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League of Legends Build Guide Author animorte

Your Favourite Stalker

animorte Last updated on November 28, 2010
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Welcome one, and all! I hope you find what are looking for in this guide or at least something new. If you are looking for a quicker (brief) review of in-game activity or basic playstyle, please refer to the first comment.

Evelynn has exceptional potential and is often underestimated, but rarely seen in ranked matches due to the easy counter. She is not the easiest to play and definitely not the easiest to master, but she is also not the most complicated. This build is based on being able to utilize all of her possibilities, thus making her much more versatile. It is mostly an AP based build because of her AP abilities, but I add in attack speed to give her more uses.
She is by far the master of the shadow. Let us begin!

-Good at backdooring (with minions)
-Makes enemy waste money
-Makes people QQ

-Stealth easily countered
-Not very useful in team fights
-Not very good farmer

Summoner Spells:

Exhaust - It is great for solo ques when you don't expect your team to help you much or if you have no allies to aid in your kills (with stuns/slows of their own). It can also be used to gtfo.

Ignite - Excellent for finishing off those enemies with your small combo assuming the stun/slow of your laning partner or your Exhaust didn't slow them enough for you to finish them off.


Flash - One of your best gtfo tools assuming a gank has gone unexpected and your stealth is still on cooldown. It also allows you to either catch up to enemies or go through walls.

Ghost - Provides as another way to gtfo in any of the same situations and is often chosen as ideally before Flash.

Teleport - This is a great way to get around the map for many different reasons. You may need to defend a tower, gank an enemy, return from shopping, or support an ally in any number of situations.

Skill Sequence:

Determined Killer - In my opinion, it is one of the more useless passives of any champion. I suppose it just helps her farm a little better and push those creep waves.

Hate Spike - This is your spammable ability that you shouldn't have to use too much aside from farming. It helps you farm a little better and helps finish off those enemies. It is the second to max out because it helps your allies push turrets and is good for farming extra gold.

Shadow Walk - With this, you can stealth wherever you need to go and stun your enemies. I only put one point here to start and get an advantage on enemy position and provide that early stun. I max this last because you shouldn't need more than 20 seconds to get to an enemy or to get away from one. The stun time is increased, but this is mostly a burst build and after the stun, she relies on another ally stun or Exhaust.

Ravage - This is your best burst and ganking material. I max it first because this build is made for early/mid game ganking. Even when not expecting a kill, it is excellent harassment if you have an ally to help you.

Malice and Spite - This ultimate is very much like Master Yi's in that it greatly increases Evelynn's movement and attack speed while also refreshing the cooldown if any enemy champion dies. Evelynn does not need Heal because her ultimate also passively heals her every time she either kills or assists in killing an enemy champion.


While I have considered going 21/0/9 or even 25/0/5 to maximize that overall damage output versatility, I believe the versatility of everything excluding the damage output alone is more important.

Of course I put the points in for the summoner spells that change accordingly depending on which spells I'm using at the time, overall decreasing cooldowns on both of them multiple times. The point for the extra AP from Ignite is not better than the magic penetration.

My playstyle requires me to get the extra points for experience and I always love to steal buffs from enemies, sometimes even more than going to get them myself.

Rune Build:

Greater Mark of Insight - Absolutely the best for penetration of any kind. :P

Greater Seal of Alacrity - I find Seals a little harder to place than the other runes. The extra attack speed of course allows you to hit faster. This is a part of making her more versatile. You can also use Greater Seal of Vitality for extra heakth since she doesn't have very much or for extra ability power.

Greater Glyph of Celerity - The extra cooldown reduction allows you to use all of your abilities more often. You can sometimes even use twice in a gank and very quickly afterwards. You could replace this with for more ability power.

Greater Quintessence of Insight - That is why we have more magic penetration for that extra burst damage. Can you ever have too much magic penetration?

Core Items:

Core Build:

Alternates: (1.) (2.) (3.)

The alternates are to show that this build does not rely on Mejai's Soulstealer and shows the possibility for extended games. They are 'equally' effective and from a sequence, move each item forward one slot at the possible lack of presence from Mejai's.

Item Purchases:

Chalice of Harmony - This is the ideal mana regen item and Evelynn does not rely on a large mana pool at any point, although a large mana pool doesn't hurt. ( would take its place in extended games for the extra AP, in essence extra damage. Thus starting with of course.)

Sorcerer's Shoes - Everyone needs extra speed and this just adds much more to her magic penetration, allowing her to hit harder. Your basic AP boots. These can be replaced by if you want to be able to get to your ganks a lot quicker.

Mejai's Soulstealer - This item is of course very situational. It is by far the best monetary source of AP, but not the most reliable. This item is only for those who are good at avoiding death and always there for a fight. (Also when replacing this item, as previously stated, just move each item up one slot.)

Lich Bane - It is very useful along with your spam of abilities and you will hit a lot even after your burst. is the main idea here and it isn't maxed out until later in the game after the rest of your core items.

Nashor's Tooth - Surprisingly a great item to increase everything you really need. You get extra attack speed, ability power, cdr and mana regen. Getting it allows you to drop turrets and farm with ease without losing all the other important things to go with your build.

Void Staff - You get even more ability power and magic penetration. Simply an extra item to burst harder and put out more damage. This can be replaced by if you need to slow your enemies to finish them. is an excellent item for taking out the tanks or enemies with more health in general.

