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Yorick Build Guide by Nemesis300

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nemesis300

Yorick? YOU ROCK !

Nemesis300 Last updated on June 26, 2011
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My first guide

Okay guys, this is my first guide and i hope u like it. I´m german, so please let me write how i think, it is right :)

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League Rating: Yorick, the gravedigger

Candidate: Yorick
Date: 17 June 21 CLE


After tireless search for Yorick finds access to the mountain. He has learned a few fragmentary information about the league. The unusual nature of death on the Fields fascinates him. Games and politics do not interest him, but a selfish impulse drives him.
He is stocky, made for a purpose, strong. He always clutching a shovel - this handle is the one who has bound him to this world. He is both frightening and pitiable, an old corpse that will not rest. He trots to the place that was created for its evaluation, stone doors at the foot of the mountain. The darkness enveloped him when he enters. Their color suits him.


Yorick darkness made out of nothing. He has spent countless most of his life and, more importantly, the duration of life then in darkness.

A life hmpf .... Warmhäuter have such a limited horizon.

Yorick could barely remember back to his early years in the shadow of islands, as he eagerly the elapsing days, then months, then years counted. When the inner walls of the cave were not more than a swirl of curved lines, he stopped. It just made no sense to count the days in death as in life breaths. He wondered briefly how many times he had scraped the duration of a life - another completely pointless exercise.

The chirping of crickets disturbed him in his thoughts. It was the kind of noises that surround the deep gentle contemplation, but one could drive you crazy if you concentrated on it. More life tormented by his hours on one end, clinging like flames dancing on hot coals.

The smell of damp earth greeted him like an old friend and stretched around it. Yorick guess from its surroundings.

He was standing between rows of grave stones that stretched seemingly endlessly in all directions. There was a silence pregnant with meaning in the air, the places of transition between life and death characterized. This atmosphere permeated every inch of the islands of shade, even if the life had left these shores long ago. Once mused Yorrick that these gardens but very full of fresh death resembled a lump in the throat of existence, the more stale and full of discomfort, the longer she pondered over their paths cross.

Now he just wondered why there was a corpse.

The body had been placed on a cart next to a new but unnamed grave stone. Body did not bother him - quite the opposite. The sight of souls who went through the various stages of death, was one of the few thrills, the one gravedigger were permitted by the shadow of islands. Rather it was the fact that dead bodies (not to be confused with undead bodies) are rarely so presented thus already prepared for burial.

There was a time in which Yorick, this would put into question, in which he would have tried to identify the corpse to speak to his family and to ensure that his name would be etched and any reasonable trivia in his grave stone. Now he sunk his shovel into the earth, so happy that he with the spirit of curiosity was now finished.

With each shovel full is multiplied by a kind of remorse. In a way he was bewitched them. Emotions were a matter for the survivors. If you have your third or fourth century of the Untotendaseins behind him the memory of emotions faded so much that one wonders why there is an even care if you remember them. Exactly as the separation between uses and Warmhäutern undead. A gravedigger has to stick to a schedule and Warmhäuter are simply connected so crazy with their lives, despite decades of preparation for the inevitable. And it is ultimately the inevitable.

Yorick had tried it once or twice with a compromise, by burying people alive so they could enjoy their precious lives to the very last moment, but usually twice that caused so many problems and no one appreciated his efforts.

When he had dug the grave, filled with foreboding Yorick's ghost. For reasons that he could not quite make up, this funeral meant something. He wished at the same time, they could last forever and he would have been behind him.

The latter seemed more practical. He heaved the body unceremoniously into his grave site and then climbed inside to fold its arms and to arrange so that it evoked the idea of ​​dignity. There was something eerily familiar about themselves. All the faces that he had buried - the countless faces - now blurred into one another. Why was this different?

He climbed out of the hole and stared down one last time. He had been thinking for centuries no longer on the life of one of his proteges, but he could not help himself: he felt a kind of unfulfilled provision of this go here. Just as he was ready to pile the earth on the grave again, he slipped. The blade clattered into the hole.

Yorick was his bucket ... never slipped from his hands. Panicked, he chased after her, but slipped again. The earth, which he had piled beside the grave, fell now with no apparent cause of itself into the grave like an avalanche. Yorick was trying desperately to hold her back, but they flowed freely past him. He looked down and finally he understood.

The bucket was resting neatly on the body, trapped under the folded arms. The face - the one face he should have known - was his own. It was the face of innocence, hope and sadness. It was a face, even at the beginning of his journey, which was already convinced that we have seen the end already.

Yorick and it had not even noticed.

The earth was now down like a torrent, and had buried the body in full, the last remnants of the face just disappeared. Yorick dived into the hole and began obsessively wipe away the dirt. The movement was alien to him, without his shovel he was completely lost.

Had fallen when the last grain of earth into the grave, Yorick was buried up to his elbows. He had, as long as he could remember, nothing felt so strongly - only this sad iron.

"Why do you want to join the League, Yorick?"

He looked up. A man dressed in a robe standing over him, a kind of magician. The face was hidden.

"Who are you?" Said Yorick.

"I work for the league of legends, that's all you need to know."

