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Yorick Build Guide by bludthirsty

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bludthirsty

Yorick- The Unstoppable DPS *Updated Often*

bludthirsty Last updated on July 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey MOBAFire users! Bludthirsty here. This is the first build I've actually posted on MOBAFire, but the third I've made, so please bare with me. I came up with this build randomly when trying to find a good build for yorick post-patch, and the first two pvp 5v5 matches i played i went 15/4/9 the first match, and 17/9/14 the second match. So i figured i would share my build with other people that are having problems coming up with one for yorick. So please, leave a comment if you think i should change something, or even if it worked great for you.

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I dont actually have all the runes yet, but what i put is what i am going for. At the moment i have about half of the runes, and i still did great. Adding more runes will only make it better. If u get all the runes, and it doesnt work that well for u and u find better runes, please comment what u used and if they work better for me, or most people i will update this guide.

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I went 21 9 0 because i feel that the critical damage boost helps quite a bit so you dont necessarily need the infinity edge and the dodge bonus with the movement bonus after every dodge helps immensely as well. This mastery selection works well for me, if you find something should be changed please tell me.

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My item purchase order is Doran's Shield, Berserker's Greaves, Wriggle's Lantern, Guardian Angel, Frozen Heart, Zeal, Bloodthirster, and Phantom Dancer. I get Doran's Shield to start, because it makes him a little tanky and gives the ghouls a little health boost. Next I get Berserker's Greaves so I can get to the front line faster when Teleport is cooling down, and for the attack speed. I get Wriggle's Lantern for the life steal, armor, and the ward every 3 minutes. I get Guardian Angel for armor, magic resistance, and the revive. Frozen Heart for the armor, cool down reduction, and enemy attack speed reduction. Zeal to prepare for Phantom Dancer, but mainly for movement and attack speed boost. Bloodthirster for attack damage and life steal. Finally, I finish with a Phantom Dancer for movement and attack speed boost.

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Skill Sequence

I get Omen of War maxed out first for the bonus speed and damage on next hit to be able to initiate team fights better. Then i slowly max out Omen of Pestilence for the slow and AoE damage it can bring. Shortly after, i max out Omen of Death obviously to add another member into team fights. Finally, i max out Omen of Famine so that way when the enemy is escaping, I can use it to kill them with the final blow or turret dive a bit better without losing as much health.

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Summoner Spells

I choose Flash for the easy jumping into a lane or area to gank someone and for the easy escape if necessary. I also choose Teleport so there is the way to get to the front lines right away or by a teammate in need of help a lot faster.

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Ganking/Team Work

Whenever I'm ganking someone, I start off with Exhaust and Omen of Pestilence so it takes longer for them to get away and we can get serious damage done. Then I use Omen of War just as either Omen of Pestilence is getting close to running out or Exhaust so I can stay right by the target. If they're close to dying and about to get away I use Omen of Famine to try to get the rest of the health, if it doesn't kill them, use flash to get by them and finish them off.

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    Very deadly solo and in team fights
    A lot of damage with Omen of War
    Can solo Dragon at level 10
    Can duo baron, so you still have 3 champs pushing the lanes and distracting the enemy, possibly even solo baron
    Great for ganking groups
    Good at turning tides of team fights
    Wards available every 3 mins

    Might make enemies surrender
    If not with a team that doesn't work together, you will either have to work harder, or you won't win

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When pushing your creep waves, it is easiest to use Omen of Pestilence on the ranged minions and then use Omen of War to be able to kill them faster. If you have a decent amount of health use Omen of Famine to gain it back, but use as little as possible, so if you get ganked you have more mana you can use. If you are sent to destroy a creep wave, start off with Omen of Pestilence on the spot where it will hit the most minions. Then, use Omen of War, and then finally Omen of Famine.

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Unique Skills

This build has a few unique skills from the other builds. This build makes it so when Guardian Angel and Omen and Death is up, you basically have three lives, third one is when you get reckless and just charge at them using all of your abilities. This build also gives you an advantage with wards, you have an endless supply of wards. When you see that Wriggle's Lantern is done recharging, think of where the best spot would be to place it. Also, when you think the enemy team is at baron, instead of jumping in there, place a ward inside his little circle while your in the jungle area by him to check if they are attacking him.

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I had some problems making a build for Yorick that was similar to the one I used before the patch, so I decided to try out a DPS build, and it worked amazingly. Haven't lost a match yet with this build. One match I was doing poorly and was able to destroy them when I got to the Phantom Dancers. So this build can do wonders if you use your spells in the right order. I will greatly appreciate help, so please comment any of your opinions and I will consider them greatly.