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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author perradin

You got 99 problems and a Blitz is one (updated)

perradin Last updated on February 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fear the crank

If you're having robot problems, I feel bad for you son.

This an hybrid tank/ap build. I think this build fosters harassing rather than a straight tanking play style, and is a bit less risky than stacking snowball items. You may not stack up a ton of kills, but you should stay alive and get quite a few assists.

Blitz is a horrible farmer until he gets his ult. Arguably, he's still a horrible farmer after that. Since lots of your time will be spent running around like a moron, trying to score grabs, this build will help maximize gold income.

Skill order isn't huge here. Maxing grab/punch will lower their cooldowns, while maxing overdrive will help you jet to turrets and otherwise help you get the **** out of hairy situations.

Fear the crank!

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Alternate Items

Some of these items are up for grabs.

*Instead of selling off the Kage blade later on in the game, you can go on ahead and build it into the trinket item for some nice damage.

*I like to use the Jesus Ring (now Zhonya's Hourglass) because it gives a good boost to AP and will keep you alive in a pinch, but you could build Tear of the Goddess into either Manamune (especially if you take Sheen) or an Archangel's Rod thingy. The extra mana will be helpful to your mana barrier.

*Sheen could also be given up for one of these items, but I like the speed boost when you build it into Lichbane. Plus, it works well with your punch skill.

*There's no real need for Randuin's Omen. You likely won't have time to build this. Heart of Gold is really helpful early/mid game, and Randuin's active is pretty good too.

*If you go the more tanky route, a Guardian Angel could be helpful. With all the gold stacking items and Blitzbombs on creep pushes, you'll be surprised how fast will pile up.

*Cooldown boots are optional. I love them, but consider magic pen or +5 speed boots instead.

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Alternate Summoner Skills

I prefer Flash because it's really handy in a pinch, but consider some of these other skills if you're not feeling Clairvoyance.

*Clarity is awesome, especially since you can only do about 2 grabs before running out of mana early game.

*Teleport is useful, especially early game to go back and grab gold farming items.

*Ignite is an awesome skill. I'm more of a griefing player, but if you like to tower dive, this can help score a last hit kill.

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Comments/Tips for players

*If you're running by a creep camp or see a big creep push, blitz the **** over there and take them out. Your ult will usually 1-shot the whole spawn (to the consternation of your teammates).

*Try to lane with people who can CC/do a lot of damage, like Panth or Teemo.

*Mana Shield can help you score some kills, especially in an early game slugfest. It can also help you bail on a near-death situation.

*Not only does the rebuilt Jesus Clock give you armor and a big AP boost, its ability to active ability will save your *** in a team battle.

*Stay strong. You're like a star quarterback in the NFL. If you throw a few interceptions, fans will hate you and enemies will mock you. But when you hit that long bomb, opponents will fear you and players will love you. You may miss a few grabs, but just keep at it. Use terrain wisely.

*Players fear the crank. Clairvoyance can help scout ambushes and grabs. Use it wisely.

*Everyone knows about the old 'grab guy into turret' trick. But grab is also useful for grabbing players away from their turrets. Especially if they're afk before minion spawn.

*Remember. Players fear the crank, which means that they're going to target you. Use this to your advantage, but remember that you're not a tank. Run around and confuse the **** out of them while your mates sweep in for the kill. Grab someone, ult, punch them in the air, then get the **** out of there and let your teammates take some hits. Once enemies shift their attention get back in there and blow your load on them.

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Comments/Tips for playing against Blitz

*fear the crank.