Malady - From this you will have ridiculous attack speed even without your ultimate and the main idea is to drop those turrets quicker before the enemy team gets an advantage. With the new addition, you will not lose ability power in your money and on every hit, you reduce the enemy's magic resist allowing you to hit even harder with your spam of Q. ( is an item placed in long games. You can stay out in the fight much longer, providing your team more gank ability, allowing you to push harder for the win. The necessity of the team depending on if you need to backdoor or gank is where the decision is made.)

Oracle's Elixir - Yes, you are stealth and can already see yourself. You also aren't the only stealth champ. It is very useful for seeing enemy stealthed champions, Teemo's mushrooms, and wards. Another situational item.


For the most part you will be hiding and seeking out every chance you can to take down an enemy during every portion of the game. Evelynn is made for ganks and scouting. Use it to the best of your ability.

Early Game:
You will start out with and 2 (if you plan to be farming a little more). You also put that first point in and scout around to find out who you are laning against and then pick a safe spot in a bush nearby. Hopefully you have a laning partner that you can trust to lane (seemingly) 1v2 and help you with harassment and possibly kills (preferably stun/slow).
Stealth out of the bush and walk around every chance you get and don't stay still for too long. Whenever you reach level 2 from the experience (although lack of gold, but don't worry. You will get plenty soon enough.) put that point in and pick an enemy to attack. Your ally should be ready and will then attack when you initiate, stunning/slowing that enemy after escaping your stun, providing time to deal more damage. If you got the kill, yay! If not, you can wait until your stealth is off cooldown and do it again. By this point, your enemy should have gotten the idea.
They will either back off or try to counter you early. If they buy an (bad idea) or (better idea) then you can watch for its position and counter that. (Remember: Vision Wards can't see in a bush unless it is in the bush!) You want to stay in a bush waiting for your enemy to stun the target and when you step out they can see you, but can't do anything. You run up and stun/ravage and make them feel stupid.
After you possibly have a few kills and taught your enemies to hug that turret, you can teleport to base and upgrade to (or ) and at least .

Mid Game:
About this point you should have finished off your and (or ) and you can start finding those gank opportunities. Nobody will really know when you are MIA so if they aren't cautious, you will teach them to be.
When you are ready for a gank, let your allies know so they can help you. When a safe distance away you will thus activating / , you charge in and . You will start auto-attacking and to finish the enemy while your ally stuns again and throws down damage of his own.

Late Game:
Your enemy team has suffered your wrath, leading them to be much more cautious by either buying items to counter you or staying back in safety. A few turrets may have been dropped and you should be picking up to help break into the base and hit everything even harder. This is where it really becomes situational.
The enemy team probably has a tank with and it's not a good idea for your team to target him, or they all die to the untargeted DPS/Carries. You can in fact be in a team fight, although Evelynn shouldn't be standing there fighting. Any big AoEs will stop the enemies just long enough for you to run in, pick off the ranged carry that thinks he is safe, and gtfo. Aside from that, you will probably be pushing those turrets.
If the game goes this long, go ahead and get to more effeciently roflstomp your enemy of choice because they will definitely start to build some defence just so you can run right through it. You could get if you have trouble with enemies trying to run. It will slow on every hit of .

Late Late Game:
Both teams have lost a large percentage of their turrets and looking for any advantage and time to overwhelm the enemy team, kill Baron, and run in for the win. You need the extra AP from and your basic idea is to pick off any and every champion dumb enough to stray away from their group.
If your team desperately needs that one inhibitor, then you should set off to steal that advantage. If an enemy is trying to backdoor you for the advantage, teach him to mind his own base. You might need to steal a bit of health by means of to do so, but it must be done.
If you are having trouble with out-bursting with your damage output or the enemies just have way too much health, take into the fight.

Things to remember:

Let your enemies help you. No matter how good you are, there is always a champ that will stop you in your tracks. You never want to be targeting tanks or other champions with stun that could out-dps you, especially not without help. Any good CC champions are excellent to lane with:

Stun/Snare: Taric, Sion, Ryze, Morgana, Lux, Amumu, Veigar, Swain, Kennen, Twisted Fate, Malzahar (ult), Warwick (ult), Sona (ult), Ashe (ult)
Slow: Nunu, Anivia, Kassadin, Akali, Cho'Gath, Teemo (ult)
Airborne: Blitzcrank, Xin Zhao
Taunt: Shen, Rammus, Galio (ult)
Fear: Shaco, Fiddlesticks

The list goes pretty much from best to worst (top to bottom) and also provides a pretty good idea of who to avoid fighting 1v1. This mostly consists of the tank champs, healing champs, or champs with more effective stuns/snares. More specifically:

Taric, Sion, Morgana, Amumu, Swain, Sona, Warwick, Malzahar, Nunu, Kassadin, Cho'Gath, Shen, Rammus, Galio

Some champions are not as much of a threat as others. Just make sure you know who you are up against.

Overall, you must remember the purpose of Evelynn. She can be very versatile, and utilizing this potential can lead to devastating circumstances for your enemies. She is also quite easy to kill...if they can find you, and catch you. Work cautiously around those threatening enemies and consider all the circumstances.

Thank you DEWO for the basic guide set-up. This is my first build following that template for a detailed and organized description.