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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yulu

Yulu's Mordekaiser Guide

Yulu Last updated on May 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all this is my first guide so go easy on me! =')

I have been using Mordekaiser since i first started playing LoL and can honestly say he is still my favourite champ by far. You get people moaning about how OP he is however he is actually quite killable 1v1 if you know what to do.

I have played with many builds across the years and found this 1 to be the most successful so far.

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My runes are simple.

Flat our magic pen marks. Flat Health per lvl seals. Health Regen/lvl glyph's and AP/lvl Quintessence's.

This is my favourite so far however if you feel you die to easily then you can swap the health regen for perhaps magic resist or armour say, i would say however that your health and magic pen is a must as you just wont survive nor deal enough damage.

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Many people use different masteries compared to me but i will explain why i use mine.

I go for 9/0/21.
I dont really stack in defense unless i want to tank which i rarely do. I go for 9 in offense and only up to the magic pen because i feel that any further is wasted, the 5% magic damage at the end of the tree really isnt that much of a difference when you build fully ingame as you will notice you can easily wipe most champs across the floor anyway.
In Utility i go for the main talents that suit morde such as the speed or the CD Reduction's being as morde's abilities actually have quite a big CD compared to most champs and as you know if he doesnt use his abilities he will A: Deal no damage, B: Not keep his shield in control enough for him not to be damaged and C: Will usually end up being the first to die.

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Here is where i like to play alot with.
Before i used to go into various items such as trinity force or warmog's etc however i tried this build 1 day and figured it out to be the best.

I start off with my regrowth pendant and a pot. Some people like to use doran's shield as its health and health regen however i feel or from what ive experienced, i cant lane as long as i can than if i get regrowth pendant and a pot.
Quite simply i then go for the standard boots when i can. Then depending on the enemy team, depends on what i build into next, if the team is mainly AP damage then obviously go for your Force of Nature first or just get the Negatron Cloak, however if they are mainly AD then go for the sunfire or if you feel its not heavy AD then just get the chainmail, either way your going to want both the Sunfire Cape and the Force of Nature pretty early in the game. After this get your Sorcerer's Boots.

Concerning the Force of Nature and the Sunfire Cape, i dont feel its best to get 1 after the other unless your tanking, if say i get the Force of Nature, i would then go straight for the Rylai's Crystal Septre. This staff alone increases morde's damage a heck of a lot and gives the ability to slow the enemy making it easier for you or your team to kill them.

I would after getting the Septre then go for either your Sunfire/Force of nature depending on which you are missing.

At this stage your usually dealing enough damage and taking a beating to be able to carry most teams.

Now here is personal preference, i have found out that using an Hourglass instead of a Warmog's actually is very beneficial because of A: The AP increase and B: Its statis effect. I tend to lean more towards the Warmog's if i feel i die far too fast or need the extra health for w/e the reason, however the hour glass effect can also give you some great survivability. Like i said its personal preference.

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Skill Sequence

Quite an easy section really.

Depending on team fight or harrasing, i use my abilites differently.
If its early game laning and you want to keep the enemy(s) as far back as possible or simply just want to poke them around a bit, then i tend to run in with a Mace of Spades, either hit the minion or champion depending on who is easiest to reach then follow with a Siphon, aswell as using your Creeping Death to keep your shield up.

In team fights i do it a little different.
If i am to engage i will use Creeping Death on myself, follow by activated Mace of Spades and using Siphon of Destruction to slow the enemy to help in hitting with Mace. Say you see your health running near half or you see a fairly low champ, this is the time where i use Children of the Grave followed with an ignite.

I never ever ignite 1 person then Ulti another. Using them on the same person deals so much damage its actually quite funny. Put it this way with enough AP you can take a fully built rammus down from Half HP to 0 with them both on.

The ghost you gain (depending on who you have used it on) can be so beneficial to a team and can actually help pick out the last few (if any) survivors in a fight. If you aim your ulti for the main damage dealer in their team and you happen to kill them with it still on them, then the ghost you gain has a certain amount of percentage increase on that players stats, meaning if you go for a fully built malzahar and gain his ghost, his auto attack will basically kill most champs by themselves or quite simply take out towers.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Ignite should be the only 2 spells any Mordekaiser should have. Even if you dont want Ghost, Ignite is a MUST.
Ignite followed with your ulti is destruction on anyone. Ghost i take because of the capability of keeping up with running champs or simply getting away.

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The main jist of it all is that Mordekaiser is actually 1 of the most viable champs in any game that i know. Imo he should have "Carry" in his description as thats usually what i end up doing most games ;)

Thanks for reading and please comment on what you like/dislike about the guide and i will try to improve my next one :)

Regargs, Yulu.