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Yorick Build Guide by untrainedassassin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author untrainedassassin

Yorick, the champion with Three faces

untrainedassassin Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Welcome and thanks

First a quick thanks for reading my guide Yorick is a new champ to league and so far only one I have bought with R.P. now I have shown several different ways to build Yorick I use pretty much the same summoner skills each time. Now i have made several builds and ways to play him first is a tank/jungling set up second a dps and third is kind of a survival/dps they are all different for different styles but they should all be fun and the items I picked all benefit Yorick in a great way detailed to each build. so take your pick I'll be explaining each build and I have done my guide this way cause I didn't feel like making three different separate guides. Thanks for reading this and I hope everyone finds this useful.

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Please for the sake of the game know your champion you play before you just play it don't go Ooo this guy looks sweet and end up hating it and suck that round. Yorick is an odd champion cause even his magic damaged skills use ATTACK DAMAGE to boost their power. this means any ABILITY POWER based item is useless on this champion. with that said also realize what skills do don't just know this one does damage or this one slows please do a custom match with it once and see how they work. Yoricks q ability has to hit first and then his ghost appears and deals damage and boosts his speed. The W ability has an A.O.E. slow effect and deals damage to surrounding enemies as summoned you don't have to hit the enemy with this one but u gotta select an area and his E ability heals you as it deals damage but you must select who to attack and be in range of the person. his ult is with use for allies. you make a copy of your team mate that has 50% their attack damage and dies over time but if you team mate dies before its copy then your team mate is brought back to life for a short period of time and the copy is killed. this can change a team fight considerably so use it wisely.

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Skill Sequence

One will notice above I always pick his heal ghoul first. this is because at the beginning surviving is good so you can get healed and still deal good damage till lvl two. I get his slow then for crowd control for those who get over aggressive and then his speed ghoul. in fights i usually use e first as i run in then as it dies q when if faulters e should be back up n use it and if they try to run w. i want to keep a ghoul up at all times cause Yoricks passive allows him to deal better damage as one is active. being able to keep a ghoul most of the fight can be a big difference between life and death.

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Summoner Spells


If your wanting to jungle then i suggest heal and smite good for the begging of jungling. if your wanting to use it as a tank build then go ahead get ghost and exhaust maybe rally if you like it. flash for an escape but don't get ghost then. i feel its best to rock one defensive skill and one offensive exhaust can be both. ghost/exhaust is always a good combo for me.

build 2 and 3:

these can use the same skills its what ever your want ignite is fun along with host exhaust. gives one good damage and chances to kill enemies.

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Ok now if you look at each build i have the masteries built around what items i want to get this is cause each one is a different play style. like the first is jungle/tank so i get health and build into defense. build two is a dps that uses his skills so mana and attack damage was my focus putting me balanced in utility and offence. and the third is a heavy dps that can live. take your pick they can all help Yorick one way or another.

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now for items there are alot good for Yorick. i dont rly like trinity force just cause its so damn expensive. atma's impaler is only good if you get alot of health items too otherwise you get very little damage from its passive. makes for a good tank type build. a manamune needs mana to become very high out put too. so getting a frozen heart is advised and then other items that give damage and health frozen mallet is good and then everything can be damaged base a blood thirster, infinity edge anything works. so many ways to build Yorick i can only give suggestions its up to the play to pick what they feel good with and what they feel works best so thats what im doing showing you the read how to unlock the one perfect build that you love and do best with. i have to say i do not suggest sheen..... it gives A.P yes the mana is nice but a catalyst protector can be more useful in the end and gives both mana and health. sheen's passive isnt worth it to me to get and only nice if u build it into trinity force which i hate for its expensive nature and only good if you farm or get fed. but like i said take ur pick find your build im only a suggester.

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well i hope you have enjoyed my guide to Yorick he is an odd one for sure i've had a hell of a time figuring out a good build and not everyone is ever perfect. i try to build to usefulness of being fed and farming so i did pick more items that are cheap and can build up to make him good but that is not what i limit anyone too. i hope you all benefit from my mastery set up and runes i do build him according to play styles that i had in mind and in the end everyone wants something different. thanks for reading and good luck out there i hope i have given knowledge to those lost in the wonders of Yorick.