"Your league does not interest me now. I just want this body. "

"The body is not real He is created from your memory. An illusion. Normally I would go here with a person's face that you once knew, but it seems as if you've forgotten all. "

Yorick thought about it. It could only be true.

"Why do you want to join the league?" Insisted the man

"I want to do something ... else. ... I want to remind and be reminded. "Yorick felt as if something about taking control of his tongue. Water on his face.

What is it? What happened here?

"We can offer you this opportunity, Yorick, but we need to know some things about you." The voice did not hesitate.


"Furthermore, where are you."

"I do not remember."

"Not where you were born. I mean the shadow island. "Yorick let the words hang in the air.

"Very well."

"How does it feel when you can not hide his thoughts?"

The man had gone before Yorick could answer. Yorick felt really alone, but also - somehow on the edge of his consciousness - excited. This league of legends would soon succumb to the lure of death.

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Something about Yorick

"The work of gravediggers is essential among the living, unaffordable to the islands but shadows. There are many shades of death and each of them will be welcomed with open arms rather than feared and reviled. One can only rise with the magical help of a gifted professional man from one state to another. At the end of the first Rune War Yorick Mori hired as a gravedigger. His family owned and entertained the latest memorial to peace, one of the oldest cemeteries in Valoran. The shovel, which he used for his work, was passed on for generations. Each gravedigger taught his son that this bucket was filled with the spirit of his forefathers, and that these spirits would protect him during the long and lonely nights amid the grave stones. To his eternal regret, Yorick died without an heir, so the proud Mori-line came to an end. His body was buried along with his shovel in the family mausoleum and memorial to the latest peace soon fell into ruin. The death was not the end that Yorick had expected.

Yorick appeared on the shores of the restless shadow on islands again - not quite dead, and definitely not alive - still clutching his beloved bucket. He soon learned that he could work with her as a ferryman for the undead inhabitants of the islands to help them to climb many steps of the ladder of death. This turned out to be a curse as a grave digger wants to "bury his share of" must rise up before he can, at least according to the legend. Nobody knows what is "his share". Yorick dug tirelessly and waited in vain for the day when he would be freed from his burden. Were as decades to centuries, his shame was unbearable to him. He returned to Valoran to find his body, convinced that salvation was buried with him. On his arrival, but no trace was left of the mausoleum or cemetery remains. Almost entirely without hope, he discovered the League of Legends and saw there a way to immortalize the family name, in which he allowed so many centuries ago, that he fell prey to oblivion."

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Yorick Bundle

Yorick packages
Yorick, the grave robbers dragged, with a variety ghouls in tow in the league of legends. At the most striking is certainly his powerful revenant who is willing to save and allies to get rid of his opponents.

In addition to his shovel carries an eerily glowing lantern Yorick with a mask or his top hat with a bass guitar! Regardless, whether you want now rather pierced in the cemetery belongs more to the commercial or headbangers, we have the perfect outfit for your situation.

As part of their funeral-undertaker-in package Yorick Yorick get for half. If you want to rock out properly, then you should get to you but undertaker-and penta kill Yorick Yorick Yorick together in a double pack!

Yorick undertaker-in package
Undertaker-half saves from Yorick, when she Team up with him as Yorick Yorick undertaker-in package purchased!
- Yorick Yorick +-undertaker (normally 1950 RP) will be only 1462 RP

Yorick double package
Grab both undertaker-and penta kill Yorick Yorick for each half along with Yorick Yorick in the double package.
- Yorick Yorick + + undertaker-Penta kill Yorick (normally 2925 RP) will be only 1949 RP

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My Opinion

Yorick is a really nice Char. He got nice Ghouls and nice Animations. He do a lot of dmg , but sometimes he do not enough. in the mid game, he is very useless. He do no damage, and is very squishy, but maybe he would improved (I HOPE ! :)). It is very funny to play with him, but u need the right lanepartner (Like Sion: He stun a enemy, and u hit them down).

-Ghouls are AWESOME
-Ghouls deal a lot of damage (AD)
-Ghouls can sometimes kill a runing champ

-Mana problems (early game)
-Very squishy and useless early game
-Ghouls live only 5 secs

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Summoner Spells

I choose this Summoner Spells, because they are good to kill someone in an 1v1, or kill someone who is running away. You use exhaust/Ghost and hit him sometimes, and POW - He´s dead, AND when u self got low HP/1v5, u can run away with exhaust/Ghost. I combinate exhaust with Omen of Pestilence, so they got a double slow :)

Ignite is very good too, because you can make so easy the first blood, or use it in an 1v1.

With Flash u can hurry up easy or flash to an low hp enemy to hit him and got +1 kill.

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Yorick is VERY good to farm. With his "Omen of Pestilence" or the "Omen of War" he can kill much minions. I got in an 5v5 over 130Minions, after 30minutes and NOT on a single lane. It´s easy :)

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Team Work

Yorrick is very good in an team fight, and is an really advantage for the team. With his Ulti can someone kill the enemy and got an really nice ragekill :)

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I hope u like my guide and it helps u to play Yorrick a little better. Please write an comment, and say me what i can change :)
See u soon guys ;)

Want to see some videos with League of Legends Champions and gameplays? Watch my Youtube channel, i hope you enjoy :)