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Yorick Build Guide by nigelf

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nigelf

Yorick, the Immortal Shoveler - Patch 127

nigelf Last updated on October 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello I play Yorick a lot, even though he is banned in most games. I hope this build helps people to play him better. Yorick is really good carry. This guide works in about every case. I hope you understand, that why Yorick is overpowered after you try this build. You can use it like it is if you want to. I am playing solo top in Eu Nordic & East with Yorick on 84% win ratio. My rating is ~1900 and I play on RPB team

Please try it before you vote.

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Pros / Cons

+Good laner, because amazing lane sustain
+Really good late game
+Easy to last hit with
+Not focused
+Works in most teams
+Fun to play (opinion)
+Easy to play (opinion)
+Strong spells for an ad champion
+Hard to die
+Healing spell
+Fast movement speed

-Bad mid game
-Pushes easily > gets ganked
-Banned often in ranked games
-Costs 6,3k influence points
-Enemy hates you
-Mana depedant

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Ranked Play

Yorick is really strong champion in ranked. This is because his extremely dominant lana phase, and end game carrying potential. His poking is really strong, because if enemy initiates on him, they will die anyway. You can get free harass before the fights and usually you won't lose with him. He doesn't need a good team at all.

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I choose AD, because all his skills scale with AD. If you take armor/magic penetration, you benefit from it only of one way. Mana regen seals help with mana, because you can spam spells with it. For glyphs i take mres/level, because you will take less damage from spells later with it. Just more survivability. Armor can be alternate for seals, if you don't need mana so much, and CDR glyphs. AD runes just are the best though..
You can use movement speed quints, if you think that the attack damage isn't very useful. Magic penetration is also an option for marks, because his W scaling got removed.

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I go 9/0/21, because Yorick is a spell spammer and really needs the Magic penetration from offensive tree. He doesn't need crits or other stuff from offensive tree, so he goes utility for movespeed, cdr and other stuff. Defensive tree is not needed with this build.

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Yorick must spam spells, so he needs atleast two cdr items. The only "damage" item he needs is manamune. Rest stuff is optional. Alternate for merc treads is ninja tabi if enemy has lots of auto attackers (3+), or ionian boots of lucidity if enemy has more tanky people. If you take cdr boots, you only need one cdr item with it. Survivability is good with Yorick, because his passive scales well with it. Warmog atma is good, but it gives no cdr nor mana, and costs a lot so i don't prefer it that much. Yorick doesn't need health regen and crit from them.
Item sequence:
I start with meki pendant and 2 pots, because I want to dominate my lane all the time. I try to farm up to 965 gold and get tear + boots.
After that i get my manamune for more damage, as it gives about same as B.F. Sword. I start getting my cdr items in the mid game, depending am i against a lot of ad or ap i take Glacial Shroud or Spirit Visage. After cdr items I own so hard that i don't need anything. I just start building according to enemy team. If they have lots of ad I take frozen heart and sunfire, if they don't have a lot of damage I take frozen heart and trinity, if they have a lot of ap, I take frozen heart and banshee's veil

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Skill Sequence

W first, because it's good for early team fights and you can spam it in late at level 1 without mana problems. I max E, because heal is really useful in lane and 1v2 situations if jungler ganks you. W can be maxed first too, if you prefer more slow and aoe dmg. Q is used only for speed boost and auto attack timer reseting before late mid game, so I don't max it first.

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion, Exhaust wins alternate offensive summoner spells on Yorick. Yorick doesn't need two offensive nor two defensive spells. Before I got ghost as summoner spell, but now I must get flash, because everyone has it. You must get it to chase people over walls. Ignite can be used instead. Teleport is the best choice if you can use it.

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Early game

Go to middle lane, unless Kennen is there. If Kennen is there, swap lane. Last hit and harass with W+E combo. If the enemy comes to hit you, throw Q in his face and put your combo to him. After that run, unless he is low hp. He will probably back after a few times of this. Try to push lane and back when you have gold for tear and boots, so that your tower won't get destroyed. Don't push otherwise at all, so that you won't get ganked a lot. If jungler is in your lane half the time, play safely. Just try to farm the 965 gold. Check minimap if middle laner is coming, and put ward near the jungle entrances. Remember to tell misses and stuff, your team blames you for not telling them.

