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Viktor Build Guide by WhySooooSerious

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhySooooSerious

You vould be vise to stay clear of me, i vill!...destroy you

WhySooooSerious Last updated on March 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction- Victor is by far 1 of the most explosive and dangerous champs

FYI---> The Two Builds Are For Midding with Victor. If Laning, at level 2 put a point into gravity field instead of power transfer incase you get jumped early.

Hello all, first and foremost I would like to make clear that this guide will not have the neat little pictures to scroll onto for moves/spells I don't know how and don't care to do it. However, my information on Victor speaks for itself. I won't bore you with long explanations as most of the people just come looking for the build of the character and a few tips to go along with it. I'm sure most who look at the builds are capable enough to merge their knowledge of strategy with the build I offer and will know if it doesn't suit their play style. I've provided 2 different builds for Victor, the first is what I use mainly. The second is situational.
Some items are situational but your core is Augment:Death/Sorc Shoe/Rod of Ages/RabCap. These items ensure you great burst and enough mana to continue assaulting with Death Ray.

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Just wanted a section alone to say how insanely great Victor is. There is a lot of people who disagree but not the ones who took time to learn and master him. His Death ray is pure fun once you learn how to use it.

My sections are short and sweet for easy reading, I myself hate reading long drawn out explanations so this is my guide. I don't believe guides need to be huge for them to be good. I will not be making a list of characters and what to do against them as Victor for one reason: Play the game and have fun learning what to do against other characters.
If you play a good Victor it's the other characters that need to learn what to do against you.

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Build 1 is what you should be using more often. Build 2 is more for shutting down tanky teams early nulling their magic resist items not to mention Void staff is a great upgrade for cheap early. Build 2 is also for more seasoned Victor players who have his escapes mastered and don't require as much health stemming from rylais.

To those who believe the slow off rylais is essential ---> If you know Victor, your burst will demolish your foe quickly and you won't need the slow. Not to mention they won't get far when you send death ray after them. Not saying it wouldn't be useful but since one of his spots is already taken from start because of his technology you limited with item selection and sometimes other items are more beneficial depending on the team your facing.

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Skill Burst Sequence

Death ray--->Gravity Field---->Ult--->Power Transfer--->Death Ray (Toss in Ignite if up)

Always try to Combo Death Ray with Power transfer.

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Pros / Cons

+ Great poking capability
+ Strong damage from start to finish
+ AOE Stun/silence/slow
+ Great Farmer
+ Strong burst that's like a combination of Annie/Veigaresque
+ Has escape tools
+ He's a machine built to destroy
+ Death Ray upgraded with Augment:Death has Vicious synergy with ignite and Ult combo
+ Very rewarding when learned

+ Death Ray takes some getting used to
+ Gravity field has a small area of effect
+ Little squishy
+ Fairly slow runner

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Summoner Spells/Masteries

Flash is another good escape tool.
Ignite has great synergy with ult and even further greatness when Augment:Death upgrade is bought and all 3 are used together.

Victor is a slow runner and if your not comfortable using his escape tools yet then ghost is a safer choice. Ghost/Flash are changeable and can be used for either build. Ghost may even be more beneficial to get ahead of foes for a proper Gravity field placement to cut them off.

Note: Don't forget to switch your masteries around in utility when not using flash. The added speed when using ghost is a plus.

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Tips for Laning/Ganking/General

+ Scan bushes and over walls with Death Ray. Steal Baron from enemy team with it (evil laugh).

+ When using Death Ray click one part of the circle and flick your mouse in the direction you want it to go. It's really easy to use once you get the hang of it. When poking people make sure you click the edge of your circle and flick up in the direction to maximize the range. When fighting close combat click closer in the circle and flick to target. The cool thing is being able to slide it any direction. It's straight forward once you learn it but maybe my explanation will help others to figure it out. Also don't forget that you can cast this move while on the move, so punish foes chasing you.

+ I find Victor best suited for mid as he can out poke most champs. Lux and Oriannas range can cause problems if your not good at dodging and stand still for too long. If laning you want to put a point into Gravity field at level 2 incase your jumped.

+ Rushing Augment:Death early is beneficial for farming creeps and to drop your foe even more sending them reeling, losing exp, or setting up a nice flash/Ignite/Death Ray combo (If your enemy is still close enough add your Q move into the combo) this will more then likely earn you firstblood.

+ When being ganked drop Gravity fields back onto your heels so you and your chase-ee have to run right through it. This will either stop the ganker or he will run through slowing him and stunning him allowing you to escape if ghost or flash isn't up.

+ When your roaming for a gank make sure to check wether the foes your after have flash. If they do open up with Death Ray. They will get jumpy and 9 out of 10 times if their flash is up they will use it. That's when you will lay your gravity field to cut off their escape route and quickly use your ult silencing them. Then your Q move and Death ray again to finish them off.
Note: This combo needs to be done all at once quicktime to see massive burst
Note2: If they don't have flash you can open up with gravity field but in any case Death Ray opener offers more damage since after using ult and Q + ignite deathray should be off cooldown ready to use once again.

+ You can initiate team fights with your ULT silencing the enemy team and placing a Gravity field on their escape route quickly before the silence wears off and they can hit you.
Note: Only do this if your in a premade and everyone knows what your doing otherwise you will probably kill yourself placing the gravity field.

+ Once Jungling phase is over and team fights begin blue buff is your friend and you should be getting it all the time. Ask teammates to help steal from enemy team.

+ If your good at kiting Victor is pro at soloing champs and even in some cases taking 2 or 3 champs out on his own because of all his AOE capabilities. Kiting with Death Ray and Gravity Field is funny. Watching people trying to catch you and failing is priceless. A neat trick for high mobility characters like shaco/fizz/akali etc is placing your gravity Field on top of you. This will either buy you some time for teammates to catch up or they will fall into your trap stunning themselves and giving you the opportunity to make them regret coming after you bursting them back into 1999. Also note that if they come in on you in Gravity Field use your flash if up to create space and blow them up or keep running as you watch them get stunned and send Death ray as a parting gift.