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Your priorities in league of legends

Your priorities in league of legends

Updated on March 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author alex4864 Build Guide By alex4864 8,540 Views 0 Comments
8,540 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author alex4864 Build Guide By alex4864 Updated on March 5, 2013
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One of the biggest differences between bad and good teams is their priorities throughout the game. League of legends is intuitively designed to create a flowing and dynamic game, with different objectives as the game progresses. For example, in the beginning of a game the turrets are very strong in comparison to players, making it hard to destroy them and therefore making them less important objectives. However, later in the game champions are much stronger in comparison to turrets and it becomes much easier to destroy them. In this guide I will discuss the priorities for your and your team as a game progresses.
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Early game

In the very beginning, your primary goal is to farm. Turrets and the dragon are too strong to be easily taken, so the best way to gain gold is to farm. Roaming too much will mean missing out on early gold. Remember that a kill is really only worth about 20 cs (that's a very large approximation, it can be much higher or lower), so your best option for early game gold should be farming. Really the only two things that will be contested much are minions (the lanes), and the red and blue buffs. The later may seem less important to non-jungling players, but they are a major factor in the game and you should most always help your jungler protect their buffs/ steal those of your opponents.
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Early / Mid game

At this point everybody is a bit stronger. At this point, it becomes much more feasible to take down turrets, and you should try to do some damage to them, or even destroy one. It's now possible for early dragons, but a wary team can easily thwart a dragon this early in the game. Let's take a look at how much each of these targets are worth. Destroying a turret grants everyone on your team 150 gold. 150 gold * 5 members = 750 gold. That's about 2.5 kills, or 50 cs(again very approximate). The dragon grants 190 global gold. 190 gold * 5 teammates = 950 gold. That's about 3 kills or 60 cs. You should still put a great emphasis on farming, but towers and the dragon are becoming more important.
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Mid game

By now, you should be much stronger compared to turrets. At this point gameplay starts to really center around turrets and the dragon. Because of the more valuable and centralized objectives. Teamfights will also start to occur. A mistake at this point will cost you a lot of gold(both in deaths and dragon/tower losses). You must have the dragon warded, and you have to be ready to defend or attack any objective when your team needs you to. However, you must keep farming! When nothing is going on, continue improving your cs. Never waste time.
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Late game

This is where the game ends. A mistake here could be gg. You're still going to farm, but objectives are king. Be ready to defend or attack towers, dragon, and most importantly, the baron. The baron gives 300 global gold. 300 gold * 5 teammates = 1500 gold. This, in addition to a buff that will most likely win that team a few towers if not the game itself, makes the baron of utmost importance.
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Some numbers

A champion with no kills or deaths grants 300 gold. First blood is always 400 gold. After each consecutive kill, a champion's bounty increases. The maximum is 500 gold at 4 kills in a row. Champions also decrease in value after consecutive deaths. After ten deaths, a champion is only worth 15 gold!

Melee: 22 gold at start, +1 every 5 minutes
Caster: 16 gold at start, +1 every 5 minutes
Siege: 27 gold at start, +1 every 2/3 minutes
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Thank you for reading my guide. This is my first guide so please rate it fairly. I hope this guide helps you in some way, as it was a great learning experience for me!
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Your priorities in league of legends

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