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Yorick Build Guide by Sofa King Derpy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sofa King Derpy

Yorick the Undying

Sofa King Derpy Last updated on December 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Harro! This is my first guide... I come to this site every now and then to see if I can find ideas for my own builds.... and I decided to make a guide of my own! Yorick has caught my attention as of late. This guide will (hopefully) show you how I play Yorick. :) Basically, I'll try and guide you through the steps from being squishy, to being unkillable... as long as your not too agressive/unlucky. Well... I think I've said all I can think of in the intro... I'm a man of few words... bare with me! :3

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I've chosen these runes for my basic AD champs... I might come back one day and edit it once I buy a few runepages, but it seems to be working just fine :) The armor and MR runes give you some durability throughout the match. While the armor pen runes give you a healthy dose of "extra" damage ;P

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Again, these masteries are those of a basic AD carry... It works ^.^ I might change it a bit in the future, but it does its job well for now. ;P

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Ah... Items. Here we go. Something that isn't so all around for most champs xP

Ok, you want to start of with a Sapphire Crystal for a number of reasons...
1. Bigger mana pool.
2. Builds into Tears
3. Allows you to stay in lane as long as you don't burn said bigger mana pool

Next, get Tears... because!
1. Not only does it give you ALOT more sustainability in your lane.
2. Your allowed and encouraged to SPAM your skills and get AGGRESSIVE.
3. While being aggressive and spammy, you are charging your mana up and hopefully scaring your opponent(s)
4. It builds into Manamune!!!

After Tears, Mercury Treads are vital... cuz well, it gives MR and Tenacity. Nuff said.

Spirit Visage is your next toy... why?
1. Your E heals you ALOT more.
2. Your MR is upped again.
3. You are THAT much closer to being semi-invincible!

Be sure to get Manamune next! Or a lil before Spirit Visage... depends on how convenient it is for you... Manamune helps with:
1. All that mana you charged up now has another use besides being a big pool... Your attack is increased by about 50 or so depending on how much you charged up.
2. Your white hits now charge your mana aswell!

Once you've built all of the above... Atma's impaler is up next!! Why Atma's?
1. You now have armor and crit!!
2. You gain a small attack boost from your base health ;D
3. Your now tanky. Congrats. Yes tanky >-> Your passive plus the MR and armor makes you quiet durable. AND your E + Spirit Visage makes you self heal REALLY well.

Now that you have that Atma's..... WARMOG'S!!!!
1. You now have beef to back up your healthy stats.
2. Your attack damage has a nice increase.
3. Your almost done!!!

Sheen looks pretty shiny right about now don't it? ;D
1. You have more mana, yay Manamune.
2. Sheen's proc effect is NICE when bashing enemies with your shovel.
3. It builds into your last item.... the legendary....

TRIFORCE(trinity force)
1. They thought you were scary before... now you ensure their deaths.
2. The match lasted this long, now you can take care of anybody who gets in your way.

Be sure to get your Manamune early, soon after or before Spirit Visage, this will make your damage output look NICE and it'll be a nasty surprise for anyone who isn't ready for it ;P

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Skill Sequence

Grab W, your Slow ghoul, then at lvl 2, get your E, your healing ghoul, and lvl 3, your Q, your ghoul that you summon with your shovel. Max your E then your Q. R when you can. and W last. Not much to say here...

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Summoner Spells

This is kinda up to you. I like Ghost and Teleport. These allow me to chase REALLY well, and pop up and smash some skulls in. I'm sure there are other SS that you may prefer to use, so go nutz :P

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Ok! How to use this guide/build... Well, when your in a lane, you want to last hit what you can... so be either solo, or have a support/tank with ya. Abuse your range! Use your W and E to your advantage! Heal with E as you need it.. or if your fighting/being chased. Your W is a good initiator/chaser/escape. You can slam that nasty slow ghoul in their face to kill or avoid being killed. Once you get your Tears... SPAM!!! Last hit, harrass, do it all! Spam spam spammmmmmmm!!!!!!! Just take it easy if you don't pack a TP... its convenient to go back when your oom and have 400 or so bonus mana from tears ;P . Once you have your ult, its a good idea to cast it on yourself to take a tower or 2... your ult is your best friend.. when its up.


Ok, now in teamfights, you want to cause as much havoc as possible... Use your W to slow and bash people around with your shovel! Now focus down what your team needs you to focus... don't get too distracted or greedy. If they run under a tower, its SOMETIMES ok to go after them... they underestimate your range sometimes... your E and W can go a long ways in getting that darn tower hugger. TRY YOUR BEST to be the focus of the enemy team, you can take HEAVY punishment... your passive and resistances + your heal makes you a formidable foe... so don't be afraid to run in 1st!.... as long as you inform your team that you are and they will follow AND that you won't die in a heartbeat... SILENCE KILLS

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Laning and Ganking

Alrighty, When your laning with someone... you want to be nice and ask if they don't mind you eating minion waves... getting your Tears is a must atleast... after that you can equally share. However, it'll be MUCH faster if you just suck up all those yummy creeps ;P . During the beginning of the laning phase, partner or not, you need to be careful... YOUR SQUISHY!!!!! Safely farm up what you can... at lvl 2, when you get your E, you can get more ballsy, but don't get too cocky x.x it'll spell death for the gravedigger..... At 4, feel free to swoop in and take a blue, just be careful, and make sure your team/jungle is ok with it. With blue, your able to charge mana... spam... harass... and all that like its cool ;D At 6, its ok to dive sometimes... especially if you KNOW you can get a kill or 2.... just make sure you weigh your options 1st. Your ult can either be gamechanging or useless.... careful on what you use it for. I personally like to use it to initiate alongside me, and/or take towers... Anyways, GANKING!!! Ok, I'd take your tower first... unless your team NEEDS you... I like to gank with my W... a nice slow ^.^ Its not much, but it helps. Follow up with your spammable army, and you and your allies should nab atleast one or two... just be sure to focus the same target as them...

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Other little tidbits of info! :D

Yorick's Ghouls can be used as Teleport targets for allies... Zilean can bomb your ghouls... You can check brush with your W... Your R can tank towers if it goes in 1st... Sometimes its better to Ult your ally if he/she is stronger than you, and or can be "saved and reborn" and secure some kills ^.^

When in combat, be sure to keep up your "army" ... the more ghouls you have, the more damage you deal, and the less you take :D

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If you do this build... You need to be careful at the beggining... you can mid, or lane with a partner... even solo top. You will be the bane of your enemies' existance... as long as you last hit and play safe. You will learn when your ready to go and rush face first 1v5... you'll know when its ok to charge that brush with Twitch and Blitz in it... Just remember...........


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A plea for help...

This is my first guide... I will try and check back on it every now and then, and I'd apreciate it if you tested it, or atleast thoughtfully considered it before considering it "bad". It works for me and it might not work for you... anyways, to the help part... If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this guide more appealing... please let me know ^.^ I'd love to know how to put the images of the items like I've seen in so many other guides... but I don't know how atm... x.x Thanks in advance! I hope you enjoy this guide!