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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by GoodTimes420

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoodTimes420

Your Bidding My Master

GoodTimes420 Last updated on July 21, 2011
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Aside from being a squishy champion Fiddles is most definately a game changer. Whether laning mid, with an ally or even jungling what he lacks in defence he makes up with his Drain. His ultimate will melt your enemies health in late game soloing an enemy or two and especially in team fights.

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Greater Gyyph of Insight x9 Greater Seal of Potency x9 Greater Mark of Insight x9 Greater Quintessence of Potency x9

With Dorans Ring and +20ap that's 35ap at the start along with Fiddles passive (enemies near FiddleStick have their magic resist reduced by 10) combined with your +14 Magic penetration at the start of the game you should be dealing damage that is almost true to most champions.

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Skill Sequence

Drain is your life line early game, so it should be the first skill to put points towards. By level 6 you should have 2 points in fear 2 points in Drain, 1 point in Dark Wind, and 1 in Crowstorm.


This Ability is the best disable in LoL (in my opinion). Not only is it handy for drain, but it can be used to deny Champions XP during laning phases. Another great opportunity to use Fear is if your teammate and your self are trying to attack a turret but there is always that annoying champion who wont let you get close or let you deal out some decent damage, Co-ordinate with your team, Fearing an enemy near the turret dosen't to any damage so the turret will NOT focus you, so fear your enemy wait for a teammate to start the attack then hit the drain and you should be able to perform a successful dive, or while the enemy is feared take a couple shots at the turret every hit counts.


Fiddlesticks' Drain is quite strong, allowing you to deal damage and heal at the same time can be a huge advantage. Since the aggro on Fiddle's fear is big larger then Drain, setting up the Fear Drain Combo is rather easy. Let the enemy come to you. Being patient often allows you to gain the upper hand. Wait for your prey to become just close enough you can take a few steps and cast fear, then drain. Stopping the drain before the fear wears off will allow you to get some distance between your target.


DarkWind is great for harassment, and minion control. Sometimes when an enemy gets caught in your Fear Drain combo and the fear wears off the target may just try to run away to avoid being drained any further, should they do this and you have the mana available cast your DarkWind to deal that extra damage, if you can time it right as they run away they may run past an incoming minion wave and DarkWinds bounce could come back and hit them again possibly resulting in a kill!
Crow Storm

Probably the best AoE Ultimate in the game (in my opinion). Try not to allow the enemy to see you casting this spell, if they see it they will immediately run the opposite direction. Try waiting for them to push a lane just enough where you can hide in a bush or behind a wall. When you successfully pull off a gank, Cast DarkWind, Fear, then Drain your target. Co-ordinate your ult with your team so you may have the chance at a successful gank, instead of wasting one of the strongest AoE Skills in the game, or worse getting yourself killed. Upon casting directly into a Team Fight, toss DarkWind, then if your team has a strong Crowd Control Champion try Fearing then instead of a Squishy champion that CrowStorm and DarkWind should finish off, Keeping the CC champion out of the game can allow your teammates to dish out some decent damage with-out being stunned, snared, slowed, ect. If you have bought Zhonya's HourGlass then don't forget to Activate it upon unleashing all your abillities.

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Summoner Spells

Taking clarity is a great choice for fiddles, it allows you to be a little bit more aggressive without worrying to conserve mana for the low heath drain, and also if you put the mastery point in Insight your team can be almost fully mana supplied and continue to push a lane after a successful team fight.

My Favorite Summoner Spell, it has so many useful tactics. Flash behind your enemy and try a fear drain combo great for mid lane finishing off a low health target. Cast your ult even if they enemy is out of range, you can make up that extra distance with flash. Being chased down, Flash over a wall, or even further away.

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Starting withDorans Ring is a great starting item farm as best a you can to buy yoursorcerers boots, start farming hard and last hitting and you should have aNeedlessly Large Rod in no time with a few champion kills and constant farming you should be able to get yourRabbadons Deathcap. By now the enemy team should be aware of your power they might start building magic resist items if they are your next item should be theVoid Staff if you think you can do with out thenZhonya's Hourglass should be your next item. Now you should be
winning team fights with your ult without too much problems look out for CC and don't forget to use Zhonya's Active So if
you notice a few enemies getting away, ThenRylai's Crystal Scepter should keep them from running to far plus the added health isn't too bad. Another item you could utilize might beThe Abyssal Scepter, incase your enemies might be strong casters as well the 70Ap plus the 57 Magic Resist, and the passive which any enemy who is close to Fiddles has their Magic Resist reduced buy 20. The last thing i would like to say in this area is i didn't putMejia's SoulStealer in this build but, if you need to sell Doran's Ring early because your on a roll then i would suggest buying a Mejia's SoulStealer, but beweary as your enemy will notice that you have a few stacks then you may become the focus of all team fights but if you're able to achieve 20 stacks your enemies health bars will melt-down to nothing with just your CrowStorm alone.

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Fiddles should always be farming whether in the jungle or pushing lanes don't stop,Dark Wind with 1 point till level 12 is stronger than most people might think, especially withRabbadons Deathcap. So use that Skill to last hit minion waves or jungle creeps. If you notice that your opponent has left the lane to do what ever, and you have pushed your lane to their turret hit the jungle up for some extra gold while the lane is unguarded if you don't want to push the turret.

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Overall i believe FiddleSticks is one of the most strongest AP Ranged Caster champions to play. If you keep on eye on your map, and co-ordinate your ults with your team mates, even if your losing the match all it takes is for one well placedCrowStorm to change the game and turn it all around!

Hope you enjoy my build! Don't forget to Vote and Comment!