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Yorick Build Guide by swiix05

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author swiix05

Yorick: Ranked solo top, escaping the elo hell!

swiix05 Last updated on June 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello summoners! Welcome to my Yorick guide on mobafire. First of all i have to say my English isn't that good, i hope you will understand that since im from Holland. In this guide you'll find out how great and underrated Yorick is and this is the way I personally like to build him. Ofcourse i build him different every game (depending on the situation and enemies), but my main items are based on this.

I started playing Yorick since he got buffed. First only in normal games, but later on I thought of bringing him into the Ranked scene. I've played him on almost every lane, but ofcourse the top lane is by far the best for a decent Yorick player. When i started with Yorick in ranked i was on 1050 ELO, which isn't that great as you might know and it's so called in the "ELO hell" range. But with Yorick i've found out that teamfights were instantly possible just because of me. This sounds crazy since LeagueOfLegends is a pure Team game, but when you understand the tankyness and the ultimate of Yorick , you'll know im right;) So basicly Yorick brought me back out of the ELO hell up on to over 1400 ELO! So i really want to share this with you guys.

I hope you guys like my guide and will love Yorick as much as i do.

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Pros / Cons


  • Very strong early, and late game!
  • Good farmer, thanks to his ghouls
  • Amazing pusher!
  • Great 1v1 player thanks to his harassment and his sustain
  • Super handy in team fights because of his ult
  • Easy to build tanky with great damage
  • Pretty good escaper due to his slow ghoul and his speed ghoul

  • Must be build with mana items because of his spells
  • Easy to gank
  • Q only gives you the speed buff on-hit
  • W works on AP so if you don't build him with a sheen this will only be used for its slow

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Im going for the Health quints on almost every champion i play. Simply because this gives you great sustain early game without doran's items.


I choose the flat Attack damage marks for Yorick because it gives him the burst and damage he needs early game.


The flat Armor seals are a perfect choice for every situation. Since minion attacks are based on AD it will give you much more sustain early on.


Magic resist per level. Im going for per level glyphs because when you aren't laning against an AP champion this runes would be pretty much useless early game. But late game you will almost allways deal with AP carry's so that's why this runes are perfect for Yorick.

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So im going for 23/0/7 masteries. Making sure i take all the ad and attack speed things in offense (attack speed is very handy early laning with farming) and all the mana and mana regeneration in utility (cause of his mana needness). Defense is actually not so usefull to use with this build since you are tanky early and late already due to his runes and items. Also, make sure you get the mastery for your ignite in offense and for your flash in utility.

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So i start off with the mana regen and 2 health pots, why? Because with this set up you will never have to recall first! Yorick's damage will be great due his standart damage and runes, and with the mana regen you can easy spam your abilities without running extremely low on mana. Also with your heal ghoul you should stay pretty high on hp. You might even consider taking a ward instead of 2 health pots when they have a great ganker as jungle. But i prefer the health pots since i just try to play safe as long as i dont have wards.

The boots i choose for i pure a choice for taking as less damage as possible. 9/10 you will play against some AD champ on top so then these Ninja tabi's are extremely usefull.

The early Tear of the goddess is ofcourse for your mana sustain and since you can stack it for bonus mana you want this item very early!! If you think you need the damage you can take manamune before your warmogs but i think warmogs should go first.

So why the early warmogs and why warmogs at all? Thats pretty simple.. I choose warmogs instead of a frozen mallet because you can stack your warmogs for bonus hp and hp regen. Also frozen mallet doesnt give you the health regen at all! The only thing better from frozen is the attack damage and the slow but since you are going for Atma's impaler the bonus health you gain from warmogs should make sure you'll get this ad anyway. Also the slow frozen gives you isn't a prob since you are going to buy trinity force later on.

