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Yorick Build Guide by VegaTDM

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VegaTDM

Yorick The Gravedigger

VegaTDM Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Yorick The Gravedigger

I bought Yorick the first day he came out and since then he Has become my main.

What is Yorick?
In My Opinion He is a (now get ready for this) A Tanky AD Burst Mage.
Tanky - Forzen Heart plus your harass skill
AD - His Ghouls scale with your MAX HP and AD.
Burst - Each move doesnt do <i>That,/i> Much damage, And they all have relatively low cool downs. What you want to do is have all 3 of your Q, W, & E ready so when you get your shot Q, them, the W them if they try to run, E them if they don't. Then use the other. Cast your R if you think you need it. And keep casting as long as you can.
Mage, to cast all these abilities all the time you are going to need some mana.

Great harass skills.
Surprisingly good damage late game.
Surprisingly quick with his Q active.
Just enough Tankyness to keep him alive while your ghouls poke them to death.

Squishy early game
Mana dependent early game
Getting caught with your pants down(waiting on cooldowns)
CC will **** your **** up. Hard.

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Get Tear of the Godess first. Helps your mana all game. You will build this into a Manamune later. I suggest Mercury Trends or Ionian Boots of Lucidity for boots. Mercury Trends gives you CC reduction, Lucidity boots help your CDR, which makes you able to burst longer and able to deal more DPS. An alternative to these 2 are Ninja Tabi which will give you defense and dodge. I rarely get Ninja Tabi though, I find CC leads to my death more than AD. But Mercury vs Lucidity is just offense vs defense. Get what you think you will need more. Get Trinity Force next. I usually go Shen > Phage > Zeal. I like the extra Mana early. Also, if you find you need more AD early on in the game don't be afraid to finish the Manamune before you get Trinity Force. By doing this your AD will scale up until you max it out at 1000 bonus mana, which will take awhile. Depending on how much I spam my abilities early/mid game I normally haven't maxed it out by the time I finish Manamune. After you finish Trinity Force and Manamune you are going to build a Frozen Heart. The mana works great with Manamune, and you get 99 Armor to protect you self. With Cooldown Reduction and a aura debuff as a bonus. Build the Glacier Shroud first. Helps with the AD your enemy's probably aren't used to yet. Once you finish The Frozen Heart you have completed Yorick's Core build. Everything after he is situational. This is just a general guide. If the game last long enough I suggest getting a Infinity Edge next. It gives you a ton more AD and you and your minions with eat through your enemies. At this point in the game your Q with be hitting very hard. Don't forget to bash peoples faces in with your shovel. After that I would suggest a Starks Fevor. Gives Lifesteal & Health Regen to you and your allies, and reduces enemy armor, which is great for your minions and you to get a little damage. Alternates to these are Warmog's Armor or Sunfire Cap to end tanky(er). Warmorgs also gives your Ghouls more life, although they still decay at the same rate. Sunfire cap is great to give you even more armor, less health than Warmogs, but still a good amount, and to hurt enemies all around you. A Bloodthirster is good for more Lifesteal and AD late game, useful if you enemies don't have much armor. If they do try and stack armor a Black Cleaver is a good choice with Starks Fevor. You ghouls DO benefit from Armor Pen.

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Skill Sequence

R > Q > E > W

Your Q is you bread and butter. Since it's mana cost stays at 40 you need to put your points into this. Mid game you will have a very powerful move that wont eat up your mana. Use it to last hit minions, help with CC and gank/chase people. This move should hurt people a lot. Use it to run up, bash them in the face with your shovel, and the extra moment speed will help you run away.

Your E will help a lot as well. Use it to heal, and to zone back champs who get too close. It also has a rather large range when you consider Yorick is a Melee caster. If you are low and can't afford to base or the enemy is low on heath, hide in the bushes and cast E on them when they get close. Then run. Good harass tool. But this will eat up mana, and it doesn't hurt as much as your Q. So only use this to help your other ghouls, and for sustain.

Your W will help you finish off people, and zone them back. I use W(and E) to zone back champs while I farm. But unlike your E, your W doesn't have to be target directly on the enemy. And your Ghoul can move outside of your range to attack your enemy. Very useful for zoning back enemies that are beyond your range. I also use it when I hunt down people. I cast it as close to them as I can and usually the ghouls catches up with them and slows them so I can catch up. Getting around towers is also useful with W. You can cast it beside a tower and run right back out of range while your ghoul attacks your enemy AND distracts the turret. Mastering zoning with W and E makes Yorick a very powerful carry. Your W can also block skill shots. But it takes quite some time to get used to using it like this. It takes time to master. But it will make your enemies rage when you keep blocking things like Brands/Annis fireball, Mundos Cleaver & Morganas stun.

