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Swain Build Guide by RaDicolZach

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaDicolZach

You Just Got Swained

RaDicolZach Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide on Swain; The Master Tactician, here I will be covering Runes, Mastery's, Item Order, and Skill order for a very peculiar champion in the game.
I know many people before have tried to build and perfect this champion but I have yet to see a Swain one up me in a Mirror game. Try out my build and one up if you like it, any criticism would be EXTREMELY appreciated, and have thought taken into.

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Pro's and Con's


- Very Very High Burst Damage
- Great Early and Mid game
- Very Easy to Sustain Mana w/ out Mana regen items
- Could "carry" a group of monkey's with toothpicks to victory.
- Great CC


- Squishy with this build from level 1-8
- Cant "Gank" as well, might just be me.
- Normally results in constant Blue Buff being up
- If you're a monkey with a toothpick... Do NOT play Swain.

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For my rune page, its a basic Ability Power champion set up.

Greater Mark's of Insight for the early game Magic Pen to give you that little "Ooomph" in damage.

Greater Seal of Clarity because of my play style and the fact Mana Regen + Hextech Revolver = Win.

Greater Glyph of Force, because combined with the Greater Quint's of Force you get about 50 AP at level 18.

These runes are kind of up in the air, and if you want you can change out the Clarity runes for something else, if you do and it works, please tell me what you chose!

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For my mastery page, I went with a simple 9/0/21 for the Mana regen, CD Reduction, Spell pen, and little ability power.
These mastery's I find aren't very replaceable for the fact, the only other idea is Tank-Swain, which I guess could be viable with the amount of regen from your ulti with blue buff on.
Other options are getting point's in Quickness because he's a rather slow champion, getting greed for level 1-6 before killing happens, or not getting Clarity because its sometimes not as useful.

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Summoner Spell's


- Ignite, the reason I chose to sport ignite was for the extra damage it adds on with Torment, it gives easily 500 additional TRUE DAMAGE at level 18 which i find to be very nice to use with Decrepify -> Torment -> Ignite -> Ultimate.
Then you kinda just watch their health drop to 0.

- Clarity, the reason i use Clarity is for the one or two awkward moments you run out of mana while ulting and or trying to gank, then atleast you dont die, you can get more kills, and keep pressing on, this can also save team mates lives, and keep them in the fight longer. This summoner spell is rather frowned upon by most people and looked at as "Noobish" But i think i just reasoned with how its useful.

-Flash, My "Other option", well basically, this gives you more range and jumping ground on your Nevermove ability, getting one or possibly two more kills than you would have. Also helps to escape from the really bursty champions early game, but otherwise rather useless. You're Swain, after you get a Rylei's you dont know what death is.


-Teleport, very helpful in getting around the map, and possibly saving lives and taking names, but i find as mid, its not as useful as the other three options. Still viable.

-Rally, why..

-Exhaust, the only usefulness for this is to get those nasty AD carries to stop being carries. Other than that, your Decrepify has more than enough slow, and landing Nevermove is just as useful in cc'ing them.

-Ghost, besides being useful with your ulti on, and being useful to catch up to those stupidly fast champions to get a Nevermove off, this is replaced by Flash, or moar dots.

-Heal, i suppose its useful from level 1-6 then you get your ulti, then you just "Morph and eat em"

-Revive, I normally dont die more then 4 times a game as Swain, so its rather useless...

-Cleanse, Very VERY viable but not as useful, if Swain does get cc'd, he's normally with other team mates or already has his ultimate on, if you do think about sporting cleanse, tell me how it goes and it might become recommended.

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Swain is a very unique champion and is nowhere near played enough nowadays, he's replaced by other faceroll champions like Viegar lol...

If you like this guide and would like me to make more, tell me what champion and it would be considered.

Thumbs up if you liked it, comment if you have any questions, and or comments.


-You have been Swained-