Atma's: simply because you've stacked up a whole bunch of hp with your warmogs and the sick passive of atma's converts this hp into AD, which is really usefull for Yorick. Ofcourse the armor atma's gives you is very handy. The crit change should be relatively useless but since you are going to buy trin force its comming out pretty sick ;)

Trinity Force, probably the best item of the game (also the most expensive). This is probably your main source of damage later on. You'll get hp, which gives you the bonus atma's ad. it gives you AD which is allways good. it gives you slow on hit, which is VERY usefull. gives you attack speed with crit change which goes really well together with the atma's! and ofcourse the ability power and mana AND the sick passive of sheen which makes Yorick such a bruiser! I think a Yorick without the trin force is like Apple pie without apple... It's actually perfect for him.

So last item, you have to deside for yourself. If they don't focus you in teamfights (which isn't that handy of them ;) ) and you don't die very often you can go for Frozen heart, which is a another great item for Yorick! It gives you very much mana, which ofcourse gives you the bonus AD from the manamune. It gives you a bunch of armor which is really usefull against Nashor or Turrets, and ofcourse AD carry's. And the pretty awesome passive of the frozen heart is a nice bonus, it makes their AD carry a whole less worthly in teamfights. But then again, you can also go for Gardian Angel, which is a godlike item. The armor and magic resist themselve will make Yorick undestructable, not even talking about the passive! With the GA you can easily tank everything without worrying to die. I prefer the GA because you already got enough damage through all of your items..

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Skill Sequence

So i start of with 1 point early on the slow ghoul, because you can put it everywhere (like in bushes or some) and it has area damage which is handy for invades and early bloods.

But i absolutely max my heal ghoul first, simply because of the great damage and sustain you gain of this.

After the heal ghoul i go for the slow, also because of the great area damage but the slow is also amazing and it doesnt apply on-hit effects.

Last stop: the speed ghoul. 1 point early, but max last. It's a great damage spell, but with the on-hit effect it isn't so usefull to max first.

And ofcourse you allways have to skill your ultimate whenever possible ;)

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Summoner Spells

I prefer to get Ignite and Flash for summoner spells, playing solo top. The ignite is a great extra overtime damage since it's true damage and it reduces the health regen for a amount of time. And ofcourse the flash is needed, since it's the best defense and offense spell there is in lol. you can easy flash out of ganks you get or flash into a teamfight.

You could take ghost instead of flash, but i think flash is more important, since you have the on-hit speed ghoul which makes you chase alot better. Also exhaust could be a choice but the slow ghoul takes over his big part, only the other effect of exhaust would be handy.

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Ranked Play

So guys, since you are gonna play ranked with Yorick, i want to give you some tips and tricks. Maybe the most i tell you you will already know, but i feel like just telling you.

Since you are playing top alone, you have to take care of yourself. This means warding but it also means that you have to look at the mini map constantly for early teamfights or easy kills.

With Yorick i never had a problem at top, so ganks werent that important for me. But if you have some problems at top ofcourse you want a decent gank. For that to work you must know for SURE the "gank bush" isn't warded. I prefer a vision ward for that but if you just keep an eye on your enemy you should see if he wards or not.

Other then that, i ALLWAYS ward the river, just to make sure im not getting ganked. Yorick seems like a sick tanky and escapy champion, which he actually is late game , but early game he is very easy to gank! So make sure you are not getting ganked.

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Team Work

So in team fights Yorick plays a big roll. But there is a differense between early game team fights and late game team fights. Early game you wanna make sure you are not getting in first! Just make sure they don't focus you first, then go in and spam all your abilities as much as possible. Allways keep an eye on your AD or AP carry, when he is about to die, ultimate him and slow the enemy's.

Late game team fights Yorick gets the roll of the tanky bruiser! Make sure your whole team is behind you ready to charge. Then go in first, and just focus the whole team with your slow ghouls, then directly focus their ap or ad carry and take them down.

In nashor attempts you CAN tank it! So dont be affraid to tank the baron or the gold drake.