Go against casters or you will lose your lane! Yorick is not so strong against others anymore. Nerfs made him only middle champion. Don't pick if you can't take a lane against a caster.

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Mid game

Farm, because you are pretty much useless now. Try to stack manamune up and get your cdr items+boots 2 and manamune. Then you can start owning the enemy. If you are good split pusher, do that. Don't let the enemy roam in your jungle though. Keep stealing enemies' buffs if you think you are safe doing so. It delays their jungler, and gives you lane advantange.

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Late game

Participate in team fights and defend lanes. Try to get Baron control and catch the enemy alone. You shouldn't need the buffs more than anyone in your team, so let others get them. Don't let the enemy carries farm, or they will kill your team. Don't go alone.

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Team fights

Go in first, unless you have better initiator like Poppy, Taric and Amumu. Ulti yourself when they start hitting you and W+E the ranged carry. Charge to him and use Q. Spam skills when possible and when the carry is dead, go for the other focus targets. If you have low hp, start kiting the enemy with your spells. Your team will kill everything that follows you.

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Last hit with spells once you get tear of goddess. Before that use your auto attack. If you want to push, spam spells on creeps while last hitting. Try to farm the whole mid game, unless your team needs you.

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Yorick can jungle, but he is not good at it. It's about useless to jungle on him, as it delays his build a lot. Ganks aren't the best, even though he is full hp in the jungle when you do it.
Skill QEW and then normal skill order. Start with mana crystal + 2 pots/ long sword + 1 pot. Route is wolves wraiths (smite) and then golems. Then normal jungle path and go gank all the time when there is a chance. Buy wriggle's lantern as jungler and ward a lot. If your team has udyr with wriggle, you can 2 man baron quite easily. Do dragon when atleast 2 enemies are down, and they can't teleport in fast.

Kind of trolly build but if u really want to do it, then it's your choice... You don't have to take wriggle, because you have enough sustain from your E. I don't use this like ever so you can try to adapt to this playstyle...

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Unique skills

Yorick's Omen of Pestilence is quite unique. You can block every skillshot with it, and Rammus Q. I don't want to list all the stuff you can block with it but it blocks anything that requires clear space between Yorick and attacker. Use it to block Amumu bandage ganks and other stuff. Really good skill to abuse if you can. Use it to check the brushes, and in lane throw it to the brushes, if the enemy is there and thinks that your ghouls can't hit him if he tricks them.

Using Omen of Famine all the time is a really good thing, because it hurts, and at the same time heals you up. Just last hit a minion with it if you can't get to the range of the enemy and it chases him.

Ultimate self most of the time, because you should be the best dps close to carries.

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Yorick is really overpowered champion, if you use him right. He can tank a lot stuff at once with lots of resits, and does a lot damage. Remember to ghost yourself all the time, unless Your AD carry is in the middle of enemy. Usually his ghost doesn't get focused after getting killed, so he gets free hits in. Try to make enemy afraid of you in the lane phase, and then dominate them all the time. Have fun with Yorick.

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Patch Notes

Base armor of ghouls reduced to 10 from 20

[*] Pantheon aoes ghouls faster now if he wants... They die faster now in lane too. With so much cdr they probably die same time as I cast them now.

Omen of Death damage percent reduced to 45/60/75% from 50/75/100%

[*] Well this got big nerf, but it had really good scaling so I think it needed it. Did like 600 dmg with trinity force...

Omen of Pestilence now scales off of ability power at a 1.0 ratio instead of a .8 bonus attack damage ratio

[*] Means that no longer scales with our items. Nerfs his scaling, which was really op. -80% really hurts him, because that is huge.

Omen of Famine

Heals for 40% of the damage dealt, down from 50%
Range reduced to 550 from 650

[*] Seems like they nerfed lane too, because it was op. No longer heals soo much, but shouldn't do trouble do cast W with it.

Seems like that they nerfed everything that was op about him.


His Q got buffed a bit (from 1,0 ad ratio to 1,2). Nothing too big, but helps as they nerfed him soooo much. He is useful in late game now. Other champions still are better than he is atm...