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Twisted Fate Build Guide by RobertPorter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RobertPorter


RobertPorter Last updated on July 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Table of Contents
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First thing's first, this guide features AD/AS and AP builds. If they fix the unlisted PaC buff then AD is the only way to build some of the build up there is derped and herped and I'm too lazy to fix parts of it and make it neat. So you'll have to think at some parts and place some of the runes next to the other parts and etc... parts

I'm not going to get into a lot of details such as how to play TF and how to do x with him because he's self explanatory. Just backdoor and push, and if the opportunity is there, kill some lonely solo queuer. If you play TF any other way, I'd recommend uninstalling or playing Ryze. Build Mana/Tank, bait people, win fights.

You will also notice there are multiple rune choosing for the builds and that's because it's mostly up to you. If you want and can afford move quints, go ahead. If you want health, go ahead. If you want the offense ones, go ahead. It's up to you on how you play TF for the most part and you might even take something different, just for a start, pick one that I've provided.

Same with the builds, some items are out of order and I was hoping I could drag items around, nope.avi. So some of them are out of order and I'll detail them here. So if you're like "lol ur build has like twlve bilds noob," I'll just assume reading is a foreign concept and slowly talk in emotes, starting with :3.

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AD TF is the more common TF since he's the best AD carry late game. The reason for this is his teleport. If you've built a lot of AS and have over 250+ AD, you can just tele next to someone, and Gold card them, and watch as your Stacked Deck procs for what seems like every millisecond as you watch your victim's health bar just melt. AP does this too but AD can backboor better and isn't as squishy.

The reason AD TF can backdoor better is because you can do most of what AP TF does, i.e. push waves with ease and melt the turrets, AP TF took a hit since PaC doesn't affect turrets anymore so AP TF lost out on quite a bit of damage from that. You can still do near 1k in one hit with AP TF, probably closer to 800, but the PaC put you over 1k, at least it used to for me.

AD TF also isn't as squishy since I don't build spell vamp on TF since that's just not how AP TF works. More on that later though. AD TF will gain a lot of lifesteal from his Bloodthirster and hitting someone with a Gold card, unless it's Olaf, will easily let you recover nearly 200 damage. And generally, you aren't going for the people who can live through a three second encounter. So protip, don't go after Olaf solo.

For runes, just make sure you get the armor pen. And try and fill Seals/Glyphs with AS, hopefully Seals, then after that, do whatever. You can't really go wrong. For masteries, while the offense tree is a bag of ****s, the armor pen, AS, and 4% more damage is nice. If you want utility tree, go ahead. If you even want to throw the Defense tree in there, pick whatever works for you. TF does not give a **** for the most part, but if you aren't hitting hard early/mid (late game everything becomes irrelevant), then maybe switch up runes/masteries.

Champions you want to lane against

Generally, you want a solo lane and with that, you want to lane against a squishy. Note, this is all generally pre-level 6 since after you hit level 6-8, you're all over the place. I'll make a nice list though so you can just look through that:
    Karthus (Wait for his AoE to not be up before you move in if you can help it)
    Annie (Wait for her to use her Q, then move in)
    Brand (I usually don't have much trouble with Brand but if you mess up, he will hurt you)

Champions that will make you rage

These champs are the ones you want to avoid because getting close to them can mean your death. They generally can hit you from long range, put up spells that force you to turn back, only leaving you open to more hits, or outzone you, especially Anivia if she hits level 6.
    Swain (Caw caw caw)
    Fiddle (^)
    Malzahar (Just don't)
    Kog (Long range)
    LeBlanc (You move towards her, she jumps, Q, jumps back to you. She can see the card above your head too)
    Kassadin (If he's decent, if he's not, then add him to the fun list)
    Caitlyn (Dat range)
    Ezreal (If you manage to catch Corki or Ez, have at it, but trying to get close usually means poked to death x3 Also, beware Corki's debuff which makes your attacks miss x% of the time)

There's possibly others for each list, but generally, play aggressive for the first list and passive for the second. Just adapt and you won't lose your lane.

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What AP TF does

Melt, melt, melt, melt, melt, melt.

Who you want to lane against

Everyone. Why? Your Q outranges everything, and if you have some early game AP from Sheen + runes/masteries, you don't give a ****. Q all day.

Who will make you rage

lol did you read up silly?

For your build, just build AP and throw a Veil in there. I really don't give a **** what else you do as long as you're melting people.

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TF doesn't give a **** and melts champs and turrets. Team fights break out? Backdoor all day. Lanes not pushed? Push push push push. Make sure all your lanes are pushed and you can't lose. If you really want to win, have a jungle Alistar and tell him to gank your lane, ALL. *******. DAY.

Will update as needed~