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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Joeeyyy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Joeeyyy

Your Fate Has Been Decided

Joeeyyy Last updated on April 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Game Tactics

Hey, This is my first build so it may be a bit noob like but I am here to help, I don't ever really read the long bits of the build so I am going to keep this short for the sake of people like me. First Start of mid, I know its not AP but still very good, if not you could be AD carry after laning for awhile and hopefully racking in kills do a small Jungle run and rack a small amount of gold for your build once this is complete, be the extra gank for your team using your ultimate to cut off any enemy champions on the run or in stealth. This should rack a lot more kills and with the unique passive extra gold earned per the kill of minions so don't forget to farm all game. Now you Just want to win obviously ;D

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Items Explained

I shall explain the item choice, Obviously berserker's greaves for attack speed, We now wants wits end for initial start game damage and additional attack speed, We then get malady for the same reason as wits end additional passive magic damage and even more attack speed. We now get madreds bloodrazor this is for a pile of huge damage (good against tanks) and As you guessed attack speed, Trinity force is next this is to help with stacked deck, Trinity force gives additional bonus damage after abilities hugely boosting basic attacks because of stacked deck. Lastly we get infinity edge this isn't absolutely necessary but it is nice to have some end game damage to really rack up your killstreak.

So that is my build for a DPS Twisted Fate build.

Good luck and Have Fun

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Skills Explained

Ok This is skills explained, We really want to max out stacked deck early game this is going to maximise potential damage due to attack speed throwing out a lot of attacks and stacked deck every 4. Then You want Pick a card, This ability is hugely useful in all situation, use red mainly for team battles slowing enemies that attempt to run but also obviously to damage all the enemy champions around. Gold is for singular champions such as ganks to help a team as gold stuns the enemy, it can also be used for fleeing enemy champions stun them and kill. Blue is very very useful early game you want to use this every so often to restore your mana to reduce recall and the need of any mana potions or items. Wild card is a pretty useless move as it does little damage early game and gets little hits unless aiming directly at the target or building AP however it can be useful to last hit out of range fleeing champions or do a little damage in a team fight. Lastly Destiny This can Be used for everything ever, Can be used for checking baron, dragon and Just in general for seeing where enemies are. Another thing it can be used for is being able to attack and damaged stealthed units such as shaco, twitch and evelynn. Another great use is for cutting off champions fleeing or for ganking and don't forget good old helping allies.

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Pros / Cons

Great against tanks
Great 1v1
Good support
Easy minion farm

Bad against ganks and multiple kills
Low health

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Just Say thanks For reading or using my first build I have made on mobafire this chapter is mainly for the 5000 letter minimum because I really don't know how much I have right now but it is also to say thanks and have fun. Hope you enjoy the build, the game and slaying other players with your new favourite champion Twisted Fate

Created By,
A keen gamer