Your R will save your ***. use it when you get 2v1ed to surprise your enemies. Also useful for ganking, CC and tower diving. You can control it like a pet with [Alt] but I find it usually attacks champions over minions. Don't be afraid to cast it on your teammates too. If the fed Teemo from mid is in trouble, cast it. Even if your teammate has no idea what is going on, your enemies will waste some firepower to take it down. Also a good distraction when retreating.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must. Yorick is slow as dirt. It can help you escape or chase. It is also priceless in stealing Dragon or Baron.

Ignite helps if you are going to be dealing with a healing support champ. It also helps with Health regen Champs. (such as Dr. Mundo) or if you feel enemies keep getting away with low health.

Exhaust. A ganking tool. THE ganking tool. Since Yorick is slow, exhaust helps you stay near enemies who like to run away. Alternatively it helps you run away if needed, if flash is down or you have a fast champ like Yi or Teemo chasing you.

Ghost. If you don't like Flash for some reason I suggest this. Flash works better IMO though.

I usually run Flash with either Ignite or Exhaust. Your choice.

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Creeping / Jungling

With this build you can solo Dragon at level 10 (9 if you already have Trinity force). I usually kill the dragon as soon as I can and kill him every time he respawns for Exp. I also get blue/red buff if I go by it and we don't have a jungler. Blue greatly helps if you find yourself constantly out of mana for some reason, which should be hard to do with Manamune and Frozen Heart. I usually use it early game before I have built up the extra mana with Tear of Goddess/Manamune. Red helps with pushing, tower diving, ganking, and Offense in general. It also can really hurt in team fights.

Yorick is also a great farmer. I tend to use Q to attack faster. W and E to zone enemies back. Or on the caster minions if their aren't any champs around. Beware of your mana though, your W and E eat up mana. Early game you should try and get a good farm. This will help your bonus mana with Mananune and therefor your AD.

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Team Work

Yorick is a great team fighter. With all his ghouls out there are 4 possible ways for your enemy to waste a skill shot. Plus for each Ghoul out Yorick gets stronger. Have all your ghouls up as much as possible. Keep close to the center of the fight, but not in it. Yorick tends to get focused if you charge in. Cast your ghouls and get our of range unless you are meleeing them to death. Also if anyone tries to duct out of the team fight use your W to slow them so they can't escape and your Q to punish them. Make sure to cast W in the middle of the fight so it hits as many enemies as possible. Use your E to suck health from who ever you choose. Starks is the best item for team fights in the game. It helps not only you, but your allies as well. If there are a lot of team fights early on investing in a Starks would be a good idea. Make sure to focus the weak ones with Yorick. If they try to run Use your W to slow them, and your Q to speed yourself up. If someone gets separated from his team use your Q to teach him a lesson.

Yorick's job in a team fight is to turn in into a cluster ****. Ideally, you should charge in to the team fight casting your ult on you as you get in their range. If you already have allies that are near death in the fight cast your ult on them. You are tanky enough. Cast your W in the middle of the team fight to damage the most people and slow them. Then Find their Squishy Nuker or assassin and E, then Q them. Repeat until dead. Remember to help your teammates with the champions trying to exhaust them and focus your DPS. Remember, if your teammates dies you are probably next. Keep all your ghouls up as much as you can in a team fight. They can cause your enemies to waste time trying to kill them and/or case them to miss or waste skill shots.

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The Yorick Hustle

Learning the Yorick hustle will help you own people. Depending on the enemy champs and their skill level I can solo lane against 2 champs and push rather hard.

The Yorick Hustle.
When to push and when to let them push.

If your abilities are up try to harass. It helps break up the enemy's farming game.
Start with your W, it damages AOE and slows them. Follow with your E to damage them and heal yourself. Then as soon as you get in range hit them with a Q. If you can chase, do so. Your W will slow them and your Q will speed you up. Making chasing them down for the kill a piece of cake. Use your R to distract them and hurt them, or to save yourself.

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I have not played that much of Dominion, but I will update this when I can.

From what I tell Yorick is good on dominion, but you need to build Boots Of Swiftness to keep up and you need A LOT less mana regen. I find that Frozen heart gives me enough mana. My general build on Dominion is

Boots of Swiftness
Trinity Force
Infinity Edge
Frozen Heart

I leave the last 2 slots for situational items. Usually more AD or Defense.

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For runes I run flat AD reds, Flat mana and mana per 5 Blues, Flat health Yellows & AD per lvl Quints.

The Marks will give you more AD early game and will help your ghouls be a threat worth doing some thing about early game.

The Glyphs will give you more mana, and therefor more AD. and a few Mana regen ones to help you not run out of mana early game.

The Seals will give you(and your ghouls) more health. More noticeable early game.

The Quints will help your AD throughout the entire game. I sometimes run Armor Pen Quints, but I prefer the AD.


I usually run 21/0/9. Getting health/mana regen in utility. But some people run 0/21/9 or 9/21/0 focusing more on Defense than offense. But Runes and Masteries are more user preference than anything.