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Olaf General Guide by Crymore

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crymore

Your mom's OP

Crymore Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The first Olaf build is ment for solo top lane in 3's and 5's, and the second build is for jungle olafs. This guide was ment to help new olaf's solo top lane with a solid AD build.

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Pretty standard for hard hits, however Armor Penetration Quints are acceptable, even though olafs ultimate gives him enough armor penetration, the defense and magic resistance help you lane against melee, ranged, and mages.

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The standard melee masteries.

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Beserkers Greaves - I like to start with boots to catch my opponent faster, and the attack speed stacks with your passive
Phantom Dancer - Movement speed to catch slowed oppenents faster, add this with ghost and you most likely got yourself a kill
Starks Fervor - The lifesteal and attack speed are great, this stacks with your w and passive making you hard to kill, and most likely able to 3v1(i have at this point)
Infinity Edge - Get this for high crits and heals, however a blood thirster may be bought first if your having trouble with your current state of survival.
Blood thirsters - Great passive, this gives you an effect which stacks per kill (champion and minion), this gives you 1 AD and .025% lifesteal, but when its maxed out it should give you a total a total of 100 attack damage, and 25% damage lifesteal, which means your 1k crits will heal you for roughly 910.

after you get all these items you should be a pain train, and be capable of soloing baron, and have the potential to PENTAKILL! But another item you can sub in is a Frozen Mallet, which would help you secure your kills, and get more melee hits while w is up, and it increases the power of your W. Also, if your going up against tanky champions like Shyvanna, replacing a blood thirster with a last whisper or black cleaver and a maldreds razor would help.

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Skill Sequence

Reckless Strike - Must be maxed first, its your early game nuke
Vicious Strikes - Can be maxed second depending on how your performing, more lifesteal is always better for surviving damage, and sustaining in lane
Undertoe - I reccommend to max this second, not only should you have collected at least 5-7 kills by now, but isnt it better to have your only CC higher so you can catch your kills?
Ragnarok - Use this with ghost on champions with some sort of cc (slows, stuns, knock ups), this not only makes you scream BROMACIA if you have brolaf, but it also looks intimidating, also it makes you immune to cc for 6 seconds. I recommend saving this for champions with some sort of cc.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost - This summoner spell has GREAT synergy with Ragnarok.Ghost can be used aggressively to get close faster and stay close longer, or defensively to get away. I suggest using this with Ragnarok to get a distance closer, since olaf only has undertoe to slow opponents.

Ignite - use this if their at low health, or if they have heavy regneration; like Volibear or Dr.Mundo

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To play Olaf you have to be ballsy, the strategy i use is Undertoe as harass until level two, then i use undertoe, run in and use Reckless Strike pick up my axe if its close then run back to your side of the minions, rinse and repeat until the target is at half hp, this is where you throw your axe, pop ghost, pick up your axe and use reckless strike while chasing them to their turret, use undertoe as much as possible to get hits in, but if they made it, just use ignite and the kill should be yours unless they have heal, or are stacking armor, but if they go back to base successfully then at least you got a farm and level advantage and can do it better! Remember to not do this while they are near their turret. Once you pick up Starks fervor, feel free to hit minions to heal yourself so you can keep harassing, and to engage a fight where your focused however if your extremely low go back to base and buy some items if possible.

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Olaf has about a 4/5 farming potential, he can undertoe minions and enemy champions for last hits, and since he has a high AD ratio, attack speed early game is great to clear minion waves faster.

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Pros: olaf is deadly when he is low on health
this build has carried games
his nuke obliterates health
after starks fervor he begins to "snowball"
a very fun build to play
Cons: Building attack speed is bad early game against champions who are building too scale with their abilities
Olaf must stand and fight, and if your new to olaf this is scary

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Kill Sequence

If you are level 6, and just killed a champion, i suggest you clear that minion wave, and head to middle or bottom for another quick kill if its possible, remember not to turret dive, and to go top once you see an enemy champion push that lane.

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Well this is my first guide, and proud to give to you what i think is one of the best olaf builds out their, because you can turn a game around once you get starks fervor, Constructive Criticism is welcome, if i missed anything or if youd like to play some games with me please feel free to contact me and/or send your summoner name to my email


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