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Mordekaiser Build Guide by vitabanica

You only need to click once fool-Mordekaiser Mid

You only need to click once fool-Mordekaiser Mid

Updated on June 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author vitabanica Build Guide By vitabanica 4,024 Views 1 Comments
4,024 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author vitabanica Mordekaiser Build Guide By vitabanica Updated on June 5, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hello everybody and welcome to my first Mobafire build This build is about Mordekaiser,The Master Of Metal.I decided to write this guide because recently I have been playing a lot mordekaiser and gaining Elo in ranked games.I play Mordekaiser ONLY Mid Lane because he rocks vs mages.Why?Well because most of the mages are like this:I big burst of damage and then waiting for cooldowns.And with his ability Iron Man(passive that gives him temporary shield) he blocks most part of the burst and he deals his burst to the enemies.And when playing vs mages like Cassiopeia or Malzahar or others who have spammable harras...well play def,farm and wait help from your jungler because with no shield Mordekaiser is useles and can be kited very easy imo :).I will try to keep my build refreshed for every new patch.My items aren`t the same every single game,but i will talk more about this in Items chapter.So lets start talking for Mordekaiser.
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Ranked Game Proof

This is my ranked stats with Mordekaiser for now.I started playing him recently so this stats will rise.
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Pros / Cons


-1 of the best farmers in the whole game
-Very easy to get fed with Mordekaiser
-Cooldown isn`t a problem for Mordekaiser
-Lategame if u do your job correct most of the teamfights are 6v4
-When playing mordekaiser and you can controll 2 people at ONCE
-All guys who listen to heavy metal music will like Mordekaiser ;p
-He can make pentakills with not much more feed then others ^^


-Lack of Crowd control(and maybe this is the biggest con to Mordekaiser)
-He can`t spam hie abilities early because of the high cost
-His abilities cost HP
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Runes and Masteries

I play MoRdekaiser with almost every time the same runepage and masteries and i will tell u why.It`s easier to learn a champions mechanics by playing him with the same masteries runes and first items imo :).When you get used to that champion u can change your masteries and runes according to the enemy team and counter them.
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Skills and Skill Sequence

Iron Man

(passive) -This is why Mordekaiser lives so long when focused in teamfights.Percentage of the damage dealt from your abilities is converted in a temporary shield that gets stronger with levels.

Mace of Spades

(Q) -Your next Autoattack deals more damage and hits up to 3 additional enemies nearby the first one.This skills is not that important so max it by level 18.

Creeping Death

(W) -Unleashes a protective cloud of metal to one of nearby allies and increases armor magic res. and deals damage to surrounding enemies.Use this skill when you are zoned or cant farm.use it on your 2nd minion soldier because the first one gets the enemy minions agrro.Also when u think and can be dived use it on u and u can get and unexpected kill.

Siphon Of Destruction

(E)-Mordekaiser`s bread and butter.You do everything with this spell-farm,harras,take kills(sometimes kill steals ^^).Max this by level 9 and when using it try to hit as many as possible enemies so that you can charge your shield.

Children Of The Grave

(R) -This is what wins games.When using this ability on enemy that is about to die,and dies u get his soul to move with you and deal damage with normal attacks.The soul attacks only with his normal attacks.This skill has many ways that can be used and I will explain 2 of them for now.
On enemy ad carry -this is the most common way of using this spell.Why?Because their AD carry has a lot of AD,which means that the soul deals more damag.And also enemy ad carry is ranged(or should be) and it deals damag from range)
So if your botlane isn`t doing well then better for you :)

Use it on enemy AP carry- this is mostly used when in small fights or if their AP carry is doing AoE damaga and may turn the fight.So if u get him he may not deal a lot damage with his normal attack but u will save your team from massive AoE damage.Good examples of this is taking the soul of Anivia Brand Veigar etc......
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Summoner Spells

I won`t lose a lot of time here.The best summoner spells for Mordekaiser are Flash and Ignite.Ignite+ulti=a lot of DoT.I have tried Mordekaiser with other spells but the result isn`t as good as the Flash+Ignite Morde.
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Yes this is very important for Mordekaiser.until lvl 3-4 you should just wait and last hit creeps with normal attacks.When reached lvl 3-4 you should go in the middle of the creep wave ,use W on yourself and E to the caster minions then Autoattack on 1 fighter minion and quickly after Q.And let your minions die from the enemy tower so your opponent doesn`t take gold.While waiting your creeps to die you should`t stay afk u should ask your jungler whether u can take the Wraiths and go take them.Combo for them is:W-E-AA-Q and they should be dead.You may think this isn`t crutial but it actually IS.Why?Because the wraiths give u average 60 gold and their respawn time is 1 min.So 60g/min is a nice boost to your cash. :)
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Despite being nerfed,Mordekaiser is still 1 of the Most OP CHAMPS in LoL.If u master him well,u have guarantee win every game.I will try to keep this build refreshed with every new patch.And finally if u have questions you can find me here:

Summoner name: vitabanica

Dont forget to vote and comment and if Dont disagree with something dont forget to comment and say why you disagree.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author vitabanica
vitabanica Mordekaiser Guide
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You only need to click once fool-Mordekaiser Mid

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