


- ???
- I honestly can't think of any Cons. I feel that everything in this build covers all his needs. I mean he's a bit weaker early game but with his E healing him, and his massive amount of harass he really doesn't have trouble holding his own in lane. I will update this when I think of something that's a con to him or this build XD.
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Creeping / Jungling

He can jungle and I would tell you how but I'll let my good friend Stonewall008 show you guys :p
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Team Work

Utlimate yourself or someone who's very farmed (not casters, AD / Tanky DPS!) at the start of the fight to get the most use out of your ultimate.

Peel for people using W. It's a good slow and can really peel for people who are being dove.

Other than that, Q,W,E,R stuff and F **** up :D
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Farming is pretty easy as you have Ghouls that auto attack dealing extra DPS, in both these builds you have + 15 AD off the bat making last hits a breeze. You have an AoE ability as well that helps clear waves. Farming in lane with his sustainability makes getting harassed while farming not that big of an issue either.
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I believe I covered all the needs and wants of you guys looking to play a little Yorick for yourselfs :p I will be updating this incase I missed anything and maybe make it a bit more snazzy in the future for you guys that love color and images :p

Overall Yorick's a boss in his current state and if you guys should get out and enjoy him while you can!

Also come check out my blog at - Stay a while and listen!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elementz
Elementz Yorick Guide
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Yorick - King Of Killing You With Dead Things!

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