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Yorick Build Guide by RaneOFTerroR

AD Offtank Yorick- Making a grave

AD Offtank Yorick- Making a grave

Updated on October 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaneOFTerroR Build Guide By RaneOFTerroR 1,882 Views 0 Comments
1,882 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RaneOFTerroR Yorick Build Guide By RaneOFTerroR Updated on October 7, 2012
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bout me

My summoner name is the same as mobafire, RaneOFTerroR. I am interested in joining a ranked team for serious play, not trolling and flaming, I play to win. My main positions are ADC, top, and jungler. My main junglers are Shyvana with smite and exhaust, and Skarner with flash and smite. My main top laners are Fiora with flash and ignite, Rumble with flash and exhaust, and Yorick with, well, scroll up. My main ADC bottom is Ezreal, Miss Fortune, and Varus. I am very adaptable as a carry these are just my favorite three. I am good at matching up with supports for example, I would take Varus with Nunu so they end up snared inside his ult, Blitzcrank and Vayne for the pull and condemn into wall. Ik many more combinations and would be glad to use them for your team, If you have or are starting a ranked team add me and I will accept when my laptop is back from the shop, I am currently using someone elses laptop and I wont download stuff on a cpu that isnt mine.
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The build

I almost had a full win page with this build but I lost the 9th game on the page because of troll nasus that was suppose to be carry :/ If you play Yorick often then you probably know that your ultimate is best used on the AD Carry NOT YOURSELF. It's a team game so remember not to hog it or you're digging your teams grave.
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Good build, hmm yes?

Yorick has a unique ult to revive a champion for up to 10 seconds. This means he will need survivability so that he can live until he has a chance to revivve the carry if needed. Frozen Mallet, Warmogs Armor, and Sunfire Cape will give a health boost not only to Yorick, but his ghouls as well. Black Cleaver is much more suitable than Last Whisper, since Black Cleaver reduces armor instead of giving penetration, your ghouls can also take advantage of it. Atmas Impaler and Force of Nature stacks well with Yoricks 3101 health and will increase damage and health regeneration considerably. Force of Nature is a must have so mages dont burst you like a pinata.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaneOFTerroR
RaneOFTerroR Yorick Guide
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Yorick- Making a grave

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