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Mordekaiser Build Guide by kristy ann

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kristy ann

your ace in the hole with mordekaiser

kristy ann Last updated on February 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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mordekaiser has pretty mush become my main champion and i seem to be the only one building him this way. most other guides say to build him as an ap champ but about 3 times now it has been Ap mord (them) tank mord (Me) and i come out on top every time. it has to do that his ultimate deals a percentage of damage and that will do a lot of damage so you dont have to build damage and as a tank you can focus the enemy carry with out fear that the enemys will destroy you and if they do then theyre noobs for focusing a tank. then youll had their carry as your ghost and it will be there for the duration of the fight because you wont die.

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my runes are pretty much standard for a tank with the emphasis on the flat armor being the most important because i have found that the greatest counter to early game mord is the ranged carry. specifically cait because her ranged keeps her out of range of your E ability and take out your shield and start eating away your life. So that flat armor will help keep you alive. but if you arn't worried about that then you can swap it out for armr / lvl or Hp regen / 5 or movement speed or even Ap to dominate early lane, but i would find that as soon as you get your teir 2 boots its all you need to poke enemys for total dominance early game.

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starting off with the regen pendent is usually the best way to go but if you dont have the flat Hp quints then dorans shield would be a possible choice if you feel to squishy or against ranged champs like ashe cait or miss fortune.

after the regen pendent the best way to go is to get your teir one boots and another pendent becasue at lower levels you'll be harassing your enemys but if you arnt doing it amazingly then youll be widdling down your own health along with them. some games i skip getting the second regen pendent and i go right for the mag pen boots because i was doing really good and i wanted to keep that advantage over my enemys keeping them away from gaining experience.

the mag pen boots are the only damage based items that you really need to get because due to his passive it works as an damage and increasing your shield.

my mid game items are based on getting my Hp regen up so i build Force of nature and warmogs armor in that order because the movment speed increase that comes with it as well as the mag res will serve better with getting in and out of situations easily. then warmogs is next because health and regen is what will make you a dominate force that will just destroy the enemys while taking massive damage.

your next item if youre worried about physical damage should be sunfire cape (notice that due to the passive on force of nature ill will give you increased Hp regen) but if you are worried about magic damage (usually you wouldnt be because a smart ap carry wouldnt wait cooldowns trying to burst down a 4k hp tank) is spirit visage. this again gives Hp regen and hp as well as cd reduction and mag resist.

both those items would be a must however

the last item should be up to your choice
i like going with randuins omen to give armor hp and regen and as a bonus it has a nice active ability incase you are getting ganked and you need to make a swift get away. however it is the last item i get so im usually never alone.

note* i still have yet to play a game with mord that i complete my build because of the last 5 games with him 4 ended in surrender and one was over in 3o minutes

note** if your build is done it is a good idea to get the elixers at the end prioritizing the Ap elixer

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skill sequence

this set up is pretty much standard for the skills on mord no matter how you build him. unless youre going ad and youd do his q first. but early when you are particularly squish youd want that siphon of destruction because it farms, harasses, and charges your shield all at the same time. maxing it by level nine is a must.

the next ability that should be maxed is his mace of spades ability which is your q ability. once you have this then you can early games 1 v 1 most people because it does extra damage when theyre alone. or i use it to farm entire minion waves with siphon in to mace of spades then a quick clean up of the remaining minions.

his w is creeping death. early game this works really well for farming because your q and e dont to quite enough damage to kill all the creeps so the aoe damage over time on this ability will easily clean them up. i use this primarily late game to help keep the ad melle carry alive so running into a team fight ill quickly cast it on to the champ do we dont lose him/her. i usually dont use it on myself because i am already quite durable enough and i do the same damage with sunfire cape. it can also be cast on a minion if you want to harass enemys from safty and troll someone who is trying to get last hits and with the extra armor cause a minion to last hit it.